Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Behringer V-Amp 2

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 52 reviews )
 25 reviews48 %
 12 reviews23 %
 6 reviews12 %
 5 reviews10 %
 4 reviews8 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

Hatsubai's review"Decent POD alternative"

Behringer V-Amp 2
The V-Amp 2 was Behringer's version of the infamous Line 6 POD. It has very similar features to the original POD, but it's not quite as versatile. Going through all the features would take awhile, so I'll just hit some of the highlights -- It features your typical inputs/outputs, MIDI, headphone jack and comes in a little carry case.


They didn't do too bad for a POD clone. You can make a decent rig out of this with the right power amp and cabinet. The MIDI also allows you to easily switch between various presets you have set up. The effects are average and not too programmable. The knobs feel alright, and the way the lights light up is a decent gimmick. However, I can't help but feel that this product is inferior to the POD. The way it feels and acts... It just seems to be lacking in features.


The sounds on this aren't bad. Cleans are pretty decent, the mid gains are kinda pathetic, the rhythm tones aren't too bad and the lead tones are actually good. If you're looking for a smooth sounding lead tone, this can actually do a pretty good job. The first Scar Symmetry album had Behringer V-Amp Pro leads, and this little device gets quite close to those. I just wish it had more programmable features.


If you're looking for an alternative to the POD and don't feel like spending a lot of money, this device is worth looking into. The lead tones were surprisingly good, and the clean tones are pretty decent. Mid gain and rhythm tones are lacking, but the device is pretty cheap on the used market. Reliability is definitely a concern, however. Mine died for no reason, and I always take care of my gear. The device always felt cheap to begin with, but that's somewhat standard for most of Behringer's products.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not terrible"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I approach a chapter just discussed, as multifx use midi (in tandem with a preamp ada).
I wanted to see if the quality is sufficient, it may act as a headphone amp, and especially if latency preset change there a.
My setup is as follows, guitar-ada-vamp-type headphones or stereo amp neutral or line6 spider4 entry.

The power plug of vamp is a disaster, paste it once and for all!

Fucking machine as well, with adjustable input, the diode orientation, global modes active for all presets without having to save.

Excellent so far.


Is intuitive, little chance of serious crash. Of course everything is rude, but that's good or gas plant apparently, a choice then.

Everything is included on the corny, so it washes, reverb and separate from the rest is very convenient.
Cheers diodes, why others do not like that is really the top of the interface!

My pedalboard noon to immediately worked nickel, as I know bugger all is a very good point eh! Here it is


gate not bad ... Beware, my basic sounds come from the ADA, the vamp is in charge of effects, amp quelquesorte interface.

Capital in my case, there is no bypass mode preamp latency when changing presets is like ada snapshot. Phew! As the vamp has a programmable noise gate that makes me worry less side ada ...

If I want to vamp sound like interface, leaving all the presets on the same model preamp (tube preamp in my case) there is no latency either.

Mode L (live) offers a comprehensive eq super convenient.

Now for the quality of the effects is not so hot, my old Yamaha FX550 multi of the stone age it is a paste not possible, and I speak only the sound coming out.
The vamp is dull, completely flat, small, it's terrible.
So forgetting the headphone, or troubleshooting.
Amp neutral on this is better (the vamp is then tube preamp mode over effects), not as obvious from the yam.
So the vamp is passable, but practical, and as long as I put a nice boost well it can go.


So mission completed, zero latency mode fx or stuck on the same preamp for all presets.
Not terrible sound through headphones is better than no option.
On normal amp is not bad for the house you cough a bit but as soon as it'll still play hard.

I think the gain amplifier 210 of the vamp version, there's no more practice with my preamp noon (zero PSU, my mini pedal noon that changes all of a sudden one!).

Hopefully the quality will be clearer, given the standing of the Vampire 210 (at the vamp pro). Finally, price or it's okaz I got nothing to lose ...

Therefore correct in my case.
Iron koala01/23/2009

Iron koala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Preamp with multi purpose simulation hp numerical modeling.
it has two unbalanced line type, input TS for the guitar, a MIDI input, one MIDI output / thru, footswitch input and an entry (for mp3, CD, MD or other), the bare minimum for this kind of tool.

on the other hand, diet is through a special plug so if you fart or plug the transformer, you will not find the adapter that fits.
There is no switch to turn off the unit. (You must disconnect from mains)

And edit sound from the PC, you need a sheet noon on the PC or a converter midi / usb.


Usage is fairly simple, intuitive adjustment.
I would put a damper to regulate the presence because you have to press a button and turn a knob at the same time, not very practical.
And another flat for the limited effect of adjustment parameters.
For live use, there is a latency change with change of preset amp simulated.


On this point I was seriously bleuffé.
I purchased this product to play with headphones and make small models to present my components so considering the price, I would not expect great sound.
The sound of breathing simulation realism, I say that the simulations resemble the original but there are sensations resembling those of a real amp (grain, safe) as opposed to older generations preamps bordering on caricature amp simulation.

After several hours of play we feel that the momentum is not quite the sound and that is a bit muffled but hey there is more than enough quality to please the headphone or make high quality demos.

Effect level is correct but limited.
It is better to use an external processor.

Cons connected by a Poweramp, the sound seems unmanageable.
There are acute and severe invasive.


So for home use (headset, model) this device is almost perfect.
It provides a very wide range of sounds that can realistically cover almost all musical styles (funk, jazz, blues, rock, pop, metal)

For live use it is better to look at the competition.

Judas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Multi-effects numerical modeling (POD-like) entry level, with an effects section (modest).

I think everything has been said in other reviews (it is a POD, but in what Behringer!)

Warning, this is not very strong!


Ultra easy configuration, we choose the amp, the EQ, and it plays! basta!

for such effects (although the settings are ultra minimalist, not a multi-effects of a formidable precision!)

never needed a manual, everything is clear and well marked on the unit.


Good sound quality level is a little older still, and it sounds very synthetic. Are clear and are chattering, of course, but it sounds very cold and a little deaf. I use to work late at night at home in the apartment (with headphones, or monitors), and then when my amp is at the local repeater or on stage.

I would say that it is possible however to get some interesting sounds by looking good, but a good amount of amp simulations are not great. I have the time now not found a convincing crunch (again that sound synthetic and cold).

The effects are pretty average, and it has no power to intervene in many settings.

I had in my possession (for comparison) a POD V2, and I think still the most successful simulations (although I'm not a fan of modeling).

I think it's an interesting device for the beginner guitarist who wants to explore a wide range of different sounds, with minimal investment.


I have this thing for some years now (3 or 4). What I like is the ability to play with headphones, and ease of use.

I advise my students beginner electric guitar that already has a small amp (either that or a Pod, depending on the budget) to help them discover the range of sounds quite varied at a lower cost.

Mine is in the process of dying (the power supply begins to pull the tongue, and potentiometers are well worn), I do not think that choice again, as I am to invest in an attenuator for my Mesa Boogie.

mouduj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Is it still useful to present it??
boiboite this has many followers and furious rétissants (for furious pod!).
Good to be quick, there are 32 simultaneous famous amp (Mesa Boogie, Fender Marschall ...), more than 15 simulations of speakers, and several types of effects: delay, echo, reverb, noise gate, auto wah, flanger, tremolo phaser, chorus, compression, rotary table tennis and some combinations ...). 125 programmable tracks.

All in a pretty cool box of the shape and color but quite fragile for my taste (because plastic!) Of potentiometer LED very nice. Output stereo, Midi In / out, headphone jack, an entry.
It's not rocket science but at first glance, there's plenty to do ...

A small complete package including ADAPTER, pedal and a bag is very convenient to carry. More controllable pc.


The first grip is very easy but the demand still flying a little practice and you need both hands to adjust certain effects. .
Especially planning a gym fingers to manipulate ...
The unit is very easy to navigate even without reading the manual (not very full for that matter!). Connected by one against the other pc is very convenient

Nothing to add more compared to my predecessors!


The sounds are of good quality but then to say that the simulations are very loyal to or better than the pod, I do not know. But why? the sound quality and diversity make it a very effective tool but also fiercely competitive.
Do not the sound of death that kills his race, because we can distinguish sound too digital for several simus and not finding the character of your guitar!
Sounds crunch drive, drive over-saturated, fuzz and metal are far from disappointing. The small catch back to the clean sounds a bit too monotonous and must be corrected (by increasing the gain eg. With the compressor on the reverb or delay it draws good things, I assure you ...).
I recommend Soldano sound that sends a monster mash!

The effects are generally reasonable, with a nod to the delay, compressseur.
A small flat against by some not so good sounding reverb.
small problem as the choice of speakers because I think only 5 of 15 sound right!

Patches of plants in general are pretty cool but not very faithful. but the real treat is to make your own patches because the combinations are huge.
But very few sounds really won me to use with my group.


Here is one and a half that I use and after a high enthusiasm of the first month and extending to the ear or other real amp modeler. We realize that the value for money is excellent but to register, it is not convincing and the level of the scene is not terrible.Et that's his problem he does things well almost .. .
Even if Behgringer is proud to offer 32 models, we ultimately nsert than four or five amp simulations!
Recommended for beginners who want to lower cost, and you learn about a wide range of sounds to see what real stuff to move.
Even if I seem a little cold towards the Vamp, I was glad because at least it can cost to have fun like crazy when you're young.
The product is very competitive (about 180 euros)

I can highly recommend it!

cdrcbarre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Good amp simulator it seems ... Well actually, everything looks a little, the sound is unreasonable and I who plays electro-acoustic INTERESTED nothing because there is that the saturation ... The clean is pathetic
The outputs are intrssantes but if you want to use it live, a good old 80 euros zoom does the job ...
The effects are somewhat useless ... paramtrables doncc Lemusicien demand and loves CONTRL can go his way, if c for fun in his room, IDAL c! But hey, when you know you are much better on software Lenet, there may be economy of the V-amp


Trs easy to use manual a bit limited, but hey, trs c c instinctive and well ... Again, while the use dpend you want to do


Really not good ... I have a stratacoustic scne and has made nothing! Avecmon zoom, I have more power, less wind and more opportunities ... The effects are not paramtrables and amps beuark!! that of saturated and cleans sounds are limits!


I've had a week and I reported to the store! What dception ... Fun with one hour and then we realize that the sound is zero, which is limited and does nothing to ... In any case with an electro ... Behringer habitu me much better and frankly, with my zoom 90 euros I have a hell of a ... Prfre I invest in one or two pedals ... I do not know what is worth with an electric but with electro, c not worth it! For leprix, buy a Line 6 Pod Cplus expensive but the Claque WAF! The quality has a price, c on now!
I compared my own, I do not want to do more as a scne brings me nothing to the contrary. For s'clater home c to the headphone great, but if you want more, c not worth it. For the price of buying an amp t'vite, c sure, but if you want something safe for recording or scne ...
So iune machine recommended for beginners considering the price but for the most "pro", dropped the case!