Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Behringer V-Amp 2

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 52 reviews )
 25 reviews48 %
 12 reviews23 %
 6 reviews12 %
 5 reviews10 %
 4 reviews8 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/Chum N.01/29/2004

MGR/Chum N.'s review"Behringer V-Amp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I originally wanted to get a J-Station after borrowing a friend's unit. They were on sale for $99 on the internet. Bythe time I decided to buy it I couldn't find it!
I was looking for a modestly priced effects unit to use at home and for occasional gigs. Another friend mentioned that he had tried out the V-Amp 2 and liked it. I played the unit and thought it sounded transparent and clean - something I was looking for. I didn't especially like the guitar shape because it looks more like a toy or a gadget for a little kid. But the price ($129.95 plus tax) and the sound persuaded me to get it. I wasn't disappointed.

You can pay a lot of money for effects, so price was important to me. I wanted to get as much bang for my buck as possible. The cost of this unit was a plus. The unit has a wide range of pre-programmed sounds with names that sort of identify the nature of the sound. This is handy to get you familiar with the range of possibilities. You can alter and tweak any of these presets easily. There are many different amp sounds and a lot of effects (read the specs for details) The unit gives you tremendous flexibility. I also appreciate how quiet this unit is. My unit has 25 banks with 5 presets on each bank. You can find a sound on any bank and transfer that sound(preset) to any other bank easily. Simply find the sound then tap to the bank and preset button you want and hold down that preset button for about two seconds. That's all there is to it. You can then set up a bank of five different effects for the gig your playing. The footswitch allows you to select any of the 5 presets on one bank. You can also bypass the amps and just use the effects. The reverb is good and quite flexible

I do not like having to unplug the unit at the wall outlet. No on-off switch. I'm thinking I will get a power strip to plug it into and switch that off and on.
I probably would rather have a footswitch to stomp directly to the sound I want rather than the up-down footswitch. The unit does not have any harmonizing effects.

The basic unit is fairly solid and seems durable but be careful with the knobs. I accidentally broke one. The shaft of the knob is hollow plastic! I repaired it by carving a small wooden dowel to fit inside the two parts of the plastic shaft and glued it back with a tiny amount of gorilla glue. Works fine now. So be careful with those knobs!

If you appreciate quality effects at a very reasonable price I think you could be quite happy with this unit. It will provide many hours of fun with a bunch of amp sounds and effects. If you are hard on equipment you might want a more durable unit you can kick around a little more.

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MGR/The Finch12/28/2003

MGR/The Finch's review"Behringer V-Amp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
£89 from

The Behringer V-Amp 2 has swiftly become a necessity in my PC orientated studio as it's features fulfil all of my needs when recording guitar directly into my computer.

Most importantly it provides very realistic amp sounds and speaker simulation. It also eliminates the dreaded 'flatness' from PC recorded audio signals and works wonderfully as a DI or pre-amp into a soundcard.

It's signal processing and audio effects are of such high quality (24bit) that I'm still surprised it cost just 89 quid. With additional features such as a chromatic tuner, MIDI interface (you can download the software from it's official site a free foot controller and much, much more it's fair to say that I feel totally spoiled by Behringer

It's amazing how versatile this piece of equipment is in the studio and I urge any serious musician to buy one immediately. I've produced many professional recordings with it and for it's price, you can't go wrong.

If you're purchasing the Behringer V-Amp 2 as a means of plugging it into your existing amp at band practice, convinced that it'll somehow instantly convert your battered equipment into a professional sounding rig then you're gonna be disappointed.

The Behringer V-Amp should not be approached the way you would one of your standard guitar effect pedals either as it's totally wasted in that area. It's more suited for a recording musician and if you're not 'that type' of guitarist then chances are you wont enjoy this device.

The slight delay when operating the foot pedal is nothing really to cry about but that and the lack of a power switch make the V-Amp lose a coolness point.

Like most amp modelers the V-Amp is shaped like a guitar which bugged me at first but hey, it fits neatly 'ontop' of other things which I suppose is what it was designed for.

It's very durable and tough but naturally it's an electronic device and wasn't made to be thrown around rooms and stuff.

I'm confident that it's solid construction will keep it safe from me on a bad day.

This is an essential, 'must have' device for PC guitarists and in my opinion officially rivals it's more expensive counterparts.

Bottom line, it's cheap, sounds awesome and does the job, what more could you want?

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MGR/Thomas's review"Behringer V-amp2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I bought it from a music store in Finland, because I needed it for recording demos. It was new and its price was 170 €.

The modelled amps doesn't sound perfect, but at least for me they are enough good. Effects are enough good for me also. With lots of modelled amps and effects it offers great varity of different sounds, which probably are suitable at least considering the price.

I play mostly rock and pop, maybe some blues, and even metal at times. V-amp2 offers credible sounds for all those styles. I'm pretty pleased with its sounds.

It takes a little bit work to learn to use it well, and because I'm lazy, it is almost too much. Using single effect boxes would be much easier, because they have only one function with each knob.

The lack of power switch is also a bit of a nuisance, but there is quite simple resolution for that problem.

The device is well constructed so it probably won't break right away. The quality otherwise is pretty good too.

It isn't perfect, but it gets pretty close, so it is worth buying, if you need something like this for making demos for example. It is also great for practising.

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MGR/Pete the Broke Metal Head03/30/2003

MGR/Pete the Broke Metal Head's review"Behringer V- amp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
Bought at Texas Music Emporium (in texas) for $130.

All of its functions are performed well. It is extremely versatile and can run from the most warm and moody clean to the exteme in razor sharp heavy metal distortion (which is exactly what I bout it for). It also spits out a decent crunch for a dynamic blues sound. Then there are the effects which are not as dynamic as I would have hoped but are pointless to me since I dont use any anyway.

The intent for me was to replace my my array of 2 cheezy sounding distortion pedals, hardly a task for the v-amp 2; what I got was many very nice sounding versions of insane distortion, and in that arena the POD can't touch it. This thing can really play metal!

Most importantly you cant beat the price.

It does not accomplish the number one thing it claims to do: make accurate models of various amps and speaker cabinets. I can say that none of the amps that are on its list sound like the origian, or even close; and the speaker simulation leans the sound in the direction of the cabinet but the overall effect just waters down the sound, forcing me to turn it off and leaving me with an overly sharp tone.

However, this piercing tone can be equalized into a much smoother and extremely badass tone, especially if you are playing through big cabinets with thier own characteristic sound shape.

For example when recording with my computer or practicing with my 10 watt crate, I turn on the hi gain setting and use a 4 12 cab sim. When live I use 2 4-12 cabs and no speaker sim. Speaker sim on top of actual speakers sound very very bad. I would say for the ideal recording just mic your cabs.

Also the footswitch that comes with the unit is very slow to respond, and switching on the unit in general causes skitzofrenic
blasts of guitar nonsense untill the preset is loaded.

For whatever reason they shaped this thing like a telecaster-les paul mutant. I dont know why, its really silly. Plus dont drop it, its plastic and has some weight.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, i figued out 90% of the operation in the store without any instruction. You can dial in whatever you want in seconds. Plus all of the dials are analog with LEDs as pointers which makes for exelent on the fly tweaks, except for one dial, the master volume(good idea).

This is one sexy econo-unit. The cost to function ratio is much higher than anything else on the market. Most importantly it just sounds very nice, no matter what sound you are going for.

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MGR/Mike Porter07/02/2002

MGR/Mike Porter's review"Behringer V-amp 2 multi-effects processor"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I bought this from Guitar Center because it wsa inexpensive and had deluxe features. I paid $130 for it.

You can't beat the price. Its $130 for a multi-effect processor. it's got loads of features. And it came with a footswitch, a carrying case, ac adapter.

When you change effects it's too slow. It's midi compatable

Its made of plastic so if you drop it it might not make it. The effects are top quality.

Great buy for the price. I dont reccomend it for live performance though.

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CautionHot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
This is a preamp designed by Behringer modeling .. With a wide range of amp, and cab 'to us .. And some effects (reverb etc.).
I will not beat around the bush .. It is really well designed for the price (99 euro new in 2006).


Use is frankly not at his best .. For 2 years I try to produce something worthwhile and I did not arrived .. Until I make the right idea to put my pedals in the v-amp2.Et there .. Fear! What sound! It took me a while to adjust when you want .. But its settings are saved and presto, no more funny business!


I'm frankly not a fan of some effect (echo.. Spelling?) And even less certain simulation 'of cab (I think the simulation' No. 12) .. But I think it's a good deal killer. I use both with a guitar with a bass and the record is still very bon.Je put 8 because it's still modeling.


I use it for 4 years now ... Buy on a whim and I do not think I would do it again maybe not this choice (the Korg PX4D am very interested) .. For the price, Behringer offers us something correct.Je say that very same price, there is the Pocket POD .. But the V-AMP2 is light years away from the small red bean.

malakian76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Dja said, I do not dwell, you just take the time to configuration (normal ^ ^ what


It's a good prampli, and I draw the attention of some people who mprennent on the use of this object. IT IS NOT A MULTI EFFECT! It really is (in my opinion) for use in place of an amplifier and connect either a sound or a versatile amp neutral or without (almost) any correction and with this contraption rgler. I notice the APRS baptism of fire of the machine: a great live concert! And I do not understand those who find it a latent, normally we do not change REALLY amp during a song, I use a Pocket Metal Muff personally in order to provide between one kind of channel "lead." So I lay on several test amp, a Hughes and Ketner (if DSOL j'corche ^ ^) Matrix 100 and the sound was too acute nasal without bass ENFI short of crap: amp colors the sound of pramp
I then branches on a fender (frontman 100 I think) and there was a amlioration in its sound, however, still silent "voilquot; (and the guitar tech exd ^ ^) I Alos Get Connected on all con Roland (roland finally qd mm) with just a volume control and the rvlation: limpression I play on a Mesa Boogie (actually I've never know j jou top In any case the sound satisfy me), actually I do not require cot stuff: it is necessary that its rings, and sounded! rgler it must be like an amp, no pb program change . I therefore very favorable notice by saying that this beast can be adapted to live if you take the time.


Above, the effects j uses too


For those who want good sound and n have no dosh: it is a go for 79 in toto

Metaljo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Nothing added


It's easy to sen tro vremeni serve. We are unpacking e jou live, I bought it is already 1 year é o for guitarist on a budget c ba a super RAPORT money found its Tré saw that one wants me its still modest kan even on Naura jame marshall or mesa sound candle, lol. To obtain such a fo bought the amp. ^ ^ Seriously it é pa mal kom small pedal EM parcontre for concert bof c pa top, if vou keep its always the same time the musik c nikel Vou me if Devé the rapidly changing e ke se Assé different important sound of his previous fé a mute in 1 second and jpe Vou dir ke dan 1 second concert's Bear right the small button with its fragile time pe pota its FTA. Good So here behringer c c plastic. I counsel occurs for the guitarist debuted ki or ki e ki is progressing on a budget, I jme sui Fri mine bought a POD XT Live the good ba c matoss pro is even pluto interim parck a € 580 pedals , lol.Encore me something I jame fé EM there is a site for pedal midi fo connect a PC to download e pe is already a pre é tou c pluto's cool on my POD fé é nikel.


The quality of the prob born degeu c pa kon pe out of his mediocre me if you take the good tps exploited the V amp 2 sen e know we use corect pe Assé want out of tune. The clean sound does its é pa mal effect on or be easily added to E on the distortion pa mal kan ptre not rained even a limited pe EM fo just working on a pe pe e create d new.


Its going to rain a year ke I possess, c pedals simply be of use I buy for the price effect c e, c a good investment for the EM cellement débutan e ki progresses after the player confirmed for e pro i fo worm turned to BOSS, POD, VOX ...

tuan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
That says it all


Simple enough.
The defaults: Food is rotting my advice to an electrical outlet with switch to avoid the abyss. You really do atttention because it is super sensitive (I had to change the power supply Luckily collateral if 40 euros! !)
Bah if it's ugly


Strength but also some defaults.
Sometimes sounds rough but otherwise you can really find the sound.
The cleans I like it when AC drive slightly so that's good.
I especially like the Marschall.
Otherwise distos sometimes very good but sometimes bof look for.
on the other hand I accused of having a little breath then put the noise gate to 8


Value for money very good.
So just to be careful not too damaging to the diet as very fragile.
and knobs as well.
Frankly, I regret my purchase I can find very good sound

salv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
It is pretty cool, is very easy ride.


Trs easy to use, even with its enjoyable Lumire everywhere ..., add sheets noon and you can drive on the pc. Go to their site and you can all just Tlcharger all .....


For the price I think it's not bad, even if was not worth the legendary POD ...


A product trs enjoyable, easy use, for a price trs cool.