Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 52 reviews )
 25 reviews48 %
 12 reviews23 %
 6 reviews12 %
 5 reviews10 %
 4 reviews8 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/Happy with my V-AMP 201/09/2004

MGR/Happy with my V-AMP 2's review"Behringer V-AMP 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I bought it at Guitar Center for $130.00. I've been in the market for a high quality tube amp but the prices were way out of reach so I decided to look into amp modelers. I checked out the Line 6 POD and was impressed but then I found the Behringer V-amp on the web. I was really impressed with the features and the price, so I went to Guitar Center and tried one out. I was hooked!

The flexibility, the quality, the price, the included foot switch and carrying case which the POD doesn't include, but mostly the tone. It really does have all the sounds I need and then some.

No on/off switch which I've learned to live with.

Even though the unit has a plastic case, I feel it's well built and sturdy enough to gig with.

I've been familiar with Behringer products for some time and know that they make good quality products. The V-AMP 2 is just another testiment to their high standards. I would recommend it anyone. In fact, My bass player liked mine so much, he went out and bought the Bass V-AMP.

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MGR/HM's review"Behringer V-Amp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
Havent bought it yet.
But I have had one on trial for several days.
I have done many hours of testing it and comparing it to my Pod thru a whole range of guitars!!
I will buy one next week!

Firstly I read the review by Andy The Tone Freak saying it had the worst sound he had ever heard.
Now I am pretty old, I have played thru Fenders, name it...I was a guitar cult figure in the 70s and very well known in the country I grew up in, grew up playing hendrix style and blues and later hard I have had lots of experience.
Andy...unfortunately has his head totally up his arse.
I really think he probably didn't check this unit out at properly at all...does he know how to work a noise gate?
I am fussy I have a really good recording studio with Joe Meeks, Valve mics and so on and I love this unit.
So Lets get down to it.
Comparing this to the Pod...its much more versatile than the Pod (not the XT...I wont be buying one of those) but the Pod 2, it sounds every bit as good and often better.
With a bit of tweaking you can get sooo many sounds...I LOVE IT!!!
I am seeling my Pod, Line 6 stuff is OVERPRICED!!! to the max..forget it, buy a Behringer.

Nothing really

Its a bit more plasticy than the Pod...but it looks and feels more hi tech.
Love the lights display and ergonmics.

Dont listen to bullshit..use your ears.
Line 6 stuff is not better than the Behringer even though it costs five times more.
The V-Amp is a great unti and I love it, it is very usefull and much more versatile than the original Pod.

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MGR/RockingChristian's review"Behringer VAmp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
Bought it a the now defunct Mars Music for $139 because I needed effects & amp modeling.

The amp tones are great & the effects are easy to use. It takes some work but worth creating custom patches. I had to get a MIDI foot controller because the unit is hard to use onstage. You could put it on top of an amp though, but on the floor = not good.
I really like the array of inputs & outputs- very important if you have a synth setup (GR-33)- so you can run everything through 1 unit to your amp.

They should have made a floor model.

Construction is adequate. Sonic quality is very good. You will have to tweak the EQ, gain etc. depending on your guitar setup/output.

IMO you get your money's worth plus with Beringer equipment.
You can setup your custom patches with your PC- I liked that.
The POD is very good, but for my needs the VAmp 2 was more than adequate.
The IO options were excellent once you got used to them

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MGR/Mike of SolidfoG12/12/2002

MGR/Mike of SolidfoG's review"Behringer V-Amp 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I got mine at Lentine's Music in Akron, Ohio, for only about $120 after a coupon. They have gone up in price since they first came out, because people are finally realizing how huge of a deal this unit is. About a week after I got mine, the other guitarist in my band went out and got one.

I was able to test the V-Amp 2 side by side with the POD 2.0 and play with the amp models and effects of each. After messing around for about 20 minutes, I was convinced that the V-Amp should make Line 6 pretty scared. The V-Amp 2 gives you plenty of control over the amp models and tweaking of the gain, bass, midrange, treble, and presence. It seemed to have a more intuitive interface than the POD. You have to mess around with combinations of effects and reverb to get just the right tone, just like you would in a real amp setup. 125 presets can be stored in it, which you can switch between with the included footpedal. I've also used it with my acoustic-electric, and it adds some very nice reverb and warmth! Also comes with a gig bag. Altogether an amazing deal that will add some sparkle to any rig, in the studio or live.

Strangely enough, it has no power switch. That wouldn't be much of a bother, except that Behringer adds a little warning in the manual about being sure to plug the AC adapter into the V-Amp before plugging the cord into the power source. I had ignored this caveat for awhile, until one day all my presets were totally screwed up and I had to reset the unit. It's not that big of a deal though...just remember to plug stuff in the right order. One other little thing: some players really familiar with the classic, warm tube amps may notice a slight 'metallic' sound from some of the tube models. I can only tell because I also have a vintage Twin Reverb.

It seems to be very portable, durable, and well-built. The quality of the amp models and effects is great for the price. I'll admit that there was a slight difference in tone realism between the V-Amp and the POD, but, like I said earlier, I don't think it's worth spending double the price...

An excellent little unit for a breakthrough price. Behringer has continued to stun me with their quality and price-effective products. If your ear is already well-trained to the sound of high-end amps and equipment, you'll probably want to check out the POD XP or something like that. But for the masses who just want to produce great-sounding music, the V-Amp 2 is it!

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MGR/Mike's review"Behringer V-AMP 2"

Behringer V-Amp 2
I wanted arecording tool. I purchased this at Guitar Center. The price was $129.00.

First off, the tones are excellent. I demoed this unit versus the POD 2.0. There were some variations between the two, but I coudn't really decide between them based on tone and features.
The high gain stuff is great, but the gritty patches blew me away. Those clean tones with just the right break up when you WHAP the strings. This does that very well.

Features and tone not being an issue between the two models (pardon the pun nowadays), it then became a choice of price (including case, footswitch, etc.) vs. construction. More on this to follow.

At this point, there's nothing that I don't like about the unit.

OK, the construction. This is NOT a metal chasis, it's plastic. This might be a problem for some, but it's not an issue here.
First, I keep my equipment in the best possible condition that I can. Sure, if this took a fall, it might get damaged, so I won't let that happen. In 20 years, I've never had that happen, and I won't start now.
Also, the knobs have a nice feel, and the LED's are a great way to set your parameter values.

I am thrilled with this unit. They've done a great job and the sounds are top-notch. The interface is easy to use. I would buy this again, and certainly recommend it to a friend.

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TycoTyco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Not too bad actually and bought secondhand 60 euros, it makes me proud of Services ...


Used to work songs, rehearsal set-up and pre-model, it does very good job ... For example, repeat the headphone with a virtually silent electronic drum (Roland Vdrums Session Set) and a bass simulator too, and frankly it all sounds pretty good ...


A calculator is designed to simulate, so is what I expected - a working tool and connected simply and effectively on quality plays, he is doing pretty well. I use very little
effects, this is not the best but enough for my needs.


Given the value for money, especially hand, it is a good product. It allows me to work comfortably anywhere.
I use it for 2 years, the device is reliable.

For use as mine, it's a good tool ...

Warlus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2

amp simulator designed to work with headphones or connecting to a mixer.
also some effects (reverb, delay, wah, compressor, phaser, flanger, noise gate, tremolo, all for + / - € 100


Then there is the low punch:
the manual is limited to nine pages (including data sheet, the thanks, in short there are only five pages of explanation) which is sufficient for basic changes. a thicker manual can be downloaded from the site.

The configuration is well thought out for the adjustment of the amp (bass, middle, treble, gain) maispour setting elements ben ca complicates this: to change the present, the choice of some of the 2nd amp and effect setting selected, one must hold a key and turn the corresponding knob .... not very practical .... but it gets worse .... to change the channel (power gain), the speaker simulation, gaite the noise, the third setting of the effect, one must first press two buttons and then click the button for the change to click a button to exit the quick change ..... but not practical at all not hard either ...

the foot switch is handy (it looks more solid than the rest) but it only allows up or down in the bank's selected manually!!

Fortunately, a small program downloaded from the site can change the settings by connecting the v amp on a computer via a MIDI cable not included.

important point: all I / O of the animal is via large jack


While there, considering the price, it's not bluffing ... the sound is not perfect, it still faces a saturation effect frequencies when you put the machine back, there's that breath ... removes the noise gate.

I can not say what amp is simulated, but we get very good overdrive ... (the sound is bold)

to play on an amp, it is mandatory to connect the return of the effects loop if the sound is too acute.

Adjusting the bass is very déliquat because knob acts on many frequencies
The simulator is EXELLENT HP ... he changed the sound completely.

ca for the price is 10 but there are better but it's really more expensive.

les paul studio in a V-AMP2 the whole mix on a sb live 5.1 (guarantee of quality .... you do not laugh)


For the record, I plugged my boss gt3 directly into the computer (it also has a simulation section) but now I use the gt3 for clear sound and v amp for crunch and distortion overdrive.
I said that the v amp is designed for recording or headphones .... what it does very well but do not think about that for the game live or amp ....
you can easily find a good distortion / over and the crunch ... the sound is clear déliquat to adjust.
therefore +
-Sound (if you set yourself the machine)
The simu-
and -
-Factory presets for almost all the solo
-Difficulty settings (the beginning)
Not for the live-and amp

I find it very hard to beat for the money ...

MrPropre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Ditables many effects on the machine itself (no need to go through a PC or Mac).
A footswitch pedals, the V-Amp and Power, all grouped in a small bag. Weight lightweight, compact, large, easily transportable.
Possibility to connect a headset, amp, ... in short, everything that makes you want to get the sound! Basically, no need to carry around with his amp to go to BPS, even the most lousy computer speakers can make out the sound of this thing blue)


Trs easy to use, the edition of the sounds is quick and easy too. You can either engage the Discoveries of the V-Amp, or even so-so read the instructions. For my part, I'm the first choice and am well trs out;)


Trs good sound quality overall, trs good sounds and effects, except the wah-wah which is very dcevant, and presets that are dpart suck (but ditables all fa ons).
Small problem in terms of changing presets. Indeed, there is a lag time between the passage of a preset one that is small but remarkable.


I use it for a few weeks, but I am far from the be. I'm not an expert Contents effects, and everything in regard to guitars, but the report qualitprix the V-Amp is the same poustouflant. It can be acqurir for a hundred euros, so it is the door of everyone in prices, and all the possibilities it offers, has worth to pay. However, for those with 500 dpenser in effect, go your way, even when there is a much better way to find ... but not for 100 anyway! ;) I test the POD (in full competition with the jewel of Behringer), and I found the V-Amp more efficient, more "finished" my taste.

For me, it's just the problem of latency when switching from one preset to another (not useful for the trs live!), But put a hand, no major problem report.
In addition, 125 presets are ditables (25 sries of 5), which makes us a lot of dj work before any filling and any use. The range of effects looks like a small plutt (we would have wanted to buy a nice plutt effects pedals with tons of delay DIFFERENT), but it really way to do wonders with a, because the big advantage for me in the V-Amp is that almost anything can be adjusted carefully according to my wishes.

Basically, there are plenty more of that good pedals wahwah ct and would be perfect;)

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
T say everything about it! In my opinion lacks a pitch shifter ...


It is not complicated but not very practical either to configure the device via same ... against it by foot via the software edition (which I find more convenient than the POD XT).

Weaknesses: - no switch (or dye to turn the machine) ...
- Change in latency between patch (for Gnant certainly live).
- No USB

These are small but n'enlve nothing to quality of the device.


The effects are enough for me ... but lacks the pitch shifter ... tjs

I use it with my guitar (humbucker with Fender, Ibanez RG 550 and Variax 500) connected to my PC via my mixer (single formula is trying to time) and I must say that I find the V- Amp 2 trs satisfactory or even more considering its price and its age.

It is often taken as an orphan product Line 6 (POD XT) and for my part ... I am tempted to say it suits me better for now that the big bean. I like the frquences bcp and everything appears well in my mix. Grain amp is DIFFERENT from that of the POD XT. I did not really clean sounds INTERESTED ... follow.

In all cases, depending on the configuration chosen, a sound according to my wishes and needs (rock and instrumental rock like Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Steve Hackett and company).


It's been months qques I have (bought used 'to not grd thing) I am satisfied tjs trs and it allows me to vary the pleasure of the POD XT.
I think it is useful to pay given its price and what it offers ... so yes I highly recommend it. I'm going to pay me to watch her pdalier FCB1010.

The look and finish are debatable but the point is not l. .. Otherwise I'd be curious to try it on a Tech 21 amp adapted genre and group or live.

alak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
Amp simulator (digital) with major effects (reverb, delay, wah, compressor, phaser, flanger, tremolo and noise gate).
Editable via a little program very well be downloaded from the Behringer site that lets you change all the settings trèsfacilement by plugging the amp v PC via MIDI cable not included.


General config simple. The few negative opinions (its too sharp, breath, not suited to live, etc ...) seem to result from too rapid a reading of the manual to take full advantage of the potential of the bike ... as usual (: o)). Personally, none of these defects, while bathing!
Very versatile thanks to the general config 2 outputs available to choose from the ignition. 5 options: studio 1 and 2 (stereo) or 1,2,3 LIVE
that can cope with all situations (the studio at the piano bar or the big rock scene for 800 spectators)

Following additional questions to one member, see the downloadable manual point
2 - / usage examples: there are five types of config stereo outputs A and B: 2 for studio-S1 and S2 and 3-Live (L1. L2. L3) = see table on page 10 and 11 for details.
If you plug a headset, it is mandatory mode STUDIO 1. By default, the V amp is factory config STUDIO 1 (this probably explains the criticism is not based on the sound that would amp sucks on a tester / it seems not to have read the doc (: o)) .... )
To change the config, press buttons simultaneously B and D, and select the mode (S1, S2, and L1. L2. Or L3) with the arrows
It has tons of potential effects = / 3-band equalizer with and without simulation of HP, the ULTRA-G / amp simulation effects + / amp simulations and HP / 3-band EQ effects Studio + 1, etc etc ...

Used in conjunction with the FCB 1010 MIDI foot controller, absolutely indestructible (but a bit complicated to manage!) Over a 1 year

It still sounds good, both at home and studio headphones,
on stage for concerts
(Twenty concerts) or I use the config LIVE L3:
direct connection of the output of the V L = Left amp (without simultaneous HP) on my HH guitar amp that I use as a personal return
+ Direct connection of the output of V R = Right amp (with simultaneous output HP) on the mixing of the sound: the sound engineer does not need to transplant my amp with a mic and gets much better than its exit "line out" of my amp.

The system configuration is well thought out, the convenient foot switch is stronger than the rest.
Indeed (: o)), it does not age well, the V AMP2, it must be protected because of the fragility of the plastic (plastoc knobs in ultra weak) and screen-printed enrollment that began to fade after four concerts. It is easily perfectible BEHRINGER M!

One other downside: the latency is too high when changing sounds: 1 second of silence between the end of casseroles in a clear, self-wah chorus is a bit awkward on stage (the pod line6 poses same problem)


Considering the price, it's totally stunning ... as usual at Behringer!
One branch, we choose the appropriate config (studio or stage) and it sounds!
Are readily available all: good distortion / overdrive and the crunch of his light,
In addition to the very convincing simulations, which are worth very much those of the pod line6 (2 + times expensive at the time of my purchase), it was a true comprehensive effects section.
Each effect has three or four parameters, but there is that one knob!
To access it, it is simple to use + the small program downloaded from the Behringer site that lets you change all the settings by connecting the v amp PC via MIDI cable not included.


Semi pro musician for over 20 years, I had everything, I tried lots of effects!
Progress in 10 years are amazing, but the prices were a bit daunting for amateurs or zicos penniless (redundant!).
With V amp, it's good for much cheaper! very versatile, it fully meets my needs for 1 year +, if only one seriously read the manual and it refines the sound to fit his amp and guitar to his game.
For the price, well worth ca 10 must go for it!

As always, there are better (barely) but it's really more expensive
(Eg Zoom GT9: great, but 450 Euros!!).
And remember that what makes your sound, it is primarily your fingers!!
So we do not forget to work its range and listen to their masters as Clapton, Page, Satriani or! (: O))

therefore +
- Value for money
- The sound (especially if it refines the effects yourself)
- Simulations
- Comprehensive connectivity (a bit fragile in the long run)

and the few -
- High latency when changing sounds: 1 second
- Fragility of the plastic (knobs and jacks) and screen-printed registration

I would definitely do it again this election, the rack can be pro?