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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 70 reviews )
 42 reviews60 %
 20 reviews29 %
 6 reviews9 %
 1 user review1 %

diddid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Amp Simulators (32) with multiple effects, all ds a small box strong and easy to carry.
Imitation Fender for crunch sounds and sounds clear (with drive to 0) are very good.
Marshall imitations for big distortion are very good too.
Other simulated amps are less successful, but it does not matter because I do not need 32 amps, and 5 or 6 good enough for me largely simulated.


Very easy to adjust, and you turn the knobs like an amp.
This is slightly less easy and convenient for effects but for this there is the manual (for me a reference), which is very clear and fun to read.


For the price it's huge ...
Ok it's a little less than a true all-tube amp (I would say that
reaches 80% of the result but still ...), bq bq cheaper and less bulky.
The effects are average but usable, except the reverb which is bad, but again for
the price should not exaggerate not What Makes a mixer with the sound engineer at home ....


This is the top for my home studio. bq I had to tube amps, even if the sound is in the absolute
better than the pod I never managed to come out of a record to have the result that I have with my pod (no breath, no microphone jack problem, no problem soundproofing etc part. .)
bq I tried other simulators and pod is for me the meilleur.Vamp no clear sound. J station
its too big in numérique.Tonelab less saturation, more expensive and not better crunch, in clear
and dynamic than the pod.
The quality / price of this red box is amazing.

vincentj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Amp simulator for modeling
32 amps 16 Hp type
Chorus delay flanger etc. ....


It is very simple and turning a few knobs there are sounds correct ...
IDAL is for recording, for those who carry around a marshall two bodies, a Vox AC30 and a twin reverb in the studio include!
+ Of the floorboard can all drive with his feet.


Basically the distorted sounds are good and trs it is difficult to make the difference on the marshall for example, against the simulations are somewhat dcevante vox, it is a plug ncessaire p dale type Tubescreamer to find what's typical.


Finally, the pod has become the essential companion for 3 years, he is constantly branch in my studio and I amne always with me.
I spend the same voice microphones, because in some cases, the simulation can give prampli interesting about the results.
Months for 200 Euros, it is a "must have".

poulpeolive's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
We go ...


Usage is simple enough, but honestly: no computer is the galley (using quasi-esoteric buttons, display zero ...)
To use it, use the soft line6 .. and buy the damn cables noon to 20/30 euros, it's still anything! and then you have a web connection to nab patches ...


like others, I would forget all the manic sound of death that kills, which would replace configs to € 2000 by a small bean .. € 150 it calms down!
all sounds are not perfect, but what variety .. we change the type of hp, and everything changes ... I found metal sounds crazy (since sold my JMP1), clear sounds great, and even managed to get a sound traffickers jeff beck (from the excellent patches "Billy Gibbons"), which plunged me in to bluesy improvisation almost endless! a shredder like me, who spits on the grave of Eric Clapton! (lol guys .. it is not so bad on Rico) ..
I owned a small turn Rockman (prehistory of the direct box ..), bought a pedal Tubeman Hughes & Kettner (I should have to choose a sans-amp) before discovering that the simulation of hp JMP1 was excellent ... exit all that ..
on the effects included, there is more than the bare minimum, and it is possible to cut .. certainly not pitch transpose, or multi-tap delays ... but damn, do not ask for the moon ..
we live in a great time ...


I've had two months .. (It's always the love-story)
Of course, it must be put in context: this pedal is used to play live, not to be plugged into a guitar amp ... the goal is just to do without those big bulky .. Therefore, it is a machine dedicated to the home studio, the guitarist of room (which can be pro by the way), and configs coffee with good sound .. (And go, everyone on the sound system .. oh damn, there is the battery ...)
The great aspect that no one mentions is the educational side of the toy ... I made the guitar for 15 years and I've never been very "stuff" .. (Too expensive, too complicated ... how many people spend a long time to be concerned with the stuff at the expense of the music ..) (I'm not saying the good stuff does not help .. but it does not .. all I saw a lot of guitarists wheezy equipped as Formula 1 racers).
here it is finally possible to compare the characteristics (emulated of course) of different amps, HP, with their specific settings, their sounds .. we change gear a click, we study patches ready-made .. is a school of sound in a tiny contraption ... why hp vintage? why put 2 or 4? why fender, marshall, mesa boogie .. without making you an expert, the use of the pod allows you a gentle introduction, intuitive and even fun .. and when you think about what it would take to do that in real life (cost of gear, learning time, space ..).
my only regret is that there are not hundreds of thousands of patches to download tonecenter (instead of a few thousand) .. I want a patch Richie Kotzen (Joy Electric), a patch Marty Friedman (Scenes), Michael Lee Firkins a patch ... Finally, the community Pod seems to me too small ...
The future, it will be when we try to imitate less than trying to produce new sounds, original, based on digital processing of the signal structure ... when you will think fender, marshall, but frequency, sound color ... it would calm a lot of controversy ...

tiep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
See the site of line 6


Fairly simple to use
the manual is very comprehensive


The sounds are, I think, very good
especially the black pannel and rectifire
Finally, I love
you just take some time to settle, and then it runs ..
only catch, clean sounds ... you really have to drive to the mini so that it does not saturate ... I caricature a bit, but yes it is difficult to sound clean, with no saturation)
on the pod xt, clean sounds are better


Use for 6 months
no complaints, except for clean sounds
but the distortions are great
€ 180 for something as well, it is almost given
one can always criticize, but hey, on the one hand, it is cheaper than bcp 20 amps legend, and on the other hand, in a mix, it is not too much difference ...
I would do without hesitation that choice
buy a pod xt? for clean sounds so, for the unintended effects, in that I add a few pedals (mxr phaser, chorus, electro harmonix, wah wah), and too many effects, it sounds not well in the mix

blackstorm19's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Bah must watch on the site they explain trs trs well hh


Rather easy ... pr really have the sound we want is a clear need for a little matter, but the instructions were easy and instinctive rather
a black line 6 pkoi sir you do not like with a small behringer footswitch ..... in the pack ...
if not really enjoy the pedals required prex


While the I disagree with some ......
not enough potatoes in large disto? you do not care of my mouth? reassure me that you not mess .. because I think they have too too much .... gouache
are clear and are nice and hot I find rather
the effects are nice but I like the reverb too lol hh
what's cool is that you find ptits funky sounds and we are fed up with ... well it's not what I want but I am surprised it has guts ...
here I think it is a good one to nine


I've had two days (for nowel hh)
I played with for two days over a background hh and frankly I do not toured yet
dc am so I had the choice again I would do because it's hh handy with pure sounds
Sailing voiloux

kinishao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Modlisation 32 amp, 16 amp simulations cabin and 16 effects "common".

The effects are ditables, but remains even when basic trs (EQ lo / med / hi, a type of reverb, the intensity of the effect and basta).

The outputs of the unit are Stereo, lasortie monon not prvue t, it's a shame ...


Trs easy to use, simply turn a knob or press another and they change the world!

Only small BMOL, the manual is in English ...


I find the effects trs satisfactory: the sounds are clear and well rendered trs distorted sounds have a certain warmth that I find apprciable trs.

I play mostly in clean sounds and I found the kind of sound I was looking for: trssche prcise and trs.

on the other hand, it is unfortunate that there is only one type of reverb, in addition to an average quality ... but it was inevitable that somewhere scratching Line 6 for the price!

Certainly it is a matter of taste, but I find that for 200 euros, we have a simulator that ampicillin is really good quality trs rpport by such small Digitech blowing as an engine plane ...


I use it for a week and I stay glued on for 3 hours the first 2 days, so this thing is!

I am especially sduit by the sound of this machine and its simplicity of use: no need to read the user manual (fortunately because it is in English ...) to get good rsultats trs .

I use it on scne (the very first time a few days ago, I bought it to actually ...) and I like people who come see my band live are very s happy with the sound of this magic bean!

I tried before buying the last big multi-effects VOX and I did not t Packing: rgler too complicated, even if the quality of his silent l. ..

I wanted something that works rsultats quickly (like any good Socit victim of consumer self-respecting ...) and I am fully saisfait of my choice!

amleth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Digital preamp amp models (god it's in fashion), a small section effects
MIDI IN / OUT for saving patches
Mono input jack 6.35
Output Left / Right Jack 6.35
Software Publisher: Sound Diver (there is also something Studioware for Cakewalk and a great free VSTi to control the beans in your sequencer)
Funny shaped red bean (it's nice to see and use)
Pots of good quality and practical
Screen ridiculous (2 LEDs), but in fact, that's enough

There are thirty amps "legend", plus a few basic effects, even if they make good service to flesh out a sound, no substitute for a true multi-effects. In fact (!), The simplicity of the settings and the inability to use multiple effects at the same time makes the experiment impossible. Knobs freak, go your way.
The number of amps is itself very attractive.
Hence my note on average for this section.
The POD XT is clearly more comprehensive (but more expensive).


Hmm ...
The Line6 pedal is expensive (2000 balls) (you can also use a Behringer 1010 instead).
The small Line6 pedals (with 4 buttons) on the other hand seems to me unnecessary.
Gone are the days when we tinker with switches for som amp with a switch plastoc purchased from Leroy-Merlin.
The systematic use of the key 'TAP' to access functions not directly usable in my opinion, makes the use of POD-very tedious.
Unable to tinker on stage, you have to work all presets previously.
Software Sound Diver is itself complete.

I also have a Digitech RP2000, and editing presets seems much better bloody (even if the POD is not specifically designed for the same purpose).
This applies to much of the digital machines in the category of POD.
I much prefer the interface of the Sansamp Original (Classic now).

In short, the POD does not allow me to rave as with analog pedals by turning the knobs all over the place "to see how it feels."
It's a different philosophy, more home-oriented studio, I was very fascinated at first, but ultimately deprive myself of feelings that I really wanted with analog gear.

Special mention for the manual, clear, informative, well written, good quality (at a constant Line6).


Tastes and colors, I think it's the only thing that can be discussed. Let's go then.

The effects are effective, responsive and realistic enough, but it's annoying not being able to use 2-3 at a time. The number parameter is either too small or too difficult to access in the interface to allow such extreme outcomes qu'avaec my old analog pedals or RP2000.

I use the POD with a Vigier anniversary (silver sparkle, but the details have little impact on the sound). I do not really find the nuances of the instrument as clearly with my amp (a Marshall JTM30, very precise and not fat). And I'm just swell. Besides the gain is not always easy to differentiate between two microphones on distorted sounds.

Sounds "very" difficult to obtain clear, there is always a bit of crunch, which is annoying in some situations. Crunches are fine. The quality of saturation varies greatly depending on the amp model emulated. Overall, they lack serious potato, and one may say, the lamp seems to me the most absent. It has a warmth and a complimentary grain pattern on some clean (I like the Blackface I), but we are not at the Sansamp for saturations.
I find the digital grain loadings just disgusting. It does not react as a single-lamp, but it renders services to the recording. Finally, a Sansamp of 10 years ago has better sound, is more direct in its use, can be simply integrated into a stage rig, and is not outdated because of its successor.
And yes, I do not find the disgust of the development computer in the world of guitar. Since the POD XT came out, I find my POD 2 a little weakling. To break this spiral, I will make a return to safe values. The digital allows especially to lower costs, which is fine, but the overall quality of saturation has been improved in any way. That's my opinion, nothing more.

Finally, I came back to record with the XLR output from my Marsahll JTM30 ...

I cons by many simulations of HP, very convenient. I wonder also if I will not keep my POD for that. It's funny to put a big distortion in and set up a 12-inch single. This kind of experiments can be done with the analog gear (unless you have time and money to set all existing models of HP), and this is that digital offers more: get quick lots of sound situations.


We will do this more square:

- How long have you use it?
Approximately 2 years

- What is so special that you love
most: the simulator HP, really effective and practical appeal of the original 30 amplirs have on hand, sounds very nice crunch, form, aesthetics
the least: the sound too digital on some gum and overruns the nuances of my super Vigier, the interface makes me regret the separate pedals, effects too small can not be pushed to their limits because they do not

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I listened to its competitors at the time, J-Station, V-amp ... bcp sounds so good on bright / crunch, maybe a little more on the Satus couillus ... but hey, the pod is in my opinion the best by far of the lot.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
Very nice for so cheap to have as many amp tones ... a real good history lesson

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
NO, I would buy a Sansamp and Electro-Harmonix pedals.

I understand being a little harsh, I admit that my tastes have changed. I no longer wish marvel devan the last digital machine that can simulate everything from the early history of the guitar ...
I like when digital offers other things, that the analog can never give. Here, the effects are too conventional, and quality of Satus changes from model to model ... of asymptotically to the stuff that I now want to acquire.
Veloce Hystoria05/05/2004

Veloce Hystoria's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Full rack but better


A simple and effective!


A beautiful machine! but high volume restitution is not always the same, so the presence is no longer optimal tendency to drown in the mass which is annoying if you tend to dig into the midrange.


Considering the price not much to say!

greg666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
The red bean contains the basic EFET: chorus delay flanger Lesli etc ...
potos are plenty of easy to use is that a rotating
in terms of g edition not seen too much I tried it at lai ds Quickly shop.
I think for the connection, there is everything to make a model ...


Very easy to handle (an oran utan muffle it come out a head com)


The effect is the effect of bases and not scalable at will as a single pedal (c the bad trip and multi-effects) and a distortion c my taste of the big stew. there is no potato at the end and it's like playing with a guitarist Philip Boyer.


C IF FOR EFFECTS CA PAST BUT LARGE PSEUDO IMITATIONS AMPS such as mesa and Marsall s, c very BOFs: how to translate the real power of these monsters amp in a box-shaped bean. c pretentious!

cho7kipu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
For the price, it includes a set of effects that would have cost dear to trs final chorus, flanger, rotary speaker, Dlay, reverb, and even for those wahwah ki want to take with pdalier floorboard. ..

For the first level of maquetage without taking the head is the right product.


Only 7 / 10 because it's cute, but the buttons at a time ca bou stuffs, especially as functions parralele exists for even a knob, so beginners fo to know the cache function, the m boukin indika the double functions of head way, so we never lost.
The concept of a pod xt inconvnient you this, since it offers an LCD display draws ki carrment buttons ral time ... but pod2.0 cheaper than the pod xt!


The effects are nickels for the use I make. Sometimes with the effect Dlay + swell it seems that the processor of the pod have trouble keeping up, it cuts the sound if he sends in too quickly ...


The lil red bean a must mock the beginners, and lots of pros use it in their parralele mixer, ais is not a tool for scene attention, if you want to scene It fo pdalier the indispensable, but almost as expensive as the pod itself!!
I've had a lil time, and I have no complaints.
We can even treat anything other than scratch with, then k'il intgre a simulated simple tube amp.