Peavey PA & Live Sound Peavey Power Amplifiers
PV(37), CS(18), IPR(3)
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Peavey Power Amplifiers user reviews

  • Peavey CS 800

    Peavey CS 800 - sam-peter's review


    I use this amp for 6 years and this is my go anywhere to animate the anime pretty accessories like techno and disco remix version seen booms (((((( )))))) that has contains not have to complain even after a barbecue base resistances I had not seen a …

  • Peavey PV 8.5C

    Peavey PV 8.5C - francis.lacor's review


    I use it for 10 years The +: reliability the connections-and fatigue in the late evening I tested in parallel enkel great value I do not regret this purchase …

  • Peavey CS 1200

    Peavey CS 1200 - Davvv's review


    A powerful and linear amplifier trs. I do not because PSE 10/10 weight! but hey, in this area can not have their cake and eat it too! …

  • Peavey PV 8.5C

    Peavey PV 8.5C - decibel78's review


    Good amp, sound system used in the past 5 years, no major worries. one regret, that the connection is not in jack and Speakon Good value for price …

  • Peavey CS 1200

    Peavey CS 1200 - Anonyme's review


    I used this amp for about 2 years with Martin Audio ICT500 and I must say this is an amp not very nervous, I Was disappointed, it is very heavy in the rack you know it's there. .. an advantage it is very resistant you can put him in the face. I bough…