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PRS SE Signature user reviews

  • PRS SE Santana [2017-Current]

    PRS SE Santana [2017-Current] - "Fells nice and plays well"


    I am using a Line 6 Spider 3 amp with the built on effects, I play cover tunes from Santana, Mana, and many other rock genre. The Workmanship is like most PRS guitars first class, only thing was needed like most new guitars was to fix the action to …

  • PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt - Tortoise Shell

    PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt - Tortoise Shell - "Best guitar I ever had"


    The PRS Mikael Akerfeldt guitar proved to be one of my best choices among my musical equipment. I've owned mine for five years now and I've used it to play all sorts of music with amazing results. It is an SE model, featuring a sort-of-Les Paul sh…

  • PRS SE Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst - "A nice SE singlecut that happens to be a signature"


    Bernie Marsden was one of the early guitar players in Whitesnake. He has been active again recently and now has a PRS signature mdoel. This is the PRS SE Bernie Marsden model. At first I didnt realize this was a signature guitar. It doesnt have any c…

  • PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt - Tortoise Shell

    PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt - Tortoise Shell - "Great guitar - could do without the logo."


    Made in Korea SE MIKAEL AKERFELDT MODEL SPECS BODY Top Wood Beveled Maple with Flame Maple Veneer Back Wood Mahogany Extras Opeth "O" Logo NECK Number of Frets 24 Jumbo Frets Scale Length 25" Neck Wood Maple Fretboard Wood Ebony Neck Sha…

  • PRS SE Mark Tremonti

    PRS SE Mark Tremonti - "Not impressed"


    Chinese made I think. Mahogany body and neck. Rosewood fretboard with bird inlays. 25" scale and 22 frets. PRS humbuckers. Les Paul style electronics. UTILIZATION I work part time at a fairly large music store. We got a large shipment of th…

  • PRS SE Orianthi - Red Sparkle

    PRS SE Orianthi - Red Sparkle - "Orianthi PRS"


    Orianthi is a popular Australian guitar player. She was inspired to play PRS guitars after seeing Carlos Santana. This is her signature guitar from PRS. Like many PRS signature guitars this is an SE model. They like to make their signature guitars SE…

  • PRS SE Tim Mahoney

    PRS SE Tim Mahoney - "Who???"


    Paul Reed Smith guitars are very exotic guitars and handle really well balanced tone throughout the instrument. These are guitars that really work well and pretty much any musical setting me put them in. I've seen these guitars play in country music …

  • PRS SE Mark Tremonti

    PRS SE Mark Tremonti - "Mark Sig"


    Paul Reed Smith guitars hard really well known for their exotic woods and they're extremely well built and crafted sounding instruments. Most of their guitars are able to branch across genre to genre of music. I've heard their guitars play effortless…

  • PRS SE Paul Allender

    PRS SE Paul Allender - "Real metal PRS SE"


    The PRS SE line of guitars is a line of guitars that PRS makes overseas and they are much more affordable than their USA made line of guitars. A lot of the PRS signature guitars are SE models so fans of the artist can afford them more easily. This is…

  • PRS SE Santana - Black

    PRS SE Santana - Black - "Grea quality and sound"


    The PRS SE Santana is another axe that’s made in Korea, Korea has been known to create great guitars and they are well built. The overall, quality of this guitar will amaze you. It is very clean, not a big fan of the standard burnt orange color thoug…