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Reggae / Ragga / Dub Samples news

  • Loopmasters Dubwise

    Loopmasters Dubwise

    06/08/10 in Loopmasters Dubwise

    This new collection of sounds and samples has been created for Loopmasters to bring sounds for creating Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Breaks or Drum and Bass.

  • Loopmasters Drumdrops in Ska

    Loopmasters Drumdrops in Ska

    05/07/10 in Loopmasters Drumdrops in Ska

    Within this Ska Drumloop collection you will find about 750Mb of 24 Bit samples presented as a collection of 172 loops, which cover speeds from 117 through 132 Bpm, with main loops, variations, fills and transitions.

  • Dubstep Drumbank

    Dubstep Drumbank

    04/16/10 in Kick Back Samples Dubstep Drumbank

    Kick Back Samples has released Dubstep Drumbank, a collection of samples drum for dubstep.

  • Prime Loops Dubstep Nation

    Prime Loops Dubstep Nation

    02/22/10 in Prime Loops Dubstep Nation

    Dubstep Nation has been released by the Prime Loops Team in London and contains over 500 new Dubstep samples.

  • Loopmasters Mad Professor Reel to Reel Reggae

    Loopmasters Mad Professor Reel to Reel Reggae

    02/02/10 in Loopmasters Mad Professor Reel to Reel Reggae

    Loopmasters has released a new sample collection for Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Artist Series, Bassline, Dub and Reggae genres.

  • Prime Loops Dubcore Assault

    Prime Loops Dubcore Assault

    11/27/09 in Prime Loops Dubcore Assault

    Dubcore Assault is a wideranging selection of 70 new sporadic drum and fx loops from Prime Loops Team author Dimitry Vasilyev.

  • Loopmasters Drumdrops in Dub 2 Pack 5

    Loopmasters Drumdrops in Dub 2 Pack 5

    06/09/09 in Loopmasters Drumdrops in Dub Vol. 2 Pack 5

    This is the fith installment in a series of re-mastered sessions from Horseman which originally formed the complete Drumdrops in Dub volume 2 collection.

  • Steinberg Sequel Content Sets

    Steinberg Sequel Content Sets

    04/30/09 in Steinberg Reggae Sequel Content Set

    Steinberg have released the new content sets - Reaggae, Chillout & Orchestra - that they had announced at Musikmesse earlier this month.

  • Producer Loops Dubstep Constructions

    Producer Loops Dubstep Constructions

    04/13/09 in Producer Loops Dubstep Constructions

    Dubstep Constructions from features sinister and disturbing loops designed to instil terror in your listeners.

  • [Musikmesse] New Sequel 2 Content Sets

    [Musikmesse] New Sequel 2 Content Sets

    04/01/09 in Steinberg Reggae Sequel Content Set

    Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has announced three new Content Sets for Sequel 2 and all Cubase versions from 4.5.