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Reverbs user reviews

  • Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496

    Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496 - roots37's review


    A rather interesting because the rack has two processors running at 96Khz stereo, 2 x L / R analog input 2 L / R digital, all controllable via MIDI and sync via Worldclock 15 parametric effects (Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Early Recflect, Gate,…

  • Realistic Electronic Reverb

    Realistic Electronic Reverb - emohint's review


    This reverb gives echos very vintage and very short, but hardly what ... ... Analog contrlables Tratement very roots in the signal, it makes very grimey sound. For connections, There are between one and a mic output, and between an output sinch …

  • TC Electronic M5000

    TC Electronic M5000 - U-FLYstudio's review


    Rack treatment numriques premium comes in two versions: - 5000 M: 2U version with front panel control - M 5000 X: 2U rack with front and virge tlcommande ATAC containing all the controls on the machines Hardware: May support up to 2 cards wit…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 4

    Alesis MicroVerb 4 - Nigel's review


    Good CHARACTERISTICS issue we are dealing with a rack simple but the minimum required to plug in good condition: Input / Output Stereo, MIDI and footswitch. No ACCS to the fuse or level inpdence adjustable ... but for the price you can not have it al…

  • Alesis NanoVerb

    Alesis NanoVerb - ouaza's review


    Half-rack box format the rear input and output jack Stereo format! On the front: a power LED and LED signal goes to red when saturated! A knob of rglage level of a mix of rglage (the traditional dry / wet), an output level, which allows a Crant s…

  • Art Multiverb III

    Art Multiverb III - Centralita's review


    What are the effects or types of effects available? - What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) - Are they ditables? Via a publisher Mac / PC? - What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) - Is this a rack or rack model? USE Is Gn…

  • Lexicon 960L

    Lexicon 960L - Plb66's review


    EFFECTS OF HIGH END MODULATION DELAY REVERB Surround with integrated joystick CONTRABLE ULTRA SIMPLE DEDICATED BY REMOTE C IS A LUXURY MRC Up to 8 internal machine 8 INPUT 16 OUTPUT Digital and analog inputs depending on configuration UTILI…

  • BST EA-45

    BST EA-45 - Vin------z's review


    We have never seen more high-tech! reverberation 4in (2 comuter stereo hi hi!) / 1out in jack 6.35 tois wonderful quality faders control the level of input for each track STREO and the level of reverberation. an on / off button with an outstand…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb GT

    Alesis QuadraVerb GT - louphi's review


    The effects are numerous: Preamp (compression, overdrive, distortion, flat, bright, presence, bass boost, noise gate speaker simulator), reverbs, delays (ping pong, stereo, multitap), chorus, flanger, phaser, chifter pitch, detune, leslie simulator, …

  • TC Electronic M5000

    TC Electronic M5000 - gtinayre's review


    Hi-Class rverbs & FXs processor, team of 2 x AD / DA and 2 x DSPs, two totally indpendantes 5000 M in the same unit. Studio hardware, rack, never dplac as new, price cass (5400 euros worth nine ...) UTILIZATION Trs trs good and simple ergonomics …