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Roland TD news

  • Roland V-Drums TD-4KP

    Roland V-Drums TD-4KP

    11/02/12 in Roland TD-4KP

    Roland announces the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable, an electronic drum set with a folding design.

  • Time+Space Virtual Drumming Bundle

    Time+Space Virtual Drumming Bundle

    05/02/12 in Roland TD-11KV

    Toontrack’s European distributor Time+Space has teamed up with Roland to give you the chance to win a virtual drumming bundle.

  • [Musikmesse] Roland TD-11K V-Drums

    [Musikmesse] Roland TD-11K V-Drums

    03/23/12 in Roland TD-11K

    Roland is upgrading their entry level V-Compact electronic drum kit series.

  • [NAMM] Roland TD-30K & TD-30KV

    [NAMM] Roland TD-30K & TD-30KV

    01/19/12 in Roland TD-30KV

    Roland announces the TD-30KV and TD-30K V-Pro Series V-Drums in its lineup of V-Drums electronic percussion.

  • New Roland V-Drums Available

    New Roland V-Drums Available

    05/25/11 in Roland TD-4KX2

    Roland has announced the availability of the new line of V-Tour Series V-Drums, the TD-9KX2 and TD-9K2

  • [NAMM] Roland TD-4K2 &TD-4KX2 V-Drums

    [NAMM] Roland TD-4K2 &TD-4KX2 V-Drums

    01/15/11 in Roland TD-4KX2

    Roland introduces two new entry-level kits in the V-Drums range: the TD-4K2 and TD-4KX2.

  • [NAMM] Roland TD-9K2 & TD-9KX2 V-Drums

    [NAMM] Roland TD-9K2 & TD-9KX2 V-Drums

    01/15/11 in Roland TD-9KX2

    Roland introduces two new intermediate kits in the V-Drums range: the TD-9K2 and TD-9KX2.

  • Roland V-Srums Promotions

    Roland V-Srums Promotions

    09/30/10 in Roland TD-20SX

    Roland Corporation U.S. announced four new V-Drums special promotions, running October 1st through December 31st:

  • Roland TD-12KX V-Drums

    Roland TD-12KX V-Drums

    05/05/10 in Roland TD-12KX

    Roland announced that the TD-12KX, the latest addition to its V-Stage family of V-Drums kits, is now available.

  • [NAMM] Roland TD-12KX

    [NAMM] Roland TD-12KX

    01/19/10 in Roland TD-12KX

    Roland announced the TD-12KX, the latest addition to its V-Stage family of V-Drums kits.