Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation
Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation

SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation, Sampler from Boss in the SP series.

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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation

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FP User11/09/2008

FP User's review

Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation
The capabilities of this unit are awesome! For the sampling musician, I'd consider this a baby MPC2000. The chop function for dividing and truncating samples will take a lot of headaches out of creating for the sampleheads out there.

Price paid



Very user friendly machine. With very little knowledge, a person could be up and sampling in no time. But you will be farming in your own sounds pretty quickly, cause the onboard sounds are weak.

Looks kinda delicate, I wouldn't take this thing too far from home.


The sounds out the box are kinda cheesy. With Roland's diverse library of sounds, I expected a better soundset. Where's the XV sounds? Very weak...


Returned it within a few days for an EMU MP7, so I guess you could say the marrige was annulled... :-(

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Posted by: Unknown ( 3-, 2004)