Akai MPC5000
Akai MPC5000

MPC5000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai in the MPC series.

Alternatif93 02/18/2011

Akai MPC5000 : Alternatif93's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Extensive connection. 2 MIDI IN, MIDI OUT 4, 8 separate outputs, S / PDIF ....
Effects, flanders, chorus ...., several types of compressors (fortification, opto, vca ...), reverbs, delays ....
Besides all this, there is a master EQ and a compressor master. Personally, I find them effective.
The MPC 5000 has also a sort of virtual analog synthesizer VCO, VCF, VCA. I think this synth is more an accessory than a real synthesizer. It helps out from time to time because it is not really great. Anyway, the MPC is primarily a sampler, so we will not complain.
The sequencer is easy to use, this is my first mpc (before I worked on s3000, S950 ....), and I have adapted quickly.


As I said above, the configuration of the beast is really simple.
Hand side it smells a bit because the only guide Quick is in French. The real manual for its part is in English. It is not very problematic as we found in pdf format in French quite easily. In addition one of audiofanziniens posted an excellent link to download the video tutorial mpc. I thank him for passing the tutorial is really great. Here too it is in English but hey, you see what the guy did and it helps greatly.


As a sampler and you put into it what you want it necessarily corresponds to our style of music. The pad is well made, though a seasoned user mpc could better judge what me because I was working at the keyboard before. In any case, I find them good.


I use it for a little over a month. As I mentioned a little earlier, this is my first mpc, then the question "you've tried many other ....", I say no.
What I like most is the groove sequencer, ease of use, 80GB hard drive and built-in arpeggiator.
What I like least is the synth a little fake.
The value for money is pretty good. The fish a little or it is at the editing semple in programs. This is the bare minimum and if you want to search audio go your way.
I would do this choice because it's still a beautiful machine, which allows for a sufficiently fast small instruments. One sample is cut, a little beat and go.
So MPC5000 or not? I say: MPC 5000 YES!