Akai MPC2000XL
Akai MPC2000XL
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Akai MPC2000XL : Anonymous 's user review

" a very good machine but ..."

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Everything has already been said on this sampler / sequencer, effects option via map ... exceeded Connectors (SCSI) when you look at what is happening today. The Midi is ok.


The general pattern is clear enough, although I think that to fully exploit this machine, you still have a little reading the manual is very well done.
The course menu is good, although today it seems outdated.


Is 16 bits, so it's the former. The sound is pretty metal, it feels good grain Akai is very urban, heavy. For hip hop this is perfect.
Following is a quality but also a failure because that stereotype a bit samples played. One can get tired of this type of sound.
The reaction to velocity and aftertouch are good.


I used it about a year and I sold because it is a machine from the early '90s and now has become completely outdated (connectivity, storage, ...), although it retains a certain charm in its use, and its appearance.
It is very solid, the sequencer is very well done, it is a machine that offers huge opportunities.
Now, with experience, I will not go this choice today because as I said a machine is technologically outdated. I will ever willingly choose by the cons in the 90s or early 2000s. Opt instead for now MPC 500 or 1000.