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Roland Sequencers user reviews

  • Roland MV 30

    Roland MV 30 - Pquenin's review


    The MV-30 is a kind of portable studio which includes a gnrateur sound (from the clbre D-70) but in a less sophisticated effects section, a squenceur, a mixer "midi", and syncho to synchronize the squenceur with a multitrack tape (which the silent er…

  • Roland MC-50 MkII

    Roland MC-50 MkII - dajhne's review


    Squenceur hardware with floppy's drive (2HD), including 2 midi out, 1 in, 1 through, synchro-band and out mtronome volume with DDI. It offers 8 MIDI tracks each containing up to 16 channels and two other tracks: rhythm, with Fast Fashion Pattern mode…

  • Roland DisCover 5M

    Roland DisCover 5M - Zézère's review


    This is an expander put on the table, or on a rigid panel. Possde It sounds great, normment sounds, there is no style but some patterns (rhythmic patterns) on which to play. Sounds are ditables, but it is better to keep the original ones, the pallet …

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - yoyog's review


    Full connectivity in the Midi In / Out / Thru I think, but also input and output for synchronization finally, what really everything. No sound, no effects available in the box. It was a hardcore professional séquensuer of 8 tracks and 16 channels o…

  • Roland MC-500 MkII

    Roland MC-500 MkII - Alan Replica's review


    Advantages: 8 tracks of 16 MIDI channels each, 2 MIDI Out (what makes the diffrence! Two chains of synths possible to take advantage of the 16 channels per track) 1In, 1Thru. The recording time is possible without rel automatic quantification, le…

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - dollarex's review


    Yeah ... USE Not too difficult to use SONORITS No sound NOTICE GLOBAL A sequencer which is proven but rather opts for roland mv 30, he expander (sound rs type pcm u20 or d70) + a very good sequencer! P …

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - Dlw's review


    All connectors (pc, mix, amp, headphones, car radio, stereo, TV etc ...) sound varies addressing everything. Reverb and chorus / delay, all adjustable. 4 or 8 tracks is happiness because you are going straight to the point, even a perfect hire an ama…

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - Magellan's review


    Squenceur-arranger MIDI conection with high quality, computer (PC / MAC), taken to the pedals dclanchement Song (BOSS pedals fugitive SFU5) adapter plug (BOSS PSA SERIES) headphone jack, volume, intrupteurON / OFF. 150 instruments of good quality …