Epiphone SG Special
Epiphone SG Special

SG Special, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Epiphone SG Special

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 45 reviews )
 19 reviews42 %
 17 reviews38 %
 4 reviews9 %
 2 reviews4 %
 2 reviews4 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Epiphone SG Special
The Epiphone SG Special is standard SG that is aimed at those who are interested in getting an SG, but can't necessarily afford the Gibson version of this classic guitar. I'm not sure where they make these guitars, but certainly outside of the USA. The guitar has two humbucker pick ups, as is what you'll find on most SGs. The guitar has tone and volume knobs and a three way pick up selector for toggling between the pick ups or blending the two of them together. I'm not too sure on what type of wood this guitar is made out of...


The Epiphone SG Special isn't a difficult guitar to play at all, as it's actually got a pretty nice feeling neck. I don't own this guitar as I've only played it a handful of times, but my initial impression of it was that it's definitely got an adequate feel. I used to own a Gibson SG, so I think that this hold some weight in that even after playing a Gibson for years that this version of the guitar was still easy to play. It's not as easy to get a nice sound from this as it is a Gibson SG, but it's still a very good sounding guitar overall.


I don't think that you'd mistake the sound of the Epiphone SG Special for anything other than that of an SG, as the SG series definitely has it's own sound to it, which is one that is thick and round and perfect for rock n roll. Like all SGs, the Epiphone SG Special is definitely best suited for playing rock where you're using some distortion. It's great for both lead and rhythm parts, but generally speaking I like this SG best for getting super chunky sounding rhythm parts.


If you want an SG but can't afford or justify spending the money on getting the Gibson version, the Epiphone SG Special is definitely an adequate replacement. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for professionals, but for beginners and intermediate players it will definitely get the job done. The price is extremely reasonable since it's an Epiphone. So while certainly not as nice as a Gibson SG, the Epiphone SG Special is just fine for those on a tighter budget...

MGR/Jason's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I paid £120 new for this guitar from www.GAK.co.uk - quite a steal for a guitar that to all intents and purposes is a near-on exact replica of the Gibson model.

For the price you pay, it's fantastic - easy and smooth to play, looks gorgeous, and sounds brilliant.

The construction could be a little better - it's not falling apart by any means, but when I recieved mine there was something rattling round inside the electronics cutaway - it hasn't affected anything, but is still a little disconcerting.

See above.

For £120 you're getting a guitar that looks like an SG, plays ALMOST as well as an SG, and sounds ace. I reckon this would probably be best used as either a practice axe for a pro, or a main guitar for intermediate musicians, you won't find any better in this price range. In fact, you probably won't get a better guitar for less than £200.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Tyler Bowers09/25/2004

MGR/Tyler Bowers's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I purchased this guitar on Music123.com on May 13,and payed about $250 for it.I bought it because it has that great SG with out the price.

This guitar is GREAT!!!!It has the classic Gibson SG tone,only its a lot cheaper.It has two humbucking pick-ups that sound amazing!!!!!!!

The strings break very easily if your not careful.But other than that its an amwazing guitar

It is great quality.Its a little light though so it breaks very easily.

Over all this is a GREAT guitar,if you see one and you want a great tone buy it,you wont be let down.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I was given this guitar from a friend. He bought it in hopes of being a "guitar hero", but found it harder than he thought.

Nice tone and surprising quality. You get a nice from the humbucking pickups, although I chose to replace them with some spare vintage style Gibson pickups I had around. The guitar I have has the sunburst design and it is quite nice. You can't get a Les Paul style guitar (made by a division of Gibson none the less) for the price (even though I did not buy mine) any better.

The tuners are crap. They don't stay tuned and they are not at all adjustable. I replaced them with a set of Grovers. Also the 3 position switch had to be replaced, but it did not facilitate a standard three position. I had to peel of the Les Paul style ring around switch and mount it side to side. It actually works and it is rigged so that when the switch is toggled it is in the direction of the pickup that it is now using.

See "Please describe what you like about the unit:"

Nice guitar, not bad for a beginner. If you are going to buy a guitar and you don't have a lot of dough to spend this is a good guitar. Just remember to replace the tuners!!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/cyber_faust1's review"Gibson SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I bought mine used, the guy said it was about a year or two old, I don't really remember. The guy asked $500 for the black Gibson SG Special and Peavey Bandit 112, knowing that was an awesome deal, I got him down to $300. Anyway, I got it home plugged it in and couldn't believe I finally owned my favorite guitar.

I love it, great playability, great sound, great sustain, great tone, especially compared to the cheap guitars I already owned.

Not much I don't like about it, except like someone said in another review, the kind of cheap looking tape around the pickups, but that doesn't affect anything. The only problem I have are the tuners, one of them was already broken when I bought it, but they tend to come out of tune with a lot of bending, but not too badly.

Very solid and LIGHT. I've accidentally dropped it and it's been hit a couple of time; it's withstood a lot of abuse, I'm sure even before I bought it. I take good care of my equipment, but accidents happen, and this guitar can take a beating.

I definitely recommend it, it sounds, looks and plays great. You might find a deal like I did, but even if you buy it new and retail it's a good price for what you're getting.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Tony Niv10/02/2003

MGR/Tony Niv's review"Epiphone Sg Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I bought this guitar as my first electric about three years ago from musicians friend for about $130, discounted because of the color. I ordered it from the phone.

I was skeptical about this guitar at first, but when I got it , i was amazed. Now I have a $700 Schecter, which is way better than this, of course it was 6 times more. Although, I do use this guitar for recording albums in my band, so I love it for recording. I also love the cheap humbuckers, because I play grunge (Nirvana, Soundgarden etc.) so i get lots and lots of feedback from it.

I dont like the body, because it is very light, and made of cheap plywood. The neck is light and cheap, and the guitar is not balanced correctly. Other than that, its fine.

The quality shows that epiphone has blind workers, because everything is loose out of the box. When and If u get this guitar, take it to a shop right away. The pickups are not good, however, if you are in a grunge band and feedback is your friend,they are great. The tuners do not stay in tune, so make sure you tune them

A final comment is to use a distortion pedal, like me, i use a death metal dist. pedal.if i had this guitar stolen, i wouldnt buy another one.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Music Freak12/28/2002

MGR/Music Freak's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
i Bought this guitar at a local guitar shop for about 180 dollars because it was the best i could get for my money.

I really enjoy this product the way it plays and everything, i especially enjoy the tuners and how smooth the tunning nuts are. the neck is smooth and very easy to slide on and makes songs easier to perform.

the only thing that i do not like about this product is thati did not get it sooner

the quality is very nice it has a black body, and maple neck, very classy and very nice looking

if u have about 180 bucks and are begginning i highly suggest this guitar, it is easy and fun to use. it was deffinetly a good buy

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Dan's review"Epiphone Special"

Epiphone SG Special
Bought on ebay for $125

This guitar is well made and has excellent electronics. It is well balances and easy to play. Fast action.

The guitar doesn't stay in turn very long. I have to tune it just about every day. Could be me??

The Special is well made and has a lot of quality for the price you pay. It has a lot of the features of much more expensive guitars.

For the price you can't beat it. If you are looking for a quality guitar for little money, this is the one you are looking for. It has all you need to put out some fine sounding vibes.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Dan's review"Epiphone Special"

Epiphone SG Special
Won this Guitar at an ebay auction for $125

This is a well made guitar for the price. Quality pickups and the neck seems to be very well built. It has good balance and is easy to play. I will keep this guitar for a long time. It will probably out last me!

The guitar has to be tuned a lot. I usually have to tune it before I practice every day. Also I did have a little probelm with where the cord plugs in but it was an easy fix, just a bent connector.

You know, for the price I don't think you can find a better made guitar. It is well made and plays fine. Just be sure you have a quick tuner available. I surely would purchase this guitar again now that I have owned one.

I really like this guitar. Sure, it's not what I'd play if I had loads of cash. But for what I paid, it is great! Perfect for the musician on a budget.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I bought it from a friend at about $180 (a pretty good deal if you ask me)

It's really comfortable, it's got a fat tone and a lot of sustain. sounds great live
I know it's supposed to be a cheap guitar but i think it works great.

can be a little bassy, you know, the low tones are predominant but that sounds good with distortion.
I use a boss ds-2 and it rocks.

Haven't found any major flaw in it

I like it, it's not the best guitar in the world but works great if you don't have $2000. Even if you have $2000 it should be on your stack.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com