Gibson SGJ
Gibson SGJ

SGJ, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

MacB 07/29/2013

Gibson SGJ : MacB's user review

«  Neither made, nor do gibson: the precipitous decline of a formerly prestigious brand! »

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Officially made in USA, with a specification light loads (to say the least!)
Stopbar tune o matic
50 C year round
24 frets
2 volume pots 250K
Two tone pots 250K


The handle is all just horrible, in comparison with a standard SG before, or even a special edtion, thick and fat. I would say that the sleeves V-or U see U / V Fender concurrant manufacturer, are more affordable, see outright sleeves Gibson Custom which have to often tend to say they are uncomfortable, it's not true This is ten thousand times more comfortable than that.

Ergonomics, it stings forward a classic Gibson SG chea ... since
Access to acute only good thing about this guitar.

The sound is cold, dry, completely incompatible with the blues, or a warm old school rock can probably agree to the metal and again, trying so. Fan of grunge, current rock to forget too!


Suitable for very little music style. This is the first time I watch a poor quality electronics on a Gibson, this is incredible, unacceptable, it feels the fragile switch, the knob, which hugely game Mechanical hold no agreement but it is well known with vintage tulip Kluxon phenomenon, the look of the time course why not, but held Agree 0!

This is not the sound GIBSON, it is all but a GIBSON Les Paul Studio is already well over a Gibson in his features that this instrument.


Looking for a cheap guitar (that means with correct satin finish without the usual side "nice guitar"), cheap home GIBSON do not buy it, you rather buy in stores that still have a GIBSON MELODY MAKER very good guitar for a very good start to the brand without too much disappointment, and even a little les paul junior special P90 or even a Les Paul BFG Gary Moore on a range slightly above and LES PAUL MELODY MAKER JUNIOR. Forget that this model is not made, or to a guitar to be half-built for me (I did not watch the secondhand inside). Try store I said, more out of curiosity, who have a SG of 2010 before.

Points +: access to acute.
the worn side, gross is not bad but it is all.
lightweight 3kg all wet!
the Point -: violin or fact, or to repeat, rosewood different quality depending on the model, a weakness at the junction body - stick to the one I ssay.
Zero Electronics
Keeping agree = 0
Gibson flocking on the cross is actually loose in line to take off.
24 frets = even for a solo I see no great use, perhaps for the metal and again!
ties are really crap behind, this is something that could already be observed on more prior to 2013 SG, the nth default, which means that we are obliged to install straplocks.
Cache micro plastic, not anything for a GIBSON, an ESP LTD or IBANEZ GIBSON but not stop!

Finally I drive with GIBSON GIBSON but is a company that really needs to regroup and stop taking the world for fools, with a policy of wild price that the only valid rule in light of the new current market in 2013 : a good Gibson, that means correct, I'm not saying it will not have defects, you must know, it is 1799-2000 € a minimum, of this is not even worth it.