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Shadow news

  • Shadow E-Tuner

    Shadow E-Tuner

    09/02/11 in Shadow E-Tuner Flat Top - Black

    Shadow's E-Tuner HB-T allows you to transform a humbucker electric guitar and turn it into an instrument with onboard tuning.

  • Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    06/03/10 in Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    Mandolin strings project a brilliant sound but unfortunately are much too quiet when you play live onstage with your band. So what can you do?

  • SH 124 Kill Pot

    SH 124 Kill Pot

    07/09/09 in Shadow SH 124 Kill Pot

    The SH 124 Kill Pot is described as a unique potentiometer with a momentary push switch for electric guitars, which momentarily kills the sound by stroking it up and down.

  • [Musikmesse] Shadow Stompin' Bass

    [Musikmesse] Shadow Stompin' Bass

    04/01/09 in Shadow Stompin' Bass

    Shadow’s newest percussive instrument is an instrument designed to add dynamic percussion for solo artists and bands alike. The Stompin’ Bass is played simply by tapping the surface with your foot.

  • [Musikmesse] Hexaphonic Pickup System

    [Musikmesse] Hexaphonic Pickup System

    03/31/09 in Shadow Hexaphonic Pickup System

    Shadow has released a new pickup system for acoustic and classical guitar, the hexaphonic pickup, based on Shadow's Nanoflex pickup technology, and which unites 6 pickups in one—one for each string.

  • [Musikmesse] Soundhole Fitted Tuner

    [Musikmesse] Soundhole Fitted Tuner

    03/31/09 in Shadow Soundhole Fitted Tuner

    Shadow is presenting the SH Sonic Tuner a device for concert and western guitars and other acoustic insturments with soundhole.

  • [Musikmesse] Shadow Active Pickup System

    [Musikmesse] Shadow Active Pickup System

    03/31/09 in Shadow Active Pickup System For Mandolins

    The active quad pickup system is based on Shadow's NanoMAG pickup technology and designed to unite 4 pickups in one — one for each pair of strings.

  • [Musikmesse] Shadow H 1000

    [Musikmesse] Shadow H 1000

    03/31/09 in Shadow

    If you are a pupil sitting in the school bus, in a train or metro or a businessman on an airplane: the new finger trainer from Shadow allows you to practice wherever you are.

  • New Shadow Website

    New Shadow Website

    02/27/09 in Shadow Stompin' Bass

    The new Shadow Electronics website is now online.

  • Shadow Stompin' Bass

    Shadow Stompin' Bass

    07/22/08 in Shadow Stompin' Bass

    Shadow Electronics presents the Stompin' Bass, an electric percussive instrument.