Winter NAMM 2009

Winter NAMM 2009

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There is a place where you can meet the most important manufacturers in the audio and musical industry. A place where you can see all their new and future products. What is this place? The Winter NAMM Show, taking place in Anaheim, California. It might be too far from your home, but it's just a click away from this page...
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News Winter NAMM 2009

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  • [NAMM] LE 000-28M Eric Clapton Sunburst

    [NAMM] LE 000-28M Eric Clapton Sunburst


    Martin announced the Limited Edition 000-28M Eric Clapton Sunburst acoustic guitar.

  • [NAMM] D-18 75th Anniversary Edition

    [NAMM] D-18 75th Anniversary Edition


    Martin Guitars announced the Limited Edition D-18 75th Anniversary Edition.

  • [NAMM] Martin SP High Tuning Strings

    [NAMM] Martin SP High Tuning Strings


    The Martin SP High Tuning set, which utilizes the Studio Performance core wire, is now available in 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.

  • [NAMM] Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist Deluxe

    [NAMM] Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist Deluxe


    Daisy Rock has debuted its Wildwood Artist Deluxe Acoustic/Electric Guitar at the 2009 NAMM Show.

  • [NAMM] Hamer Talladega

    [NAMM] Hamer Talladega


    The idea behind the Talladega, according to Hamer, was to "balance a warm-toned chambered mahogany body with a maple neck as a way of getting both an airy snap and a rich fundamental."

  • [NAMM] Aviom Pro64 Output Module

    [NAMM] Aviom Pro64 Output Module


    Aviom adds to its Pro64® Series with the introduction of the 6416o v.2 Output Module.

  • [NAMM] Takamine 2009 Limited Edition

    [NAMM] Takamine 2009 Limited Edition


    Takamine is releasing its 2009 Limited Edition 6-string electro-acoustic guitar.

  • [NAMM] AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre

    [NAMM] AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre


    The RPQ with Curve Shaping and P48 power has 80 dB of JFET gain, P48 phantom power for active studio ribbons such as AEA’s

  • [NAMM] Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E

    [NAMM] Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E


    Empirical Labs unveiled a new unit called EL9 "Mike-E", a digitally-controlled Microphone Preamplifier with features designed to warm and soften the source, along with a compressor/limiter.

  • [NAMM] Shure USB Mics

    [NAMM] Shure USB Mics


    Shure Incorporated announced three new products — the PG27USB and PG42USB Side-Address Condenser Microphones and the X2U XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter.