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Shure BETA user reviews

  • Shure Beta 98H/C

    Shure Beta 98H/C - pitou333's review


    I use the Beta 98H to take his right hand on my accordion. This is an electret microphone ncessitant the phantom power. OVERALL OPINION I use it for a year and a half and all the sound engineer that I had t have surprised your exact instant of so…

  • Shure Beta 58A

    Shure Beta 58A - Lsan's review


    Well, sm58 dynamic mic's successor, for taking votes ... OVERALL OPINION I have been using something like micro main voice for home recording, APRS having a dynamic and a static ... pif my static silent so sensitive that I tankards all ambient …

  • Shure BETA 52A

    Shure BETA 52A - Long_shaded_eyes's review


    Dynamic microphone for bass drum and other instruments serious. OVERALL OPINION I use it for a short time. It is impressive with respect to all those I try (AKG & co ...): the sound is simply superb, balanced (for a GC I hear), this hot ...... …

  • Shure BETA 52A

    Shure BETA 52A - Cpierredon's review


    Bass drum dynamic microphone OVERALL OPINION I use micro to 5 years. one mic drum must have 2 CHARACTERISTICS: must ENCISS high pressure (140 dB or more) must dscendre in the lower I tried a lot, but the beta 52 sduit me. I n'prouve not n…