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Software simulators user reviews

  • Native Instruments Guitar Combos

    Native Instruments Guitar Combos - ena63's review


    Not too much problem. The use Standalone is a huge advantage over all the VST plugins that may exist. It can play live with just one application running, no need to Cubase, Audition or other soft greedy and long load. The only difficulty in the R…

  • TbT Audio TapeStop [Freeware]

    TbT Audio TapeStop [Freeware] - JoneSmice's review


    Installation without problems (like any VST) No inconsistency Configuration? Manuel? SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE ASUS P4P800 Deluxe P4 2.4 GHz 768 MB RAM DD 1 Maxtor Diamond 80 GB Seagate HDD + 1 Baracudda 80 Windows XP Pro Mackie …

  • IK Multimedia Amplitube LE

    IK Multimedia Amplitube LE - D4p0up's review


    - Installation is a pain. Since it is a soft bundle in lots of entries and to return codes to activate the final. I know it's against copying but it is heavy. Bad point for that. - No incompatibilities noroire noticed. - The general configuration…

  • Native Instruments Guitar Combos

    Native Instruments Guitar Combos - tibonome's review


    The installation and super simple, single-line registration is a little long (15min) but well ... For configuration no problem, you just need to choose the type of driver, from the sound card and HOP ... The manual is provided franais but it do…

  • Project-X X-Amp [Freeware]

    Project-X X-Amp [Freeware] - Delirious's review


    Pb no installation for this small plug-in while bte SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Ben no pb either, it is not normment resource ... OVERALL OPINION It's free, OK. But for me it is its only advantage. I find its really not natural ... It has nothing…

  • Antares Audio Technology Microphone Modeler

    Antares Audio Technology Microphone Modeler - Mos.'s review


    I have never known such a mess for installation. Dj must understand the principle. They ask a question, enter the rponse. Then we must seek, to enter the pages of English. For once against not need to install instructions so it's easy. What was left:…

  • Native Instruments Guitar Combos

    Native Instruments Guitar Combos - didick's review


    Note that this test applies only to the AC Box Combo, having bought that the other two n'tant not fit my style of music and I was much less charms. For installation on Mac OS X Tiger, no worries individuals. At the end of the installation folder…

  • Voxengo Warmifier

    Voxengo Warmifier - oliv928's review


    No problem. VST standard. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Stable configuration. no worries. does not seem to eat up CPU. OVERALL OPINION Excellent. permitted to touch a voice very slightly by adding a touch of heat. j uses much the program: Warm Air.…

  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 1

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 1 - alexo's review


    No pb same versions crack:-) ADQUATION / PERFORMANCE To top NOTICE GLOBAL Bomb simplicity & stability hardware & LEGERET with the possibilities of huge software denigrate those who work can be for ik multimedia but personally AmpliTube is…

  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 1

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 1 - dcp1's review


    Between 2120 guitar rig and digitech which prfr? ADQUATION / PERFORMANCE I like the Digitech but I can not find enough ditable NOTICE GLOBAL So what gives? …