Neumann KM 184
Neumann KM 184

KM 184, Small diaphragm condenser microphone from Neumann in the KM 184 series.

moosers 02/02/2009

Neumann KM 184 : moosers's user review


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The Neumann KM 184 a small diaphragm condenser used primarily in the recording studio. Its small size and great response to high end frequencies make it the industry standard for recording drum overheads. It is sleek in design and like all Neumann microphones it is made extremely well, all with top end parts. It has a cardioid polar pattern.


I've been using KM 184s for about four or five years and I have yet to find a pair of small diaphragm condensor microphones that sound better than these. While they are pretty much the industry standard for recording drum overheads, they also sound great on acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin and any other instruments that needs a microphone that will pick up the silky high end that is essential when recording these types of instruments. They also sound good on any other type of cymbals or any other acoustic stringed instrument when you want to pick up that high end. Also great to use in tandem with a large diaphragm microphone to make sure that you get the full range of sound coming from the source. I can't think of any other small diaphragm microphones in this price range, but would compare these to the much cheaper Rode NT5s. While the KM 184s are considerably more expensive than the NT5s, the sound quality is much better. I would also compare these mics to their sister mic, the KM 84s which are the older versions of these mics. While they sound pretty similar, the KM 184s are just as good. Neumann makes top of the line microphones and these microphones will last a long time if you treat them right. It is an investment that is definitley worth it if you are looking for some of the best small diaphragm condenser mics around.