Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Condenser Microphones Small diaphragm condenser microphones
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Small diaphragm condenser microphones user reviews

  • The T.bone SC-180 Stereo Set

    The T.bone SC-180 Stereo Set - Chris Martins's review


    Small condenser microphone, ideal for making acoustic instruments or overhead. Possibly to be used on voice Manir point, but not in a Designed to departure. OVERALL OPINION Reu I have this morning. Ct so back, I will not lie, it's lightweight. Na…

  • Behringer C-2

    Behringer C-2 - trybal's review


    Condenser microphone (phantom power supply, therefore, no possibility to stack), sold in pairs with clips, windscreens and stro bar. OVERALL OPINION I use them for about one month in my little home studio for making battery overhead, making the a…

  • Audio-Technica AT2010

    Audio-Technica AT2010 - marsupy_l_ami's review


    What kind of microphone? Micro apoint or beginners. Home used mainly for making voice studio. He filled this rle perfectly. I have a small religious prampli, Audio Buddy (M-Audio). However the sensitivity of the micro saves simultanment with a …

  • Behringer B-5

    Behringer B-5 - narnodel's review


    What was not said t ... nothing. OVERALL OPINION - I use the microwave for 3 years (Stereo pair) - Trs well made, robust, and many sr's more than adequate. No heat extremely well, but particulire Dfine across the spectrum. I use them mainly…

  • Neumann KMS 85

    Neumann KMS 85 - Bernard Ancèze's review


    Capacitor Cardioid 48 V (+6 V / - 8V) 40Hz / 000Hz 16 sensitivity: 6mV / P Max SPL: 138dB S / N: 76dB Superb construction, typically optimized for voice in proximity. OVERALL OPINION Micro SPECIFICATIONS ddi voice in proximity. The …

  • The T.bone MM-1

    The T.bone MM-1 - phenix!'s review


    Measurement microphone necessarily static ... 20Hz-20Khz omni-directional Comes with a suspension and a Bonette, but also a very precise frequency curve that shows, contrary to other curves of other microphones, the curve is not a perfect line…

  • The T.bone EM 900

    The T.bone EM 900 - fouineblanche's review


    See below ... and above all is said. OVERALL OPINION Well then I do not think my opinion is necessary since it is consistent with other opinions. I too was pleasantly surprised. It's very interesting pickups for that price around € 50 the pair …

  • LEM EMU4535

    LEM EMU4535 - à Chaud's review


    I add only that the microphone was manufactured in Germany by PRIMO Nakamichi and LEM. The reference is Nakamichi CM-100. There existed cells hypercardioid and LEM always in stock (at 16/07/2007) omni cells. OVERALL OPINION See other review…

  • Nakamichi CM-100

    Nakamichi CM-100 - à Chaud's review


    These microphones were manufactured by Germany for PRIMO Nakamichi and LEM. See the opinions most relevant to the LEM EMU 4535 which is exactly the same. Features: Electret microphone with high quality but quite old. Cardioid fairly open, s…

  • Josephson Engineering C42

    Josephson Engineering C42 - Riri912000's review


    Compact capacitor dedicated to making its instrumental, with some precautions to be spoken even in the way chant.Un little more time will further expand their spectrum of use. OVERALL OPINION I use it for a week. It is a microphone for me combi…

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