Tophe2014 11/13/2005

Fender FM 25R : Tophe2014's user review


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Eauipe transistor amp amplifier operational TL72 in preamp

25 W, HP 10-inch

2 channels, or I would say one actually operable with effect facade or optional footswitch

treble. medium. bass

a short spring reverb.

the back of the amp is open 2/3 or 3/4 (come on, let's say 70%)

mine is the version with the black grid facade, RCA inputs are not (RCA among these are superb points for the pod posseseurs and other GT6 V-amp ... etc ...)

the handle is in good order.

the amp is not heavy and not too bulky.


Setup is simple.

facille is to get a good clean / very light crunch with the amp.

Very facille to use ...


It may suit has a lot of style.

Direct guitar into the amp.
It has good points if we play clean sound for jazz, ca happens if one is not too demanding. In his saturates, from its own distortion, the sound is super synthetic cold, very aggressive especially with the mediums to a minimum and the rest bottom.
The HP 10 "is very good.

I plug over my RG7 (micro S.Duncan sh2 SH6)? sparkle drive (modified)? mxr distortion + (modified) (most of the time: The boss DR880 has a preamp lamp Ultragain behringer mic?)

Good for for sounds obtained with the stuff ... I do everything ...

75% of the time the equalizer is zero, and the volume one, the preamp has lamp handles the prepreamplification is added the decibels.
the DR880 serves as a "pod" and drum machine ... the pedals move in the DR880

when I do not dr 880 branches, I use the pedals and amp with various settings of EQing, the sound is good but not the best of suremement at the opening of the back, nothing serious, I cut acute, and I change my pedals, and it's going well.

25 W is doing well, and I would say that 15 W is enough for me, but for the price, I was not going to deprive myself. 15W and there's no HP10 "that behaves beautifully, it's far better than 8".

The reverb is nice but could have been better if the spring was longer.

The sound is not that of a Vibrolux or Vibroverb, but it's good, especially clean sounds.


I bought this amp at the local store because the range was changing, and I was able to have a very good price in a perfect condition.

The price I liked the clean sounds were surprising.

The amp is not bulky, not too strong, not bothering people.

I tried 5 small amps before, all teams HP 8 "must avoid, I try Crate and Marschall, offering the same deal, the sound seemed less rich than the Fender.

I would be happy if I was debuter on an amp like this 10 years ago.
This little amp is very good, there's nothing to say