Marshall MG15DFX
Marshall MG15DFX

MG15DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Marshall MG15DFX

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 33 reviews )
 14 reviews42 %
 7 reviews21 %
 6 reviews18 %
 3 reviews9 %
 2 reviews6 %

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MG15DFX
I had this amp one to two years, I found it decent enough for it cost me 65euros. At full price it's a shame, a total rip off (built in India, costing two rupees ...).

The digital effects are parallel, so the sound is still analog (to start the effect you have about 2 seconds) in the most part.

The circuit fdd be disengaged, for softness and roundness, and quite noisy.
The EQ bass is useless, all the time back, but both are effective remaining egg.
The effects are adjustable mix, very useful.
No possibility of remote control, really mean.

Entry to be useful for a multi-effect that we control in addition via an a / b box for example. Good sound of this entry, which has the FDD circuit, that's great.

The output line is very low, in fact mic. But the sound delivered is really nice (on a keyboard amp fender 200 watts it does, seriously!) And does not have the FDD circuit.
The headphone output sounds strong and correct, with FDD for more gniaque.


Easy, except for the output line to mic level.
It is very difficult to play softly with one way or another it's always too loud. Troublesome at night in the apartment, especially if one is not (yet) deaf ...
In addition, the buzz hit me Standing on the system too.
No remote control is not zero, not cool to play it realistically.


The law is clean, fairly flexible with / without the FDD.
The saturax is very nice, but the gain is already a result, no blues in there. Rock, and with a nice grain.
I ended up using the machine with an external hp 12pouces, as it lacks serious heat in the beginning.
Do you like Yngwie, this amp does that very well! Sounds with both pickups in parallel reflected great, a lot of flexibility and still fishing.

Attention in original condition is not great, a tbx15r Ibanez puts the mat every time.
By making a few holes on the back panel you get a little serious, and isolating the inside with a little foam you remove the sound card boiboite.


To play in the apartment is not for group play either (unless sound, then it's amazing quality), and finally an amp is not convenient.
On a box 12pouces 8 ohms you will be very happy, but still no sound for blues or remote channel / effects.

What can I say except that it's not top ben great, as to a bit more and take the 30 which is usable. For the background you can still install a gate liabilities (as stereo attenuator, in Monacor 15euros), I did it works well.

Its strength is simplicity, you have the basic rock sound that makes fly. Much know exactly what you want, it will not do anything else.
For 155 euros there are other solutions to buying this thing I think.

Xiors's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MG15DFX
- New FDD circuit (simulation of an all-tube amp)
- 2 channels (Clean / Overdrive) with volume indpendant CONTRL.
- Between CD.
- Accumulation of HP Output
- Headphone accumulation of HP
- 3-band EQ (bass, contour, and treble)
- Numriques Intgr effects (Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger) with CONTRL
Adjustment / CONTRL and select level.
- CONTRL gain.
- Slecteur channel.
- 1 HP Custom-Voiced by 8 [ZR]
- Dim (mm): 380 x 375 x 205, weight: 7.2 Kg


- I never was so easy to amp level rglage! Almost the luxury, if only the sound followed!

- This gives her a quick Mg, Love it or like it ...

- No need of manual for this type of amp it is so simple!


- This is a moment that I use this amp, not infact, a moment that I do not use more shame ... A misrable amps! The sound that emerges is poor despite its "CHARACTERISTICS" who view his attractive ... I have transformed into a micro speaker for vocals. He improved his singing that guitar. I played it with a Gibson Les Paul Custom, BTE and beautiful, guitar amps it's insured but not ... The sound is bad even with any rglage!

- It'm not my style plutt, solo and improvisation in many heavy mtal (sound soil or iron maiden), it's good for silent green day or ACDC ... M'enfin, it is the only sound that went with it even if j'tais plutt me look kind of Iron Maiden and Children of Bodom!

I'm from.


- On success this amp marshall of dgouter me for a while before I played on a Valvestate vs ... But until the limit j'tait fire fuck the amp so he had dgout ... C'tait my first amp, in short, I had no choice because the era, I thought the music would just pass me like her ...

- The report price is average quality, it is still correct ... I would say that the signature on the Marshall amp gives all its value and the sound and rglages worth 25euros ...

- MG series? Repeat purchase is a kind of "thing"? Oh? No, of sr! I tried a 100dfx mg. New, just try it as its in-store ... There was only one valid rglage ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MG15DFX
15-watt transistor amp
-Among other
-Usual settings plus 4 effects (reverb delay chorus flanger)
- So the trick to make us believe that a sound like a lamp


Can hardly be simpler, volume, tuning the midrange and low treble gain and volume for distortion, and an adjustable level effects, the minimum
-Easy to get a good sound is the most hard, in view of the limited sensitivity of potassium for acute and severe and medium in terms of distortion is all or nothing less to play the volume at the guitar
Finally, the manual ... I did not see the shadow of this stuff and frankly it would have been a bit useless


I played it with an immitation of strat storm (I know the scratch is not great either)
In fact, what attracted me premium Abors was the sound round and fat in clear, distortion is more like a parcontre bouillabesse of breath, and then level it is like to
Cape Horn like this last point to the effects which makes them unpleasant and ultimately I think it's more a gadjet to attract customers, but quite funny two minutes to have much effect buy real pedals
A yes I forgot there is the small button in front theoretically, simulate a light amplifier, and if it was the lamp I will always be to the transistor, the sound is actually more round but really it is much more poorly defined, So I use it ever.


I have now for eight months, and I think quality over price level there is much better (who types the fender around 100 euros, although that is not the same sound), and then to play I think the house was still the ideal pods or vamp, because small amplifiers quality level is not great in general.