Orange CR12L
Orange CR12L

CR12L, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

dyrdyr 02/06/2014

Orange CR12L : dyrdyr's user review

«  A small combo troubleshooting friendly »

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Tiny amp 12 watts transistor.
A guitar input, a headphone output,
3 portards equalization, gain, overdrive, a volume. One channel
This is the basic (at the same time this is what we want with this amp).

Most of this amp, it really is itty bitty.
and especially HE THE guele (this is also another reason why I took over the competition, I wanted something other than black)


Simple Config setting a bit less especially with the overdrive, let's face it, is not his strong point.


The sound is clear seen in nickel prices. We crunch quite easily. After distortion in it's gate, we soon reached the limits of the "beast" and especially his little 6 hp. it can quickly become messy, so avoid pushing gains thoroughly.


I received this little fridge yesterday ordered from Thomann for really not much. I took this amp (my first Orange for that matter) because I was looking for a complement of my head Road King, just to be able gratouiller quickly when I have little time without having to wait for the heat lamps. The Tender load was so simple, a small lightweight amp for around the house and store it in a corner, no lamps to warm-up time and maintenance, controls on top for easy adjustment and a funky color. This little amp is therefore the natural despite my fears over the distortion. At the same time, this amp is not made for that and therefore I think it will fulfill its perfect small office troubleshooting / itches fast. For the rest I have the Mesa.
Price / quality / clean finish