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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Peavey Rage 158

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 54 reviews )
 15 reviews28 %
 21 reviews39 %
 14 reviews26 %
 3 reviews6 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Igor's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
I got this at my local music store, it was around 120US$

This little thing is great, it has a nice clean tone. Its pretty loud for a 15W amp. The clean sound is consistant throughout the volume range (sounds great at low or high volumes). It has an ample amount of bass. it also features a 3 band EQ. You can really notice the cutoff and boost range. It also has built in distortion. It has a guitar input (affected by EQ and distortion) It has a second input (not affected by EQ or dist.) you can use for another guitar or some line level output that you might wanna amplify. It has a Vintage/Modern swich. Despite what people say, YOU CAN NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE (people that dont notice it are deaf or not as well ear trained as they'd like to think). The vintage mode brings out the mids and highs, it makes it sound somewhat like a tube amp (especially with good quality pickups). The modern mode is a bit more flat, but it does somewhat boost the lower end.

The only things i would have a problem is that the distortion could have been better. The sound of it kinda breaks appart when you crank it up.

Otherwise.. everything is perfect

Its a sturdy unit, you can store cables and such in the back. Its very solid, no unwanted vibrations or rattling at high volumes. The case brings up the low end of the sound spectrum.

This is a great product for its price..! The EQ allows you to create a lot of different sounds. its a good practice amp. You can even jam. youll be heard over the drums and bass. Its not great to perform to an audience unless you play solo, or with someone else.

bottom line: if you can find it for less.. its a steal. you should be very happy with it

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MGR/I Like Dirt04/08/2004

MGR/I Like Dirt's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
I got this guitar at Fret Music with a Peavey Plus EXP guitar for £150

The nice cruchy distortion, good for any style of rock you could think of, IT IS SO LOUD!!!

Hmm, the clean tone isn't really up to much but I can't really think of much else.

Not really sure, never left my bedroom really.

Good for playing by your self or jamming with just drums but I wouldn't count on it for anything else.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
Bought from The Rhythm House Hanley Stoke on Trent.I got this to play reasonably loud with good tone and to use headphone channel
Paid £69.99

Good Construction - Looks like an amp should.
Good sound at low volume and at higher volume on clean channel
Dirty channel breaks up a bit at higher volume but nothing drastic

Nothing really

Solid. Looks the part like one of its bigger brothers
Excellent quality.

I would recommend this to any one looking for a well made practise amp. enough variation on the clean and dirty channels to make it versatile.
Good Headphone line and CD mixing capability.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
i brought this amp in a pack with a guitar in australia for 450 back in 2000

this is a good little amp it doesnt have tones of power but why would it its only a 15w. It has reverb and 2 channels but you can opperate them with foot switches. it has a high more pirceing clean sound and isnt flat a low it sounds quite nice. it runs ok with pedals through it

well coming from a bigger amp down to it you feel like you dont have the power they and it sounds a bit weak which it is cause its only 15w

this is a great little amp
im 70kg and i sit on it and stuff i havnt had any problems ive dropped a few tiems and it still goes really quite good

i think for how much these guys cost they are great
they are good for a practise or beginner
i dont think you going really gig with it its not that loud but you could give it a try
i think for what it is its a great little amp
i rate it 5 in context of 10-15 w amps

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MGR/My name? Oh, um I used to know this...09/28/2002

MGR/My name? Oh, um I used to know this...'s review"Peavey Transtube Series Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
I bought this amp in a package with the Peavey Raptor Plus EXP. It goes for $100us dollars.

I love my amp! It's so loud! I really like it's distortion. The Vintige/modern switch is cool. Vintage gives it a little bit more twang for your buck, modern is like a reguler amp. Who sais fifteen watts isn't enough??? I'm pretty sure our neibors are thrilled about my new guitar and amp, lol!(Just in case anybody didn't figure this out... that was called sarcasm)

I like everything about it and I can't think of a reason not to like it.

It's really sturdy, good construction.

This amp is awesome no matter what anyone says. The amp is really loud, I mean really loud. I once drowned out a moniter with it. Here's a tip for anyone struggling with their distortion, my favorite distortion is the pre gain at 10, and the post gain at 2, and the guitar volume at about 3 or 4. I hope that helps.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Rage"

Peavey Rage 158
Bought it from music express for about $120.

It gives a damn loud sound for a little 15watt amp. At a gig a while ago when I was using it, it was louder than our opening bands 40watt.

Needs a pedal!! The distortion and clean isn't that great without a pedal and the sound isn't as loud. But hey it's only 15watts.

Pretty solid and has taken what i've thrown at it so far.

Excellant amp for the price. I use it for live gigs - just mic it to the P.A. and you got an excellant sound.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/vise's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
I bought it in december 2000 in Italy and I paid 175.000 lire (about 80 $)

I like it very much for its sound, it's only 15W RMS but the quality is good for the price, I like also the posibility of switching from Modern to Vintage sound, and I think Vintage sound is very good.

Nothing in particular...perhaps some noise if I'm very close to the amp with my guitar

This amp is small but it's quite solid and well constructed

A good starting amp perfect for anybody who wants to start playing guitar

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Rage 158"

Peavey Rage 158
I bought this amp from a friend who was selling his old peavey to get a bigger amp. I haven't been playing for as long as he does so this 15 watt was perfect for me. I got it for 700 and it was in great shape. oh,by the way that's around 175 US dollars.

I love this amp! My guitar never had such a great clean sound but that changed when I got a this amp. This amp includes two channels,3 band EQ, headphone jack and a really great sounding distortion. I have a Boss metal zone and the distortion this amp delivers comes close to the great sound of Boss products. I also love this amp because it has an input for my CD player and I can practice with the music. For a 15 watt amp it's very powerful and makes my guitar sound much better.

There is only one thing that bothers me and that’s the modern/vintage voicing switch. It bothers me because it does absolutely nothing! You don't really get a vintage sound and actually not a modern one either the amp pretty much sounds the same.

Well, it's a small practice amp, constructed for your practice needs. Not powerful enough to perform with and not sturdy enough. As i said, this is a practice amp. It weighs around 13-14 lbs.
It produces a great sound so i would say that this is definitely a good quality amp.
They don't make em' better.

The bottom line is,
If you need a good practice amp , this is it. If you want to have it with reverb get the Peavey blazer 158.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

HeavyMetalHero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good to get started"

Peavey Rage 158
- Combo Amplifier 15 Watts type 2 channels (clean channel - channel lead)
- A master volume for clean channel
- A gain knob for volume and channel lead
- 3-band EQ (low - medium - high)
- A guitar input
- An auxiliary input (CD)
- 1 output (headphones)
- A switch to change channels
- A switch to switch to modern or vintage


This is an entry level amp, and very easy to use. We choose the channel is adjusted gain / volume, a little bit of equalization, and go!
So very easy to use.


To be clear, this amp is recommended for small new guitar.
I always played metal, and obviously it's a bit limited.
Although with a good setting, we can get a cool sound
(Eg its widened in many mediums with sharp and well gives a punchy rhythm to a)
For lead guitar virtuoso, the distortion is too biting to gallop.
But will be enough to advance.
But this is not the primary purpose of this amp ...
Also the reverb is missing .. the model just above (the blazer 158) has a reverb.
This is especially clear that the lack of reverb will unfortunately feel ..


This amp was my first amp. I do not use over a long time. Nevertheless, it still works perfectly (10 years anyway). It's very good gear, reliable.
Also if I drafted this notice, to respond to a request for an opinion.
As stated above, I do not play on this amp since looooongtemps ..
So I try to get back into the shoes of a start to be objective.

So to summarize, it's tough, intuitive and perfect for beginners.
I put a 9 because it lacks the reverb, but for this there is the 158 blazer.
It is not an error on the part of peavey.

Florent91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Best value for money"

Peavey Rage 158
Transistor type 15W
CLEAN: 1 flight
LEAD: pre-post gain gain
ECUADOR: bass middle high
Input output and CD input


Can no longer simple
Manuel, y 'has an unnecessary but
Its good everything is relative, it's still a transistor entry


Well for the beginning guitar
For use with pedals preferably
The distortion is not bad for the price, then we get tired very quickly


I use this amp for more than 10 years (with a preamp tube, pedals, TonePort, etc.).
It is excellent value for money: 100 € to begin it's perfect!