Vox Brian May Special - VBM 1
Vox Brian May Special - VBM 1
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liloo42 07/16/2005

Vox Brian May Special - VBM 1 : liloo42's user review


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This transistor amplifier has a power of 10 watts (not ridiculous) with a 6.5-inch bowl with the membrane is well shielded provides outputs:
An output boost
2 headphone recording
3 ext speaker (be careful al impedance)
at the setting we can not + simple:
A gain
2 switch high or low gain
3 tone
Volume 4


First is the use of two little fawn which makes intressent.
Use a classical guitar and amp
2 treeble booster mode use (for me the Holy Grail) 2 controls operate in this mode and gain swith
The manual is very complete and french vox thank you to Brian May and we have more penssa Sir May we made a gift of good home 2 settings effectively cool to have the sound from the outset that after a matter of a few hours to find his own sound.


L we enter the heart of the matter and the sonic dimension of Brian May.
The sound is the crunch was the most devastating saturation (rather felt) its not clear but that s not the purpose of this amp even if it can be done in metant the gain to a minimum and the switch and the low volume and then back to you to manage the volume of your guitar (humbucker or single).
The big blow comes when you use it in booster mode treeble (watch the bowl in this mode is disabled) mode is a ecciter another amp.
With my first les paul standard config jcm slash the sound that it is more than pleasant deguage one approaches the grain mesa (with its clean crunch to your attacks, in the crunch saturates and saturates his kick your ass and the Page School posters in the room) which is not displease me.
Is the best for last: telecaster vox vox ac 30 May brain, and I just tell you that it hurt a very very bad:
1 + tele vox Brian May gain a background low gain switch + + vox ac 30 between normal high volume background and has cut back its kind = Hammer To Fall, We Will Rock You, Tie Your Mother Down for connoisseurs
2 + les paul vox Brian May at your convenience gain high gain swith + + vox ac 30 same settings that huge lead over = sustain such monstrous one vision and all the magnificent solo that gave us great man.
On the other config it s just as effectively Wng
The sound is precise and trs fully refund your game can be dangerous because when you put a pin everyone hears it because as you get out of the mix but is the price to pay for the sound of BIAN MAY (an infinite subset of the sound because the rest comes from his fingers and creativity)


Advisory fan of Queen and Brian May vox this bb as I like to call trs surprising:
Several fawns of use
Performs well with the effects particularly with a boss ce1 chorus and another delay
The only downside: no bypass but with an ab rusant box or making a career change I think this is feasible (that is why I put 9)
I use it since its release in France and do not sell for anything.
The price is justified given the quality of this little vox white (wink to the JMI vox annes60 thank you)
Thank you for reading these lines
MAY the force be with you