Randall Guitar Amp Heads Randall Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads
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Randall Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Randall RH200SC

    Randall RH200SC - Pucelle_Dabidjan's review


    Type: Amplifier transistors in 4ohm 2x100W, 2x50W into 8 ohms. Connectivity baffles: 4 inputs in 2 4ohm speakers and 2 8ohm Fx loop: an effects loop with send and return of CONTRL Channel: three channels: one clean, overdrive 2's. clean and cru…

  • Randall Warhead X2

    Randall Warhead X2 - peaveyForever's review


    While 300 watt transistor, attention is transo the high end, nothing to do with the tube amp low end or transistors such as Marshall ... power is enormous, a good 4 * 12 is it's perfect, I think a 2 * 12 quality may do the trick very complete c…

  • Randall RH 100 G2

    Randall RH 100 G2 - inimikall's review


    Transistor RH-100 G2 100 watt Between a jack, headphone output i facade, an effects loop on the back with rglages effect for the input and output. Out a direct output 3 channels (clean, crunch, lead) 2 band equalizer (1 for clean - a common…

  • Randall Warhead X2

    Randall Warhead X2 - no_lie's review


    - Amp transistor (nothing changed, and we are not obliged to make super gaffe extinction and extreme softness to public), the IDE is interresting - Dune and 300 watts of power with two channels, Lampl Randall Warhead X2 includes a section dgalisati…

  • Randall RH 100

    Randall RH 100 - bru776's review


    ISSUING transistor amplifier 100w and 200w for the RH100 for RH200. Between a Great and a headphone output faade, 2 out firm, a direct recording, an effects loop with volume rglage send and return back. 3 CHANNELS: With a clear treeb, med, ba…