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sebaquilon 03/26/2011

Rocktron Chameleon : sebaquilon's user review

«  awesome !!!!! »

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1 U analog preamp, no lamp as its big brothers, but it lacks absolutely not!
I had before 2 vooduvalve and I prefer the chameleon 10 times !!!!! it has more punch, not lamp voodu is absolutely worthless, it's a decoy!


Rocktron products already accustomed to, so for me it is easy to understand and parameterize
great sounds guaranteed, including metal


very well, and especially "all in one"
clear sound and excellent lead to revisit the whole rock, hard rock and metal of the 80s to today


I have and I had a lot of preamp
I think I have all had a limit of 1500 euros and for the bargain price today is a killer
before the voodu really (and I've had 2, thinking that it was with light, so obviously the best)!
what a beautiful illusion