Fairman TRC Mk3
Fairman TRC Mk3

TRC Mk3, Solid-State Pre-amp from Fairman.

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suge 09/17/2010

Fairman TRC Mk3 : suge's user review


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any analog
Rack 5ou6U I do not know but it's pretty solid
it is actually a strip and not a preamp only, so his place is in the category "channel strio" instead:)
Preamp / EQ / Comp / Lim


above are simple to turn the same buttons no matter how we get the heavy tjrs!


pouffffff say except that it is the final installment for the taking, no matter what we put in and how it uses the worst result will be artistic, incredible!


I get to use it at a feast taf nay a delicacy:)
amazing how people become inflamed and employ superlatives to machines more than poor when there was case of the top 5 channel strip and nada nothing not even the shadow of an opinion on the matter, it is clear on the other hand we found almost no studio, oh yes I forgot we are in France of the country where people like pie "references" Well if you want some references in Blowin V72 + Fairchild + Pultec that's what the TRC Fairman home!
ps.euh the con (dixit bèbèr)
ps.2: If you came across a okaz in good condition buy it without hesitation the worst I bought it:) (approximate 3500th)

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