Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012

Portico 5012, Solid-State Pre-amp from Rupert Neve Designs in the Portico series.

thewindwaker 12/18/2007

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 : thewindwaker's user review


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- Dual analog preamp transistor.
- No effect if the function is silk which I will later
- Jack or XLR connectors in series for
- Then the bad thing if you want the rack you will have to buy the extension Neve 80 eur! impossible to use that of another less expensive brand because it is not compatible brief ...


Use no more simple, the preamp is graded in 6 of 6 db and the possibility of refining a knob to 12 db (ultra ultra simple intuitive)


Preamp incredibly precise, present, and all you can ask a NEVE preamp,
silk is a function that is ptite key triggers and a smooth blade attacks .. it takes away a bit of fishing but it's so much music ...
extremely transparent preamp! is sometimes so disconcerting is transparent. So for those interested in color is not the right product.
but this preamp is EXCELLENT!


- I use it for 1 year
- I like his neutrality, his presence, his loyalty
- I tried the mindprint, mackie, Rme, the AMS Neve Focusrite's and many more ..
- Quality / price ratio EXCELLENT. 1800 euro for the pair! you have two preamps in a quality that also many other more expensive preamps bcp.
- If 'javais the way I take 4 more .. veiled