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Zero-G CDs & Sound Banks by Style news

  • Zero-G SoundSense Elektrolytic

    Zero-G SoundSense Elektrolytic

    05/24/08 in Zero-G SoundSense Elektrolytic

    Elektroytic is the second sample library by Ian Boddy in the Zero-G SoundSense series.

  • Zero-G: 5 New SoundSense Series Titles

    Zero-G: 5 New SoundSense Series Titles

    05/08/08 in Zero-G Street Beatz

    Zero-G Has Released 5 New SoundSense Series Titles.

  • Zero-G Urban Ammunition

    Zero-G Urban Ammunition

    05/07/08 in Zero-G Urban Ammunition

    Designed with urban producers in mind, Urban Ammunition features beats, keys, basses, guitars, synths, strings, licks, fills, percussion, scratches and other samples.