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  • [BKFR] Soundtoys, back in black
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    [BKFR] Soundtoys, back in black

    11/26/15 in Soundtoys

    SoundToys have launched their "Back in Black" Black Friday offers, announcing their "lowest prices ever".

  • Little AlterBoy, a new gift from SoundToys
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    Little AlterBoy, a new gift from SoundToys

    03/19/15 in Soundtoys Little AlterBoy

    For the SXSW 2015, SoundToys releases a new free plug-in that will drastically process any vocal track on Mac and Windows.

  • SoundToys PrimalTap available for free

    SoundToys PrimalTap available for free

    03/17/14 in Soundtoys Little PrimalTap

    SoundToys gives a new preview of its future release with a Little version of the PrimalTap plug-in, which is available for free.

  • Friday's Freeware: Little MicroShift
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    Friday's Freeware: Little MicroShift

    03/15/13 in Soundtoys Little MicroShift

    SoundToys has a great way to tease his next plug-in with Little MicroShift, the light version of the MicroShift plug-in expected in April.

  • Soundtoys Little Radiator

    Soundtoys Little Radiator

    03/17/12 in Soundtoys Little Radiator

    Soundtoys modeled the Altec 1556A preamp.