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  • König & Meyer 26740

    König & Meyer 26740 - mwall's review


    I have received a week ago. These mounts are super strong and heavy, the base floor is very large, ca can be a drawback for some interior also ... For "is pregnant", it does exactly the size of my resolv 65 A in size and 2 choices available to y…

  • Gibraltar GPR550

    Gibraltar GPR550 - jazzystochat's review


    I use the rack for almost 10 years ago with a Yamaha 10/12/13/16/22 and now with a ddrum 4SE, I have one thing to complain, but it is a criticism that can make all the racks made of circular tubes (Yamaha, Mapex, Dixon, etc. ..) after a while the cli…

  • Audiophony FB-ROLL

    Audiophony FB-ROLL - sigmunfred's review


    It is a roulette table that attaches under the FB-RACK16. Very practical not to explode back during transport. Two of the four casters are lockable Obviously, this is useful. …

  • QuiK Lok RS/654

    QuiK Lok RS/654 - Shamk's review


    I buy a system because I wanted to mount kit parker my synths, I ordered a box in 8U starzic not to name them, which of course never happened, then the least expensive and simpler than I found this rack is 10U * 2 roller which allows easy removal, es…

  • Funklogic FRT-8373

    Funklogic FRT-8373 - christophe.alzetto's review


    I reu ago. It's simple, it's a rack that combines two brand products FMR, the prampli RNP8380 RNC1773 with the compressor in order to make a single type lment 1u. in 19 ' It's simple (maybe be a little too?), But effective and prcis. The constru…

  • QuiK Lok RS/673

    QuiK Lok RS/673 - Fluch's review


    1 universal rack shelf unit for installation non RALIS rack with bolt holes on the board. In other words Tagra rack. Sturdy enough. Besides the problem of availability of the brand, it is difficult for example, to align a BLUETUBE at the faade,…

  • QuiK Lok RS/657

    QuiK Lok RS/657 - Fluch's review


    Just the accessory I needed to put some effects rack on a table for a CASC the rear for easy wiring, and level front to rglages. Maximum 10 units. Instructions a bit vague and not enough Retailer for installation, but it's OK ease. Large enough…

  • Mrack 3DS MIDI

    Mrack 3DS MIDI - Docteurnon's review


    I bought okaz end of May 2003 (4 months did so) ... Overall satisfaction trs. the furniture is on wheels, so I can dplacer the very easy to redo the connections. 3 rows of rack: one for effects, a + computer screen, one for amp + K7 + CD. speak…