capirouche 02/06/2010

Aria ProII Fullerton : capirouche's user review


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The exact REFERENCES FL21HDW is this aria pro II Fullerton manufacturing Coren.
It is a copy of the famous Fender Stratocaster

The body is in Saddle with a pickguard (shield) perl bypassing the humbucker. THE shell of jack is reversed compared to conventional models.

The handle is very well painted Saddle, it's really enjoyable to play. The 22 keys are rosewood. The frets are midway between that of a Fender guitar and a jumbo.
The junction body / neck is from the eighteenth septime box.

The vibrato is Wilkinson and the six signs are: Mechanical oil bath Gotoh (respect!)

Ct microphone: 2 singles and a double micro-all signs Duncan Designed (seymour duncan). They prsentent one of the highlights of this guitar.

I put 9 / 10 because of its price era, I had my first for 2800 francs.
Mine is superb, the Saddle is bleutvert under layers of varnish.


The handle is in C.
It is very pleasing, the CASC Aiges is normal for a Stratocaster. Obtained without difficulty a sound, the guitar sounds very good indeed not branch, which is a sign ...
The frets are finished very well, no worries this ct has the slides alone.

Guitar PSE normal weight, its handling is easy.

I put 8 / 10 because when the handle is even less pleasant than on other models (Cort 115) that I could test. That said, this remains an excellent round, he must play for long periods before a beginners feel fatigued.


Although sr, it is suitable for rock music I play. I use it with a Pod X3 and / or directly to a 15 watt amp vypyr.
You can get all the sounds you want, the Duncan Designed pickups are really great for a.

On this guitar, there are two knobs (volume and tonality and a split that can make the dual microphone setup simple (like on a Fender Stratocaster). Slecteur The 5 positions can isolate each mic or mixer the neck pickup or the micro-bridge (single or double) with the microphone in the middle.
The possibilities of sound standards are personally use most often double or micro-mix neck pickup / mic environment.

I put 9 / 10 in particular thanks to the great Duncan Designed pickups.


I think I since 1996. Before her, I had a guitar line between this aria pro II and did not see anything. It's really a great guitar midrange, especially when we think we can dsormais acqurir for the equivalent of 100 euro-hand. Really, I do not regret my choice of the era.

I was able to compare a 115, which remains a Cort guitar mid-range (both guitars taient also the best reports from the era qualitprix for Stratocaster) and the handle part of the Cort It is this aria Por multimdia anywhere.

Over time, the pickguard does not stick very well for a small place, it is the only criticism that I find to APRS almost 15 years together.