Behringer V-Tone Guitar Pack
Behringer V-Tone Guitar Pack

V-Tone Guitar Pack, STC-Shaped Guitar from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

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makimura_55 10/01/2005

Behringer V-Tone Guitar Pack : makimura_55's user review


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See for yourself at the site of Berhinger


Channel not very pleasant, but OK for a play aapprendre
ACCS to acute rather simple (shape stratocaster .. so it's going), I surprised by the weight props the first faith that I port (I thought it was super heavy) in May at the same time I pa many comparisons


Pa agree at all my style (and I pourtan pa real style), the micro is a real horror, I was di pa yavai that "good micro" or "bad micro" may just "Great way to play" or a "good amp" .... May I following the formal guitar that produces a truly sucks, finally .. it is convenient if you always play only his cellar san dan listen to music or rock music without any other external comparisons. At the beginning I liked my tan in a beginner, May Buddhist than a week when I listened to my friend with his sui squee I realized that ct really not of the quality my guitar (though not squee c must ...)
However the amp is rather honest (for the price)


Even if you are a beginner and you have a round pa n'achter not this pack, you get tired very quickly (in a Buddhist to me the very most), buy any other package that has the limit, May pa the one (apart if you give it Vou)
(Note can be a fan of classic working stream to its onheur .. its clear she is good enough) (and can be a fan of vines that could find their happiness in May pa more)