Blade Texas Standard Pro
Blade Texas Standard Pro

Texas Standard Pro, STC-Shaped Guitar from Blade in the Texas series.

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Ps2 03/19/2003

Blade Texas Standard Pro : Ps2's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Manufacturing Coren, assemble and control by LEVINSON.
Channel 22 frets, 3 single pickups
Start vintage bridge standart
slecteur + 5 positions switch 3 positions or 15 positions
Broad flat handle type Start, rosewood fingerboard (or clone)
active electronic


Channel trs good quality as always with BLADE, ACCS planks to acute (strata). Trs good balance of guitar and Reduces Weight.
Ergonomics gnrale in line with the best strats.
The sound is classic, with at dpart the feeling of having a guitar a little "soft" means sustain, but absolute silence (thank you the prampli) and good quality grain trs.


Versatility is a strength but INTERESTED to find a guitar that can be obtained by any one instrument gnral good everywhere but excellent nowhere.
Personally, I use the blade of an ART preamp and a SGX2000 excite and direct the console.
The clean sound neck pickup is beautiful for lovers of vintage Start, sounds creuss, intermdiaires positions are crystalline and wish the bridge pickup has the characters without being "nazillard".
short, sounds "normal" are trs INTERESTED never be aggressive.
Once prampli connect switch 3 positions, we obtain (according to the rglage frquences) a sound that incorporates the basic sounds by boosting.
Saturation rises, frquences leave out all the guitar and harmonics you want.
All in silence ... which is rare enough to be underlined.


I use it now for 4 months and I am a hard spare. The finish is an exemplary model of this award and is a jouabilit the brand image but with an action a little high, but so is a R4 which is more than double.

I have other guitars (strat US std) and electro acoustic and I have a few prs of jou everything can be found (except parker and music man) and is by far the quality best price I could find.
The sound crasis the std strat Mexico and other Asian sisters and I think is more enjoyable than amricaines.
If you are a fan of gibson, go your way, you will never duplicate that sound hard, however the saturation fawn "nirvana" are excellent.
Only BMOL, the mechanisms that are difficult to replace because of the thickness of the head and the handle on mine an "acoustic buzz" on the 12th floor the box, no problem rsolu by a luthier in my region (reindeer).
I also had contact this regard that the socity BLADE trs kindly tried to help me.
In conclusion:
Lutherie execellent
Sounds good trs trs qualitbr /> Finish .... BLADE
prampli trs cool
Try before you buy, however, to eliminate any risk of being a guitar that can possder a lightweight default.