Fender Pawn Shop '51
Fender Pawn Shop '51

Pawn Shop '51, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Pawn Shop Stratocaster series.

strat'man 09/14/2013

Fender Pawn Shop '51 : strat'man's user review

"My favorite guitar"

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This strat hybrid is a kind of mixture of Telecaster and Stratocaster:
Telecaster Maple Fretboard with 9.5 "radius C and nut 42mm
Body Start 'alder with hardtail (string through, not like the Squier 51)
Microphones: 1 texas special in the neck position humbucker + 1 Fender Enforcer (24k!)
1 volume (with push-pull splitter for the humbucker) and one rotary switch for selecting microphones
Made in Japan (comes with a fairly thick cover Fender Deluxe)

So it should be noted that the neck pickup is noted "Texas Special" but it is not a "real" Fender Custom Shop Texas Special, I disassembled the guitar because the pads of microphones seemed very different from those I and I know of another Strat ', well it is a micro ceramic! And from what I've read on U.S. websites is that called a Fender Texas Special (Japanese ceramic version) ... short Fender does not care a bit about the head of the world ... I been disappointed that (not his), at least could they specify ... when Fender says "Texas Special single micro" it seems clear we are talking about a unique micro well known ... where they play on words to better sell the guitar with this marketing ploy Texas Special ... yes marketing because the guitar is nevertheless excellent and the neck pickup is really good and does not require any upgrade, I do not change (I have yet a real Texas Special neck on a Squier but it sounds worse ... to my ears Maybe the violin is also in question). So disappointing for this lie Fender well calculated, even if the microphone in question is really good and I have no wish to change and yet I like to change the guitars! But when a guitar that sounds like it changes nothing! (Even without the crap on the Texas Special and I know that is not the best neck pickup, the guitar is good so no need to take clients to idiots with this business lie ...)


The handle alone is worth the price of the guitar! You feel immediately at ease by taking the varnish will not stick in hand, on the contrary it feels to accelerate gently.
The guitar is very light and resonant, this is what struck me from the grip.
The advantage of this guitar is clear to me, I love Telecasters and also strat, but I prefer the ergonomics of the body and the strat hardtail I like the Telecaster twang and the Pawn ... 51 shop that brings the best of two guitars ...


So I play mostly blues-rock and I like it sometimes mixing funky rhythms, reggae ... it sticks completely to all these styles.
The output level of each microphone is very balanced, the neck pickup has a really typed his blues rock with his typical strat 'middle pickup ... well there is none, but it does not bother me (I have rarely used except in positions 2 and 4 on my Strat), so here the neck pickup is mixed with the humbucker split or not and the result is a typical sound telecaster, blues singing this position (neck + humbucker and we begin to BB King, humbucker neck + split and fall into the typical sounds soul, funk ...) and position humbucker only gives two new records, and position humbucker can affect both blues-rock that to hard (or more but I do not play metal, but I think it could easily be defined very micro tackle it), if you want to play the blues more so then slightly decrease the volume and we believe in the income year 60 John Lee Hooker ... When it splits the humbucker sound surprising, usually splitts microphones do not pack too much (lack of dynamics and we do not feel the sound of the standard single coil), here in version split it sounds like a real "single coil "... it is really a Fender Enforcer super micro (especially I knew Gibson, Seymour Duncan SH2, SH4, Schaller Golden 50).
5 positions are very usable and each has a very distinctive sound, one finds the best of the Start 'and Telecaster ...
I play two amps: Ampeg GVT5 any lamp (for which I gave an opinion) and a Fender G 3 December thirty (I only play at home, not in a group, so these two amps are sufficient according to the desires) 2 ... and the guitar amp sounds really good ...
Playing it feels immediately that plays a premium instrument, my previous much more expensive guitars did not sound better ...


Firstly I must say that I had a lot of guitars, strat 'USA deluxe, Apri 62', 70 'standard ... I also had a 52 reissue Telecaster, a standard HS ... and Mexican, also Squiers for fun (some are fun, not necessarily the most expensive way ...), but I never had the Japan I had heard so much good ... I wanted to buy a basic Squier Classic Vibe Strat '(the Telecaster with the 41mm nut as the affinity me disheartened despite the stunning look, it seems nothing less than 1mm on paper but with the handle in hand we feel a real difference to try so ...), but I stumbled upon this guitar that I did not know: a Japanese Fender € 400 Hot! (The price has changed the next day to 660 €! Thomann but the still sells at an attractive price, as ab road). I immediately say "but what is that thing?". After some research and good reviews I launched myself (though initially I did not like the look with the pickguard that goes, but finally it looks good in real life, maybe I've done too .. . atypical and it is well done). Actually the price and technical arguments have prevailed (hardtail, SH configuration profile of the handle, microphones ... manufacturing quality made in Japan).
Upon receiving the guitar I was surprised at the quality of the instrument, its empty, its light weight ... and plugging ... Wow!
This guitar is really a great guitar, not in terms of price, this is a serious professional tool that can be used with pleasure (it is really nice and easy to play), now on its price: Fender sells off c ... is a great opportunity to purchase a quality instrument at an average price range (even cheaper than a Start 'Mex and almost the price of a Squier CV ... these are good guitars but which do not have the quality of the Pawn Shop Fender Mex Japan ... are fine but for having tried and I must say I much prefer the Fender 51, she is so resonant and beautifully finished! My next strat ' or TV 'is a Japanese, I am amazed by the quality ...). I'm going to quibble that it is unfortunate that the pickguard is not a 3-ply cords and guides (string trees) too hold the strings (it easily tune the guitar with a strong game on the energetic blues bends) I ended up getting the string above (and here the guitar goes out of tune more and I'll order "roller string tree" (5 €!) ... but it does not bother everyone, yes me ...
Anyway, I found my "number one" (although not really the look I liked at first ...) ... I would have loved to try the Squier 51, but I think these are two very different guitars (not the same quality, not the same price either ... but it should be fun, the Fender is more amusing ...)
If you want a true atypical incredibly good guitar sound in the telecaster register Start 'and Start' then try this supercharged Fender pawn shop 51, it is a made in Japan worthy of the best American (I say that having been mainly U.S. and I see that the made in USA and made in Japan really worth ... but financially, we do not complain! I think I will become a follower of the "made in Japan" Fender)
I noted this guitar up (minus 1 point for the history of fake Texas Special, which is nevertheless a very good neck pickup, but I do not like the process of selling one thing playing on words, short on lie ...), its value for money is unbeatable in any case!
I love this guitar!