Ibanez GSA60
Ibanez GSA60

GSA60, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO SA series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Ibanez GSA60

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 49 reviews )
 27 reviews55 %
 16 reviews33 %
 3 reviews6 %
 2 reviews4 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/MikE's review" Ibanez GsA60"

Ibanez GSA60
i buy this guitar in H&H music store (houston,texas) for 200 bucks, is a good price

this guitar is cool is smooth and is so light the neck is great for fast action i love it

mm everything is fine this is a begginers guitar so is good

really really good no scratches

if i loose this guitar ill buy it again is a great starter guitar trust me

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MGR/delux_125's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
I bought the ibanez on ebay, (with a case, a and little amp)for a total $200!!! the ax was in perfect condition!!! (The case is a squire fender case which is worth about $65! the amp is a little one, 10 watts which is like $45! i cant believe i got everything for $200!

The Ibanez GSA60 is a great ax for the price! i would gladly pay $210 for the guitar itself from musiciansfriend.com but i was a little tight on money and went the ebay route! it has a great agathis countour s body. all my friends want the ax when they see it. its a great sounding guitar, with the powersound pickups! awesome feel in your hands. the paint job is jewel blue and looks wicked! truley a superb guitar for the price!

the 1st string gets out of tune once in a while, but whos lazy enough not to tune it back??

great construction! neck is smooth and sleek! one humbucker and two coil pickups for great sound! paint job is really nice. construction is great, as is all IBANEZ guitars! great feel of playing in your hands!

superb guitar for the "low on cash" person!
its a great guitar for beginners or to keep on playing for a good while! excellent value and quality!

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MGR/Kyle Banick04/28/2004

MGR/Kyle Banick's review" Ibanez GSA 60"

Ibanez GSA60
I bought this guitar at a Guitar Center in Houston for about $210 which is a great deal.

The guitar is amazing for its price. It doesn't match the highest quality RG models or the Joe Satriani models or anything, but it is an excellent entry level guitar. I've had it almost two years now, and it is still going strong despite all the abuse I put it through. Instead of spending thousands of dollars that I didn't have on a hobby I was unsure I would like, I spent the 200 dollars on this great deal.
The sound is great through the bridge Humbucker. It can play a variety of styles but really is better for rock.
As an Ibanez freak, I appreciate the combination of an S- Style body (with the smooth edges it looks great) and the RG, slick, areodynamic neck and flat back for comfortable playing.

It goes out of tune a lot, and I've found the basic tremelo unit to be quite useless. It doesn't sound that good and the spring-loaded design makes it fall out of tune a lot. I'd rather it have come with a fixed bridge. Also, the pickups other than the Humbucker sound somewhat hollow.

Durable, durable, durable. I've put this thing through so much abuse I'm surprised it still makes a sound. It is sturdy and very well-constructed. The finish is strong as well.

This is a durable, reliable, and versatile guitar that sounds mind-blowing at the price. 200 dollars for an entry-level guitar that doesn't sound like a beginner.

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MGR/Sam Slatcher12/27/2003

MGR/Sam Slatcher's review" Ibanez GSA 60"

Ibanez GSA60
I Bought this guitar from Fret Music for £220 (in a pack with an amp and lead etc..) The service in the shop was great! This is my first electric guitar.

This Guitar has a great look and sound to it. The best thing about it is, that its really easy to play. Good for solo's because there's no fret hum. The structure is good to. Another good thing about the GSA60 is that you can easly reach every fret including 22.

There arn't many down sides to this. I guess the tuning isnt brilliant. But its such a good guitar you dont notice it!!

The construction is good. The paint work is amazing! My strap stay's on great even when jumping the house down! The whole structure is great! Ibanez have done a good job!

The GSA60 is a great guitar - a really good first guitar! I would recomend this to any one who wants a starter guitar. It is quite pricy but well worth it for a good quallity guitar.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/iamneo's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
well... i bought this guitar on the internet from zzsounds, I bought it for $204.95 which was a great buy for that amount.

i am just a beginner but my dad's been playing his entire life and my friends all said this was a great buy. Really good for metal and rock. It looks great and doesn't scratch easily. I would definently get one again!!!

Not really good for blues but it could work (not like i would be playing blues though ;-) .

Awesome, every part works with perfection.

If i were you and i wanted a great deal on a great guitar, then this is a must buy.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Lim Zhengxin08/22/2003

MGR/Lim Zhengxin's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
Bought it for 315SGD (Singapore Dollars) from a local music store. That will be about 150USD. Got the Orange one cause i wanted to be different from the usual Black and Blues.

Being a beginner, it is the perfect model for me as it will last me until i am ready to make the "big jump".

Nice looking Ax with 1 humbucker and 2 single coils, and for a good price. Extremly solid looking and not *that* heavy. Has the wonderful Ibanez hardcore rock feel and a nice tremolo system. Nice S cutting and curve.

Does both Ryhthm and Lead well although it is a betterlead guitar,like most Ibanez guitars.

A bit of problem with the overall finish. Gets out of tune fast. Sound for price.

Can't expect killer sounds on this Ax, its really worth what you pay for. Overrall the looks of this guitar is really nice. Good finish of the fretboard. Not really pleased with the paintjob but for the price i paid, its good stuff generally speaking.

Really good beginner ax for someone like me.(Wants to learn with a decent guitar and then make that investment in 2 years time. Personally its gonna be a Gibson Les Paul :D)Get a good tuner to go with this guitar though.

A real good buy!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Ron's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
Local music shop in Israel. The squiers looked and sounded like sh!* so I looked for somthin else. Cost about 1500 shekel which is ~US$330 (a Squier costs around $260 in Israel so...) Should cost about $200 in the states.

REAL nice gsa body caught my eye and it sounded MUCH better than a squier.

Nice sexy body with no hard edges. Real sweet sound. Perfect finish except... The HSS pickup config gives you a wide range of sounds. The overal look and feel of the guitar is great. I'll probably scrach the hell out of the finish (no ugly pick gaurd!) The color "transparent butterscotch" (yellow) is intersting?
Looks like a serious guitar.

It takes a while to get used to the S body which seemes a bit flimsy at first (good for chicks) but I'll get used to it. The pickups look cheap but sound ok. You cant change the hight of the individual strings wich is too bad, the 6th string gets a bit buzzy when I play too hard. The humbucker is crooked which I didn`t notice in the store but the sound is fine so I'll leave it alone. There are a few minor flaws in the finish, baerly noticable.

The bolt on neck is rock hard. The knobs fall off if you help them (like everthing else). The tuning pegs needed a tightning but know there fine. The construction is much better than a squier. You can tell it will not fall apart.

A good guitar for a serios beginer who dosn't intend to buy another ax "when he gets better". It's a bit more expensive than the infomus squier but is well worth the buck. Too bad musiciansfriend dosn't ship overseas.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/me 07/18/2003

MGR/me 's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
I paid 209.99 for this 'unit' at musiciansfriend.com

I really like the look of it, and it plays very easily. It sounds better than a fat strat fender stratocastor (which is in the same price range 300 dollars) in my personal opinion.

It gets out of tune pretty easily, but i really like it.

No scratches or anything, no knicks, its a good guitar.

Its a great guitar for the price, a great first guitar, and in my opinon a great guitar in general.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Kevin Currie01/23/2003

MGR/Kevin Currie's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
I bought this from a dealer that ordered it from musicians friend for about 190 bucks (although the guy gave me 30 bucks worth of straps, polish, tuner, etc.

I love this guitar...period...Its solid construction and crunching tones make it perfect for me. This thing can take a beating but somehow manages to stay in one piece. I got it in jewel blue and i absolutely love it.....My best friend and bandmate has an 85 Gibson Les Paul Studio and for some crazy reason i prefer to play my Ibanez......i just love the way this thing sounds when u mute those low chords in drop d! it just makes me want to cream my pants! Great Buy!

There are a couple of downers on this thing though.....The tuning is less than adequete and my freakin volume knob fell off! i just glued it back on and its working fine now so no biggee..........The abscense of pickguard, though kik @$$ in looks, results in some pretty bad scratch marks on the body.....

The construction is solid......i love it.....i needed to get some work done on the bridge due to some buzzing of the bridge against my body when i would tune to drop d but ibanez was great about it and got it fixed immediately free of charge! The tuning is a bit of a bummer when recording (I use a Boss BR532, great product also) but not a big deal

The bottom line is this is a great guitar......being a 14 year old kid still in school and having no job it is hard to come across enough to pour into an expensive guitar but this guitar, though inexpensive, is great for my needs....ill leave the shredding to my lead guitarist!!!!!!!if you are looking for a great piece of equipment for a tiny wad of dough, BUY THIS THING!!!!i think you will be happy with the result......if you have any questions or comments or are interested in a demo of my band (which i would recommend.....pretty sweet stuff)email me at dramafreak323@hotmail.com

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MGR/Pat's review" Ibanez GSA60"

Ibanez GSA60
I bought this guitar at my local shop(Daddy's Junky Music)for 210 big ones. I bought it because of extensive and consistant good reviews and reccomendations from other players. This is my first guitar.

I like the overall look of the guitar. The S series body and the jewel blue finish look wicked cool! The neck is a bolt on but feels like a million bucks! Nice frets, good for bending. This guitar can obviosly be used for all perpouses but where it shines is with distortion. When i crank it with my peavy 15Gblazer it hauls some serios bottom heavy metal ass! Definitly a guitar for my fellow metal heads!Ummmmmmmmmm......the knobs are compact and durable,and the bridge looks neat(cool chrome color). I also like the fact that going friggin nuts on stage isnt going to be a problem due to the wieght of this guitar.got 6 month warranty i think.

If u so much as touch the wammy bar, this guitar goes out of tune, but i normally dont use it so it's not a big problem. The 2 single coils are pretty noisy. The only other thing is that the strings that came on mine suck! I dont know if they're installed at the factory or what but they are crap! My suggestion, buy some D'addrio's in advance.

pretty durable i guess. i havnt put it to that much abuse. it smudges easily tho, it have to polish constantly to keep it from looking like crap.bolt on neck, agathis body... pretty good construction i suppose.


This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com