Ibanez S420
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Fab6901 10/03/2014

Ibanez S420 : Fab6901's user review

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Origin: Japan
Bridge: ZR tremolo with ZPS-2 system
: Sleeveless Wizard II maple - rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
Pickups: Humbucker INF2 (vibrato) + humbucker INF1 (handle)
Adjustments: 1 tone - volume 1 - 1 5 selector positron


The neck is fine, very fine. Ultra nice for me but love the Ibanez ...
The interface is excellent, the guitar is light but not too perfectly balanced.
Access to the treble? a wonder with this handle and specific cutting ...
The ADJUSTMENT PLAIN dy Ibanez floyd house is very hardu for the uninitiated, but once you got it, not rocket science (there's a few tutorials on the web in case ...)


The 420 is comfortable in all styles covered: clean sounds are light and crystalline, balanced mids and bass very present and powerful.
For distortion sounds, INF 1 & 2 do the job. it's not Seymour but the quality / price is indisputable.
So, good clear sound, crunch pop rock blues or heavy metal though: all went very smoothly ...
His specialty is the solo, Gilmour way or becker ... La, with bigMP and a good tube amp, it's a treat ...
For home and mao, with digitech and simulated amp, it can do almost everything.


In recent months, I really enjoy. But beware, this is like driving a Formula One: the slightest deviation is off the road and we can not accuse Ibanez !! and yes, every Paing means !! So one learns to play clean and to challenge ...
For 25 years, this is perhaps the best round that I had ...
Only negative I would have liked but good active pickups is to seek the little beast ...
Recommended for intermediate or schredders apprentices ...
Beginners, go your way, you will come later.

For now, I enjoy playing again, without limitation of the guitar ...
I am far, far away, to have done the trick ...

Oh, added bonus, it is a true sublime, better than the pictures ...