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All user reviews for the Jackson Soloist Pro

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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Hatsubai's review"The original M series"

Jackson Soloist Pro
The Soloist Pro is similar to the normal USA Jacksons, but it has a major difference in the body wood. The guitar features a poplar body, a maple neck-thru design with an ebony fretboard, sharkfin inlays, 24 extra jumbo frets, binding, HSS design, a Jackson licensed bridge, a volume pot, two tone pots and a five way switch.


The coolest part of these guitars is that they're neck-thru. You don't have that issue with the neck joint gaps that so many other Pro series guitars have. That said, this guitar still does have its flaws. The floyd itself isn't the best quality floyd in the world. The frets were fairly level, but the edges were poking out. This is probably due to all the years of touring this guitar has seen. They were also worn, but I can't really fault the guitar for that as that happens to ever guitar once you start playing it for years and years.


This guitar actually had active pickups swapped into it, so I'll be going by that. The guitar had an EMG 85 in the bridge with an SA in the neck and middle positions. The EMG 85 in the bridge was super fat, but the extra thickness helped tame the natural brightness these guitars have due to their neck-thru design. I found that it works fairly well. The SA pickups were super thick, and the SA in the neck worked awesome for lead tones. Clean tones were a bit stale, but that's to be expected with EMG pickups. The one thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the poplar wood, but that's because I dislike poplar as a tone wood.


The pro model has some cool features, but I find that they're not quite as nice as the USA models, personally. They seem to lack the mojo, and I believe that's because of the poplar wood that was used in these. I'm really not a fan of poplar wings, but it's mostly a matter of personal taste than anything else.