Yamaha RGX-TT Drop6
Yamaha RGX-TT Drop6

RGX-TT Drop6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha in the RGX series.

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MGR/Lew Morris 12/19/2003

Yamaha RGX-TT Drop6 : MGR/Lew Morris's user review

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Bought two of these - both used at two different Guitar Centers - about 3 months apart. I wanted to get a Musicman Axis guitar because I love the pickups in them, but couldn't afford to get one. I picked up the Yamaha just to check it out and I was really impressed. Very controllable feedback/gain.

This thing has extremely hot pickups that are very controllable. The neck is thin and quick. The overall design is very comfortable and the guitar is very lightweight. I like the Wilkinson bridge. The coil splitter is pretty cool too, but I haven't found a song where I want to use it yet. The finish is amazing - I have the red and the purple ones. Even if you don't like King's X (which I'm not really into), this guitar is great. I actually play metal with it and it's great for pounding out heavy riffs. You can check out my band's site at http://www.coilback.com if you want.

Don't like the fact that you have to use an allen key to take the tremolo arm off and on. Makes quick set up and break down a little annoying at the clubs. The locking Spurzel tuners work ok, but I already have one that has the locking mechanism screwed up on it. I did find that after a bit of use, the strap buttons tend to want to pop out. A little pro-bond and they are in there good now.

The construction and quality is impeccable. One of Yamaha's best guitars in my opinion.

I would suggest this guitar for anyone wanting to play a wide variety of hard rock / heavy metal. It's fast, heavy and capable of many different types of sounds. I rank it up there with the Musicman Axis, and Peavy Wolfgang.

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