mistermz 12/28/2010

dbx 166XL : mistermz's user review


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Gate / Compressor / Limiter 1U 2 channel (linkable to the stereo).
Challengeable in Jack or XLR + Sidechain on each channel.
Jack or XLR outputs.
Internal power supply.

Analog and digital (at least for mode OverEasy I think?).


The manual is useless if it is known to use a compressor, but who still flew, he could not be clearer.
A novice will find the account.

Ergonomics standard, nothing wrong, the knobs are spaced a minimum of one another to handle it without the boy's fingers, they are more serrated, very convenient to find a position.

We can no longer simple, we rule the gate, then the compressor, and if the crests remain, you set the limiter (or not) accordingly.


Efficient, compress it properly, but still serious on the set (I never went beyond a ratio of 4:1 in general ... I'm especially to 2:1, see 3:1 in case of dire need as much again ... if the microphone placement and / or the game of Zikos, compress the sound is not great).

The limiter is transparent, but again it must be reasonable, if not hello Satu ...

I use it mostly on the bass, guitar (low dose in the studio and live moderately, it gives a hell of potato), and singing.

Sometimes on some batteries, and still not 100% (only the gates on the toms, for example, or just gate / limiter on a snare drum too versatile).

The row of LEDs used for both the gate and the compressor (when the gate is open of course) is very useful, it has visibility on the work done on the signal.
OverEasy and Auto modes can be useful, but personally I'm using it soon.


I have a 4U rack filled, which I use in both studio and live.
There are of course better, but perfect to spoil / compress at a lower cost without falling into the ultra cheap.

I have bump on the Drawmer and BSS, it has nothing to do but the price is not the same.

Yes I would do without this choice problem, even if in the future I think my setup with a mix Drawmer DL441 or a DBX 160.

In short, the 166XL is worthwhile, especially OCCAZ 'for the home studio, a small studio and concert sound on a diff not necessarily luxurious.