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Desks/Workstations for Studios user reviews

  • Jaspers Recording-Station 150

    Jaspers Recording-Station 150 - Mr.Music's review


    I just discovering "Jaspers" the German mark, which for me should soon be in your home-studio instead of your Quiqlok, Ikea furniture and other crafts. A quality test yet, but APRS reviews on the net is the quality as well as their prices up to 1.5…

  • QuiK Lok ZM WS44

    QuiK Lok ZM WS44 - Pakupaku (lcl)'s review


    As you can see in the picture There's food and drink ... trs is assembled quickly (45 minutes by my watch MIDI break today;)) sacrment is robust to be exactly my needs: - PC keyboard + mouse - Some 19 " - Tablet bazaar (not shown in th…

  • Ikea Jerker MKII

    Ikea Jerker MKII - _spf's review


    Gnial so I have two! A friend of mine bought a super East office home studio with locations racks and all it takes to six times the price of a jerk, and frankly, I'm not convinced that was the worth! Of course, the finish is gorgeous in comparison, b…

  • Ikea Jerker MKII