Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Sony MDR-7506

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 70 reviews )
 33 reviews47 %
 22 reviews31 %
 5 reviews7 %
 4 reviews6 %
 2 reviews3 %
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solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tiring and aggressive"

Sony MDR-7506
Strengths: it has fishing, it is a correct choice for the sound. He looks solid and well built

Weaknesses: How aggressive! the high-mids are prominent, dry and hard, and it seems to me to flatter the bass without it accurate, so a limit listening loudness.

I do not understand the ratings of "good neutrality" in this headphone! It is anything but neutral!

And again I found it tiring! Bringing me 8 hours straight my Beyer DT-880 without the slightest discomfort, with the 7506 I want to violently remove it after 30 minutes! Note that I speak of auditory fatigue, not physical!

Bah ... It is OK to catch sounds, although I would much prefer my Beyer DT-770, but closed just as much fun!


ricoute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I tried it at several costs:

Low and extreme low swell (flateuses at first tedious long) and a medium with a lot of acute dtail but rather accentus.

Trs a good dynamic.

But a product that lives on its reputable "usurp" and if we see often on the head of artists rather than Sony's is a subsidiary of the major "CBS" and meiux is to provide home rather than elsewhere!

In comparison the 7509 Submitted a different balance but not more neutral.
With normal or low presuqes lgrement shortened but a high mid and treble accentus if it borders on over-stamping!

When another foromeur said Councillor audiophiles delighted with this acquisition, either these people are not, or there is a problem ....

Made his ears and twist relative comfort are O nne can Tolra long enough audiophiles such as costs or otherwise.

Try the Allen & Heat xd53 and you will know what it means monotoring neutral MUCH!!

stefriggs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I just bought these headphones in trusting her reputable, so-called "what you mix is ​​what you hear." Well I agree with those who say this is wrong. For mixing, I returned my old Sennheiser headphones, which at least does not m'explose ears. In contrast to the sound as a singer and acoustic guitarist, that he favors the treble or high medium is not a forcment inconvnient because it gives more precision and comfort singing. My feeling hot, a good headset jack, but mixed in mixer. To support use ...

I come back two months of use APRS and I confirm: this headphone m'explose ears because of his hump in the high and medium high. After 10 minutes, I have to put the Sennheiser Epargne to my poor ears. It's not the headphone that I will keep for decision, let alone the mix since despite its reputable, it is not right. In fact it looks like I'm not the only think. So mfiance compared to reputable, nothing beats the fact to try.

GuillaumeF's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I use it for about a year for the recording and monitoring.

I do not like the cord, which I find a bit too short. The bass response is a trs suprieur the Ralite and mdiums creuss are like a slice of the First World War. Short a typical sound for stereo trs but not suited for monitoring.

I love everything about the same precision (ca does not bleed too much) and that it does not tire too wear.

For the price the quality is decent. I do not have that choice would do.