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Sequential Circuits Synthesizers/Racks/Modules user reviews

  • Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

    Sequential Circuits Six-Trak - Sebounet's review


    49 keys, lacquered wood cts ... At first glance, the syxtrak looks like a toy ugly. Then you look a little better, and aperoit the (small) sequence, (lightweight) arpgiateur, the programming buttons, then costs a little better, and we feel very heavy…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Docteur Frog's review


    5 octave keyboard - designed by Dave Smith Synthesizer Synthesis soutractive -* The pure analog. There are references in the world of synthesis, leaving an imprint for all time; The Roland Jupiter 8, the Minimoog or the Moog 55, Arp as the 2600 or…