Denon DJ DN-S1000
Denon DJ DN-S1000

DN-S1000, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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All user reviews for the Denon DJ DN-S1000

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 58 reviews )
 32 reviews55 %
 21 reviews36 %
 1 user review2 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners

freddho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
SLT. Jviens Prek of laundry that's one month too. Frankly JLA is great! am is the first platinum cd "dj" and is a nice product. The sound quality is good I find practice effects, especially with good quality lecho-loop which is convenient. The board is certainly a bit odd ms For now it remains impeccable, now fo see later .. IT should also be noted that we must press it ONLY for the scratch, what IEST trsdrangeant not the worst. The quality-price ratio trs good. Practice also change the track and even CDs. In short, I loved it as jla Paltinis, of good quality. With exprience, the same JREF choice, even if later pt j'conomiserai be our largest one, type Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Denon or larger. But for beginners, it is a good choice trs, a product of good quality. I suggest because it is beautiful ...

DjOtO's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
Well I aquérir this plate there are almost 1 month I am very satisfied, it reads the mp3 (c great, except that some functions are not sure), the effect is satisfactory if there is a good use.
before buying it I try a lot of platinum full range pioneer, denon, numark, technics, reloop, bst.
there were 2 model that caught my attention on the cdj 200-1000 and dns, but level value for money iol there was no picture I chose Denon, for € 50 more than a cdj100 I more effect, I read the mp3 and I pitch bend, and I have a great design (small footprint).
With the experience I save, and I peer cdj1000mk2 or two then sl 1200gold

dirtyfinger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
JOperation this deck depui one week be good conpare platinum is ke javai buy the same semaine.elle and a little heavy for its small size, it's solid and is seen on, (aside cd in plastic set of gise jog) the effect its top there are not numerous but be efficace.jai else try model in the same price range (s-450 in my stanton ki enormously disappointed) and foto's not the best in its category be legible screen , good workmanship button while on this deck and a hospitable but one thing my lil ki a little disappointed, the scope of small ki button plateau in gise serve ddu tray placed underneath his minspire pa tro confidence, but it's good vera with time (but for the solidity of its board have to do it) anyway know a good deck to be kind of ki ki mix vinyl or vinyl it will not be in tro denatur (as against to the mode locks vinyl fo appy it on the shelf, at the beginning it is difficult to do so) Casa Anna-Paula's a very good report quality price, I will choose refere san eSite, up 9 rating (she pourai have 10sur 10, but the scope of below the tray button make me a little scared)

cedricp16's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
I use this board for the past one month and a half. I waited before DPOS notice to make it more objective.
I think this board is a very very good report quality price especially for DJ electro / house / tek / dance / trance / progress etc ... effects are effective when they are utiliss, two loops with exit point of ditable Manir pretty simple ... The effects are really well made board, and only the fact that his plate is not more motorized and prevents it from becoming a good price for quality DJ Hip Hop RnB etc..
The BPM counter is not the most prcis not the fastest but I personally use it just to give me an order and then I refine ide quick ear, it allows me to save time and anyway, even with extra counters prcis I always verifies, we never know ...
The master tempo (key adjust) works well even 100%, and finally that's a fair test because in tural use the + / -100 %....
MMOs are used to store information for 1000 runs, with each track, the tempo, the two loops (or two hot start after use), the CUE point etc ... Only BMOL, they are not linkable. Too bad.
It is not three years since I use them, but I mix mini 1h/day weekdays and weekends in 3H, and they have ben mcaniquement not move. The plateau nor did.

I tried the DN-S3000: If you're not a DJ Hip Hop RnB etc, forget, no value added for extra cost.
The DN-S5000: Trs well veiled but good budget .... It'll have t my choice if I had adapted to the budget.
As a result I tried ben home Pio The models that I find too expensive compared Denon function equivalent (and still functions suprieure Denon).

I will exprience with a crdit the consolidated 17.82% / year and I would take the 5000. Otherwise yeah, I recommend the 1000. Frankly good little machines.

LePremierMinistre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
Just tried this week dernire DNS 1000. Trs and frankly, it's not folichon. Of course, one look trs cool, a whole plate "mimi", with buttons retro clear, a very readable LCD display, two loops which exit points are ditables (WAV to MP3 +), a its coming out strong, with a level homogne and without too much hiss on the MP3, sound scratch respectable.

But these good feelings are quickly Premire swept ngatifs other aspects (see trsngatifs) including:

-Effects, although not finished trs. The echo loop, billed as World Premire, leaves us hungry (Difference significant level with the track being played, a ditch dB appears when you cut the effect to return reading only)

-Set, the most scandalous of the dns dsavantage 1000. This is not a plateau, but a hard plastic like a CD, which is based on a ring of buttons. Clearly, you have to press the plastic disc to activate the associated function by pressing the button-names. Trs is bizarre, and to be honest, Fisher Price has done enough. In addition, DJs friends, you who smoke and drink the beer will soon find yourself with 3 mm of dirt under your plate, which will probably end up blocking or refuse to turn.

CASC-time to the tracks, really long, too long sometimes.

It is best to try it for real. DNS is worth a 1000 can not be 499 euros in the dealer request PA.

tranquilou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
I just lrecevoir, I unpacked, I branch and surprise. Denon sound of very good quality for both CD as MP3. I bouquine the record, I try a little while 15 min. And here I am conquered, with a sleek look, features a smaller and accomplished is a great value. Competition has the need to worry. The loops are blocks with some exprience. (2 mmorisables departures and one purpose only). The effects are dependent on the plateau, flanger and echo when filters provide some interesting (duplicating the table). Speed ​​is variable 4100% and what do I see the master tempo auusi (adj call key). The scratch is well made but accessories and pitch in good order. When the brake effects, drag and reverses, they are customizable and well finished.
It only remains for me to see it's run on the hard, but knowing the reliability Denon, it should not be any worries.
Overall, this is an excellent stage, with all the pros very simple and effective functions necessary for a good mix.

freezerman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
Premire excellent impression. everything is very easy to understand the functions diffrent (scratch, bend, pitch, search etc.). are well established except that you can not combine the effects (and scratch filter for example, or echo, and bend) or something so I rat (which can all APRS).
the plate is well worth the 490 euro I paid. I wait now to see over time.
both loops are well trs, trs flexible, just need a little exprience to Russia loop at first, otherwise the loop points edition seemed a little p Nible, you can edit the end, not the beginners. otherwise the CONTRL is quite prcis.
there is no latency loop output or scratch or bend, and although sr no latency on cue. dpart the brake and the 'slow' are fucking the CONTRL CD is total. short, like a lot. plus it takes up almost no space.
A default: the BPM counter just says anything. I made a loop on the Denon, I sample, I hold on my squenceur and it is 70 bpm, while the Denon says without hesitation that it is 69 bpm ... if I Pitche a little loop on the denon (to display 70 bpm) the loop over my squenceur DCAL.
Another default: the adffichage is pretty bad, but it's a minor problem.
A real quality, however: the output numrique suffers no restriction, it returns exactly the same signal (including scratch, effects, pitch etc.) that the analog output.

GuiomeNels's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Denon DJ DN-S1000
New drive for Denon ...
Smaller than an S3000 or S5000, more intuitive ... tested.
Assuming that the product is in the same lign his brothers ... but I 7! taking into account the fact that I have not had this in my hands. From what I've read, it would be around $ 500.

For info, finally a sheet nikel, namely that there is a true photo quality in the overview!
Thank you that? Bibi! !dropoff Window