Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster
Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster

American Vintage '64 Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Vintage series.

MacB 08/07/2013

Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster : MacB's user review

« It's very true, return to the Isle of Wight friends! »

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Made in USA
Vintage bridge how Esquire 50 years, easel that is also found on some of Fender custom shop and also in the TV company for telecaster JONES who would be equipped with a TV Jones in the bridge.
Channel C 60 year end, fits nicely in the hand, perfect for medium-sized hands, small fingers as comfortable
21 frets
1 tone, 1 volume, amount to a classic telecaster


A comfortable handle, which is well in hand, perfect for average hands, small doights I think, but for others as well. A good handle which makes you want to play!
Usability telecaster classic, a heavier than current standard hair
Access to classic acute, neither good nor bad, in short, a telecaster

For sound:

I ssay in store for me, she's beautiful in a tweed amp with channel mesa and mesa channel. With od behind to give him a little fried in a more clean fender amp genre fans will be in heaven clean, blues swing, Jazzmen is for you. The éssai in MesaBoogie lonestar special tweed and Canal mesa to the crunch. For me it sends more out of place in a marshall amp type mesa, or else with an amp with a speaker alnico Celestion blue alnico type (VOX), Vintage 30, 24:30, Eminence. It can be very rock'n'roll in an amp of this type.

Otherwise in a tweed channel, the clean is beautiful, very distinctive, very good, very fenderien the old, with the characteristic round.

Excellent crunch in distortion,
Very good in clean, although clean is beautiful, for me it is crunch it blew me away.

This is above the famous set twisted, broadcaster, or 51 Nocaster. 64 This set is a perfect set telecaster for me, although I can blame the lack of crunch on clean amp fenderien type I mean telecaster that time was built for rock, blues rock, big stage perhaps you miss it a bit of crunch and power. Otherwise the set is good, a rare good set of telecaster.

To finish, aged white with rosewood smell cotton friends, it's great, no default finish, it is perfect at this level, really good fender on the violin. I could see other finishes is it that really makes an impact when you enter the store I think.


The styles of music channel saturated or marshall amp type mesa: hard & heavy, greasy blues rock (Rory Gallagher, Winter, Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green), old school rock Rollins Stones, Who, Led Zep, but also power rock the foo fighters, no worries!

In clean channel: swing blues, jazz, pop, pop rock, if you want a little more frittez it will take a od, a boost that you want. The risk is that you can expect that the clean and crunch with a slight volume up on an amp type princeton reverb, deluxe, or even bassman, or even blues junior. A pedal effect will be necessary I think.

I did not ssay, but for Jazz lovers, the clean is really beautiful in a jazz chorus rolland, it must be pretty good I think for the Jazz.


I do not use it, I ssay store, very good instrument. I ssay other current tv, the custom redone in Japan blah blah, the american vintage thinline not evil, custom 72 2013. If I had to make a comparison would be with the custom 72, which is more rock, but also colder, while it is really warm. The only negative point I would send him to miss it can be potato in a clean amp, a od will be necessary, but in ampicillin type mesa or marshall, mmmm, this is really stunning for so small microphones. After I saw that electronics on other opinion it was not that, it seems, honestly I did not have in my possession so I can not say anything on the subject, see other opinion.

Pros: perfect violin in this case
Best ultra comfortable handle that I find modern C
Light around 3kg about when compared with a standard american 2012-13
Normally takes the agreement for once (I say this because the mechanics are vintage kluxon, as a general rule it is not terrible, a model to another must vary it anyway. A change mechanisms could be him beneficial I think.)
Crunch hell rock'n'roll hot!
-: The big downside of this story: the price I find it horribly expensive, but it's still a good instrument exception despite all.

For the record, I think this is a worthy reproduction of the Taste of Rory Gallagher in the Isle of Wight in 60 years, then at this level the violin is amazing, it's very true with super rosewood!

If I had to buy me a telecaster, maybe it would be a Tele conducive to a future purchase why not, it is a good instrument.