Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

Classic Player Baja Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Telecaster series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 33 reviews )
 22 reviews67 %
 7 reviews21 %
 2 reviews6 %
 2 reviews6 %
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heads on fire01/31/2012

heads on fire's review"Nice, but S-1 is unnecessary."

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Model Name: Classic Player Baja Telecaster®
Series: Classic Player
Color / MSRP* / Part # :
2-Color Sunburst

Body: Ash
Body Shape: Telecaster®
Body Finish:
(0141502307, 0141502303, 0141502306)

Neck Shape: Soft "V" Shape
Number of Frets: 21
Fret Size: Medium Jumbo
Fretboard Radius: 9.5" (24.13 cm)
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Finish: Gloss Urethane
Nut Width: 1.625" (41.3 mm)
Scale Length: 25.5" (64.8 cm)
Neck Plate: Custom 4 Bolt Neckplate

Pickup Configuration: S/S
Bridge Pickup: Custom Shop Broadcaster Single-Coil Pickup
Neck Pickup: Custom Shop "Twisted" Tele® Single-Coil Neck Pickup
Pickup Switching: 4-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (In Parallel), Position 3. Neck Pickup, Position 4. Neck and Bridge Pickups (In Series)
Special Electronics: S-1™ Switch
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone

Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: Original Vintage Tele® Bridge with 3 Brass Saddles
String Nut: Synthetic Bone
Switch Tip: "Top Hat" Style Switch Tip
Auxiliary Switching: S-1 Switch Down: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge/Neck Pickups (In Parallel)-Out of Phase, Position 3. Neck Pickup (Standard Tele) Position 4. Neck/Bridge Pickups (Series) Out of Phase

Strings: Fender® USA Super 250R, NPS, (.010-.046 Gauges)
Unique Features: Soft "V" Shape Maple Neck, Knurled Chrome Knobs, "Custom Shop Designed" Neck Plate, 4-Way + 2-Way S-1™ Switching, Synthetic Bone Nut

Case/Gig Bag: Deluxe Gig Bag
Included Accessories: Deluxe Gig Bag
Control Knobs: Knurled Chrome


This is a nice Tele! My favorite guitar that Fender ever introduced is the Telecaster, and a good Tele is one to hold on to. I read somewhere a quote from an ex-Fender employee that worked with the company in the very early years. The quote said something like "We all knew Leo's first design was his best, but nobody had the heart to tell him." I agree with this statement. The Telecaster is one of the simplest, yet most solid guitars around, offering rock-solid tuning stability, crystal clarity, and excellent playability. This Baja Classic Player Tele is no exception. It offers everything that a great Tele should have...


...however, Fender did one thing I'm not a fan of on this guitar. They included the S-1 switching system, which allows 6 different sounds total. Usually, I am all about that kind of variety, but these extra sounds aren't really that different from the originals. I like the original 3 tones of a Tele better than the additional tones here, to be honest. In trying out this guitar, I checked out all of the settings, and I never went back to the newer S-1 sounds. I feel like it's a waste of electronics, and just overly complicates the guitar. It's by no means a space-age guitar, but if one had to make a simple soldering adjustment, that extra switch could throw them off, and I don't think the quality of the extra sounds justify adding more circuitry that could potentially fail.


Overall, this guitar is a winner. But the S-1 switching is unnecessary bulk that just raises the price of the guitar. I'd rather pay $50-100 less for the same guitar minus the S-1. It really is a good axe, it just doesn't need this fancy switching. It's a Tele!

mooseherman's review"Almost Strat-Sounding Neck Pickup for Telecasters"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
This is a custom-made Telecaster pickup, one that is not readily available in every Telecaster on its own. It is made by Fender's Custom shop, so it isn't mass produced. They are only available in certain guitars, they are not sold regularly, which makes them difficult to find. I was lucky enough that somebody pointed this out to me when it was in a really cheap Baja Tele.
This particular model is only for the neck pickup, as they haven't made it for a bridge pickup yet (probably because there isn't a demand for one.) I tried it because I heard that it sounds more like a Strat pickup, and I wasn't particularly thrilled with my own neck pickup on my Tele. So I tried it out to see what happens.
I researched and found that this pickup uses bigger magnets and has longer magnet rods than a typical Tele pickup, which helps explain the difference in sound.
After getting it wired at my local shop (I am really not that good at doing the wiring on my own), I brought it home to check it out on my Fender Twin. I immediately noticed that it was a lot clearer than my original Tele neck pickup was. I liked this a lot. It was definitely similar to a Strat in terms of tone, it has warmth as well as a clarity about it that the Tele didn't. The original Tele pickup was definitely muddier overall.
Right now, I can't decide whether I like this pickup more than the old one. I have a Strat, so I'm not sure I really needed my Tele to sound more like one, too. I like having the option of switching between a Tele Bridge and a Strat Neck pickup, but I can't decide if I wouldn't have been happier with the original Pickups.
Either way, it's a great pickup, one that it is rather different for telecasters, so I'd recommend checking it out if it sounds appealing to you.

frednicol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a telecaster sobering ..."

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
I will not detail everything about this model already very well commented below and I agree with almost everything that has been said ... as for me I would add some interesting elements and I speak as an expert.
Stories about the varnish running down the frets are possible, but then it is not luck ... ditto for misalignment of strings ... But I have no problem.
Certainly the very thick paint could hide a few noble wood .. but it remains hypothetical and it's still ash, believe me it sounds good as ash, clarity and resonance of the body.
The type of microphones mounted is excellent ..
the plastic nut is nil string "tilt" in the turns of mechanics.
21 frets, he'll miss a shame .. but we will not cry ..


The handle is nice and a little thinner than a les paul gibson.L access to acute is not thought of as futuristic, strings of 1.4 mm 12th fret in case ie very low level of its action , and no borders. Super ...
A significant problem is the good performance of the agreement after pulling your strings .. it does not matter since you have to replace the nut with a Tusq more slippery (same for bridges)
3 Pontets type "barrel" unhelpful to fine-tune the intonation.


The baja has a wide range of sounds and by its selector button S1 there are 7 different voices.
Fender, the S1 button has the same function on a stratocaster for example it may simply puts a microphone into a microphone type double at the sound color ... Here on the S1 provides telecaster sound colors a little nasal, (as if a wha wha pedal was engaged to set path or if you hear a guitar on the phone). It's cute inspiring and keeps a very grain oldies ..
This guitar sounds very 50 and she has a real authenticity.
Aggressiveness heat gently, for the funk, blues rock .. jazz .. we find happiness.

Regarding the insulation, it is true that stray a little but it is bearable; as a gentleman can always lower the volume, the knob is also used to it.


I may be the lucky fender in Mexico, but I must admit it sounds very well and this baja.
A guitar is a meeting, it is true, but we must also know that some of the same series guitar can sound more or less ..
I have a U.S. deluxe, but this is well worth a baja American is sur.Il just need to pass the course psychological "Made in Mexico ..", it is a vast history linked to Mexican workers do not realize mondialisation.les not fender pasteboard, far away. The classic player series is one of the best Mexican production. So far, I've read somewhere that the quality of fender baja deteriorated after 2007.

haslar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Everything has been said here, so I pass.


Very resonant vacuum surprisingly well! It's really good slap.
The handle is also very nice, it's really big but less than my Les Paul '58 Reissue.
Its profile is very nice, it seems that it is a soft V, but I do not like that I think we would say V over a large C or a D.
It's been a little Gibson, what, I like it!
The radius of 9.5 "is really top, I do not like a radius more pronounced.
The bends going well.

The finish is correct, as the adjustment. The junction body / neck is well made.
The mechanics do the job, but we feel that it is not of great quality.
The pickguard is too thick, ugly and seen up close.
The switch S1 is a bit shoddy.

The system S1 cons, I am puzzled, as the 4-position switch. For my use, I do not see the interest.
It changes a little, and it changes it into less, so why bother?
It is not impossible that I should just jump and replace it with a 3-position selector knobs and two standard 250k.


The neck pickup is very good, it is not common on the Telecaster.

The micro bridge, "CS Broadcaster", however I was surprised. Middy enough, it is closer to a P90 (less powerful) than a conventional micro Telecaster. The famous sound of ice pick Telecaster held by some, well, this microphone is completely free.
It is located on the upper midrange, which is that it produces a nice crunch KERRRRANG. However, I was looking for a sound to Steve Cropper, I have a bit of my hunger, I miss some slamming.
This is not the guitar that is in question because in vacuum, this is really slamming.

In fact, we feel that this guitar was designed rather to play in crunch sounds that sounds clean. For stonesiens riffs, it sends severe!
Even for sounds at the ACDC with Marshall type sound, it does.

But it is less in the world of the Telecaster country / twangy / Chick'n picking, with this choice of microphones.


Overall: fans of the Stones and Black Crowes and even the Reverend Gibbons, this guitar is for you!
Fans of Danny Gatton and Albert Lee, it may need to turn to something else, or change the micro bridge.

It's a good guitar, solid, not exceptional (I compare with my Suhr Classic S and it is not the same world, but the same price either) but that really does the job.

Price / quality ratio: excellent. In time, it becomes downright theft.

tyell59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a real Tele"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
I will not repeat what was said!
go, so ... at least the important points:
Handle the big-C and its radius 9.5 ideal for "bender" (no pun.
- The medium jumbo frets, a compromise between accuracy and playability
- The body ash
- The custom shop pickups
- The switch S1
The brass-jumpers


nice handle, yeah, thick, but easy to handle.
the peeps is light + I would say ... Tele lighter than maple.

The sound ... is that of a Tele, a true one.
the seller said to me, because I had actually buy a Tele American (or a Highway1 american special): "You want the low-end American or upscale Mexican?" ... Enough said.

I wanted a companion to try my hand at country music: that's the one I took!


sounds are fabulous ...
micro serious is terrible, not like some dull Tele. It's jazzy, and with a slight overdrive, Stevie Ray is not far.
the treble is what is asked ... and he does it very well! should not stay in front of the amp ...
the central position is nasal wish, well-typed. The push / push activated, it widens a little and it is a little closer to the second position of the Start '.
Fun for the funk ...
the fourth position is surprising ... volume is therefore more than the three other positions, more gain, the humbucker, but with this round and his nose typical! push-push started, I makes me think of "Need Your Love So Bad" from Fleetwoodmac ... a humbucker mounted upside down! very sharp, sharpness, and even nose!
frankly it's happiness, butter, not margarine ...

Knob the volume is usable only on the limit ... of 7 / 10 to 10/10 or so. it's great to manage the gain, the dynamics ...

the tone is very useful to calm the treble when they are too aggressive ... and they are!

The problem, here it is: I recorded a song with ... the guitar and do nothing happens! the smallest gap dynamics, we hear, we must stay focused if the volume of play yoyo ... short, it forces you to run your right hand and your "intent" (not paying attention, no, intention).

this is the song:

mean well for the musical interlude, two attacks in a heavier penalty be clear from the mix ... ahem ...
So the job in perspective ... and then, eventually, progress as a guitarist ;-)
Must be earned! not really a guitar for beginners ...


I've had it a week. it's not a lot? I play for about 20 years ... I got in pognes guitars ...

I love it, even if it is true that, unfortunately, parasites and other noise will be in the game.

I like the sound, the feel of the game, bounce the button, the strings (for the country is better) that does not detract fretted notes ... the incredible momentum, "not easy to manage early but I hope it will come. "
I understand the need for a compressor now!

I do not like the pickguard changed to a "tortoise" (see photo) the next day!
gondolas that hard! shame ...

in short, a real Tele, sounds clear and beautiful intense crunches ...

stof79's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
See previous reviews for details

Personally, I found the thick handle and above all a veneer (too) bright which gave the impression of being plastic: shame.

That made me a potential buyer noticed that when looking at the guitar above or below you could see the routing machines made in the body to the bridge pickup: it would have taken the few millimeter cendrillé or greater. I do not know if this is also true of other tele.

As against a big plus for the 4-position switch (the fourth being the two pickups in series) and the posibility to put the pickups out of phase 2: 6 different sounds


The action is high asses, too much for my taste. So not super clear in the acute

Well, upon receipt of the guitar had to adjust the jumpers so that the guitar is just harmonically.


on the other hand so good, whatever, output level feeble but hey it's vintage!

Otherwise it sounds great in clear and crunch. I have a big weakness for positions with the two pickups out of phase.


Ben I sold because the output level too low for me and the action which may be adjustable.
chien enragé09/15/2007

chien enragé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
It's a Fender Mexican whose finish is excellent: good rglage, coupling sleeve and perfect body, a neck pice covered with a beautiful and comfortable varnish, visible body made up of little pice (lacquer Translucent my vintage blonde can be seen).

The microphone configuration which I have not really been around is as follows, two custom shop that are the strength of the Baja

4-Position Blade Switch and 2-Position Push / Push S-1:
S-1 Switch Up:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (In Parallel)
Position 3. Neck Pickup (Standard Tele)
Position 4. Neck and Bridge Pickups (In Series) (Fatter Tone Than Position 2. And More Output Than Position 1., 2., Or 3.)
S-1 Switch Down:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (In Parallel)-Out of Phase
Position 3. Neck Pickup (Standard Tele)
Position 4. Neck and Bridge Pickups (In Series) Out of Phase

A very flexible on an electronic tele (eight sounds)

The handle has a V-shaped
The bridge is one of the original rplique (50/60 '), for the moment none of default (it is perfectly rgl.

Finally, mcaniques are vintage style, the same as for chavalet, trs surprised keeping mcanique!


Channel enjoyable trs, trs tonn I (the seller did not lie). Accs easy to acute trs enjoyable for solos ...

The guitar has a normal weight and body TRS is enjoyable. Everything is malable trs.
(Bin may be too much for small abdominal curves). But it sounds very empty dja trs (I'm even tonn)

Well, although we easily obtain a pallette of sounds good! It is the strength of this guitar!! that's what made me crack of aillor wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Above all have micro low volumes less gain and I think she was only six distinctive sounds trs

The sounds are INTERESTED trs,
first the sounds typical of a standard tele ct and the other sounds of fender DIFFERENT trs, of the smooth pais clapton, sounds creuss the Mark Knopfler yeah!, sounds drier and then finally the hard riff sounds like keith trs.

Patants clean sounds depending on the position of the selector and I push back not all that it can make crazy ,,,,,,, and yet I play on a Peavey 5150 ....

Excellent with lots of crunch biting, a slap and crunch. Trs good output level, a pure delight.

In saturated sounds ripped, I'm bleuff. Trs net, trs aggressive sounds a nickel.

This guitar is versatile wish: blues, jazz, hard rock, but also mtal (not too aggressive even when its not heavy enough to a) a style I would say no problem because the sound pallette is HUGE !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it,,,, hum,,, is the adoption.

Actually, I think they are the best pickups I've ever had on a Fender


I use this guitar for 4 / 5 months and I exploit background.
Clearly I did not let go since I did because I had to find him but there's a catch, but nothing can be that has come ?????????

I like his gules, she Carresse eyes! Lol! And the sounds are spot on!!
Before buying it I have tried other tl standards, but that the lite ash .....

The report price is top quality. Have to look on the internet!!

I would do without hsiter the same choice and I was even advised .....