Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

Classic Player Baja Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Telecaster series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 33 reviews )
 22 reviews67 %
 7 reviews21 %
 2 reviews6 %
 2 reviews6 %
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MGR/Gary's review"Fender Telecaster (Mexican)"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
I went to a local store to BUY the new 52
re-issue tele. I've owned a few "Vintage"
Strats and Telecasters, and I know how they
sound and feel. Beter still, I know how they're
NOT supposed to feel!

Well, I played the 52 for a bit, and while waiting
for the salesman to take it and put it back in a secure
spot I set it into a stand that had previously been occupied
by a $230 USED Mexican Tele.

Hey, who could resist a head to head, side by side comparison???

Not me!

I gotta tell you, shock is a mild expression for my
impression of that little sunburst beauty.

The feel was excellent, and the sound was just what I expected a
tele to sound like... I bought it.

The salesman wasn't the least bit surprised...

Fit, finish, feel and sound... all excellent.

Not a durn thing... Well, I'll be a bit ashamed
at what I paid for it... $200 plus tax.

Outstanding, as good as any Fender I've owned,
and better than some.

Don't hesitate a second to buy one if you're on
a budget. Even if you're NOT on a budget,
they make sense... that is unless you have a problem
with NAFTA :-)

Rates a 5!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Ptosh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Needless to developed caractéristiques.Mexique, 21 frets, ash, maple etc ...

Regarding the frets, they are not covered with varnish to me as I read sometimes stinks, and the level of aesthetics anything reported. I noticed reading the reviews on this guitar that everyone has not quite the same wood through the paint for me is seeing a lot of the wood grain, I would love a little less good but it ' is a detail.
When I have a new guitar I have control maximum points so as not to be disappointed with the result so I partially disassembled to take a look under the hood and possibly made some alterations if necessary. The lifts are the taff but we'll see in the long term. When the handle is in its very beautiful.
The electronics against seems a little chip that's a bit crap.

Overall this is good because the only thing that is possibly fishing electronics and this is what is the easiest (and cheapest) to changer.c is just a visual impression because I was not identify any suspicious sound (crack) use so for now everything is correct we are in a good copy telecaster us.


the handle is really excellent. This soft V profile has surprised me comfort because I thought (in twisted) this profile going to be awkward because of its size and that it is contrary forme.Au me better than C different from my other guitars and so on that's a really good surprise. Like what nothing is worth trying.
The profile of the body is not so bad as you might think (compared to the stratosphere).
I think access to very decent treble.
the acoustic sound is really not bad. the sound is brilliant even when the strings start to vibrate well ternir.La guitar handy sustain is not ridiculous at all despite a system of bridges that I find archaic.


His side I'm glad this is not the sound of an authentic telecaster 52 ... but at the same time is not what I think of buying when I took this baja. I wanted a typed his telecaster and that's it.
All positions are nice, however, the S1 is not my cup of tea. It is not really useful, the four basic positions are more than enough for me.
On my amp shop type fender is great that "twang" well and when I push the overdrive is really nice.


So initially I wanted a telecaster but it was not essential to me so I expected to be pretty hard to judge its qualities and defects. And in the end I have to admit it is really well done, it is very playable and it sounds bien.et bonus it was not too bad set of origin. I patched the 1/4 turn of the screw trusraod and retouched a chouillat the bridges.

The only downside in my opinion is the electronics. s1 is not useful and is a bit of background noise (buzz) but hey it fits well in mind. I will change all that may be in the future for something more simple and classic.

I think it is worth its price, neither more nor less. I do not think this is the deal of the century but not a scam.

I still allows a small note, there may be large differences of a model to another (live in mass production :-/) to you to be vigilant.
Le Taz12/18/2012

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Suicide Blonde!"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Handle very special round, with a very slight V and a touch a little narrower than average (just over 41mm at nut). The pickups are supposed to be custom shop, at that price, it would be amazing. 4 position selector switch S + a-1. All combinations may not be interesting depending on the amp. And whatever the amp to the vintage hi-gain, one of the positions you will always get away. 3 vintage bridge saddles, not easy for the correctness, but essential to the sound.

Mechanics do their job, I still up-grader with schaller and fire & stone (yes, I like it so much that I bought two!). Unlike many publicity photos, varnish body is not nearly as translucent, one can distinguish the grain slightly, but it will be difficult to identify the number of pieces of ash body (it is 600 balls, I'm not done no illusions). Sensations are not as finishing a guitar top 1200/1500 euros, but frankly, I have nothing wrong with my Blonde provided. And since you mention: this is the first Tele Blonde accessible to (almost) all, much less expensive than ri52. And look blonde, even if you do not like the look tele, we must recognize that it has the mouth!


So ... the handle will not please everyone, far from it. That said, those who are moving towards Telecaster expect to have a grip vintage, or at least enough away from the spirit Ibanez. However, this small vee not please everyone. Specificity: 41 mm at the nut, against 42/43 in other models of trade, including Fender. There are only offering this Music Man. This gives grip in mind baseball bat sought by Leo.

4 position selector déroutera regulars, but for others, no worries. Only the s-1 switch (phase inversion) leave doubtful. It only makes sense with some very high-gain amps. Access to acute is far from what it does best, but this is the price to pay on a Tele. I noticed a problem systematically knob (with the switch for that matter), which moves in the game, and is therefore not always possible. It will tighten a bit.

For sound, the Telecaster was LE from the grip, even unplugged it twang ...


This guitar is what you can expect better from a Telecaster, with vintage sound but hot-lapped rather supercharged. For rock, it is. But if you type in blues rock, country, well then, it becomes downright nasty! When I fell for this guitar, I was in full freak Brad Paisley (album "Play") and Hellecasters, and this model was what stuck to my best expectations, these sounds rock / blues modern tinged twang to the former. Some U.S. models could perhaps do better? I have not found too biting RI52 (52 by the hotrod against), but it corresponded more to my criteria rather sharp comfort. And then it stuck to my budget.

It has beautiful sound with excellent microphones provided by desperadoes in fender. Change microphone is not mandatory. I tried the Kinman set, and I dropped, Lekit home made better. I turned to a kit Engine Pickups (handmade Valenciennes Dussenne by Jerome, who also produces micro Aymeric Silvert signature) with a VT0 ... the even better: more accurate, balanced, not aggressive ... to tell you, I play micro bridge solo in a Marshall JCM800 with the distortion on edge ... try it with another Telecaster and you will leave your skin! There, he moves into the mix almost like a humbucker, but 100% single coil sounding. The Broadcaster's vintage ... Even harmonics out with ease. I highly recommend it, especially the micro bridge.


Basically, this interested me for his Tele handle unusual and I envisioned a bunch of upgrades. 2 weeks répéts and a concert later ... I am going to seek a second (more with a clearance, so for a lower price), history of Baja still retain more or less "stock".
I've always loved the mouths of Telecasters, never found one that suited me so far. So much so, that I got a guitar one day, who looked (vaguely) a Butterscotch Blonde. In this case a Music Man Axis Sport (first model with pickguard). Since then I have had 5 other of the same model (and kept it from 2), a Music Man EVH, and makes a model maker on this basis. I had a lot of Strat (Fender, Schecter, Music Man Luke II, Blade), a PRS, of Gibson (Les Paul Standard, Gary Moore Signature - the real one, not the BFG) Bacchus, and often of old vintage loan quality (Gibson L Series Strat). But one day I declared that I do not ever buy a guitar over 1,500 euros (the price of my Music Man 10 years ago), saying they had a guitar pro at this rate without fear of do a scratch lowering its value. And there was amazing value for money (to wonder if the guys at Fender did not become crazy).

In this case, the first concert my first Baja, my number one spent 90% of his gig on stand ... I really completely cracked on this guitar, its sound, its comfort, its mouth ... It did not become my number one, but in my main group, it is an essential part of his soul and even some songs whose riffs twanguy out of them.

I know it is in the absolute face a vintage or custom shop, but for the price amazing, I'll put a note overall opinion I have put only once (for my number one, of course), ie 10/10. Whatever she feels rather than tapas Sake or hamburgers. It sounds like I wanted, the rest is conjecture. I did upgrade the pickups, but frankly, I could do without! Valeure a safe, it will remain as a reference.

If you are looking for a Tele sounds noisy, grunge or whatnot, I'm not sure whether it is the best choice. If you are looking Telecaster that sounds like Telecasters specialists of this legendary scratch, then this is the best value for money that is unbeatable. This is the second time (only) that I stick a 10/10 to scratching. You hate it or you love literally. For me, it is seen!

Solaroth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Back to the roots ... Fabulous!"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
"Big" handle, I love playing with sleeves of this type.
Positions 2x4 pickups
An adjustable tone and volume.


Handle very nice, great shape reminds of the old school telecaster blues or Rock Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Relatively easy access to acute, with a sound and accurate disticnt :)


I use both in Blues Rock (Slide bottleneck)
Its 6 Positions of microphones offered him a high range of sounds
I play with a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Fender Twin Reverb, as saying that it's magic ...


I use it since the end of 2011, I tried the American Special Telecaster before buying that one, but I chose this one because it is more versatile.
The Amercian special grows much more extreme level position in microphones (Serious too serious to my taste, too much treble treble)
Excellent value for money! For 630 euros, you ride Fender with all the guarantees that come with it!
I love everything about this guitar!

Gdang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A beast that combines elegance and efficiency!"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Made in mexico
Original Vintage Tele bridge with 3 brass saddles
V soft handle screw.
21 jumbo frets

Custom Shop Broadcaster single coil in bridge

Single coil neck pickup Custom Shop "Twisted" Tele in ... handle

4 selector positions vintage style (4-Switch Positions: Position 1. Bridge pickup, Position 2. Bridge and neck pickups (in Parallel) Position 3. Neck pickup, Position 4. Neck and bridge pickups (in series)

S-1 Switch putting mics out of phase (S-1 Switch Down: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge / Neck Pickups (In Parallel)-Out of Phase, Position 3. Neck Pickup (Standard Tele) Position 4. Neck / Bridge Pickups (Series) Out of Phase)

Look fabulous! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Vintage blonde)


The handle is special. I love it, but try before you buy. Excellent ergonomic handle highway without end, it suits me perfectly! This is what is expected of a Fender. Access to acute is no problem, we get easily a good sound, although I was surprised by the four positions is the point I would describe as "dark" even if it is a details: I tended to "throw" the switch from one end to another of his race, I was surprised during the first 3 days after it was good. The cover of the selector bar is often, I searched for 20 minutes in my room after a change too violent. I put a little glue is good now:) It is very pleasant to use, good grip. I put 9 for details.


AAAAAAHHH you get to the interesting part.
I play mostly rock, with sounds clean and saturated, vintage and modern, flowing in the funk, hard rock, and folk (RHCP, The Kooks Doobie Brothers, Nirvana, Dire Straits ...). And yes, this TV anything is possible. The six positions, which I mainly use 4 (switch off) but I sometimes use two out of phase. Not troubleshoot 6 positions, they are superb six positions, each with its type, tone controls, which does not leave room for error, making really vary the sound, we get a very wide range, we sometimes the impression of playing on a flok. This is my first TV, and there are good clean sounds (it's not a good strat trèèèèèèèèèès well but it takes the road), saturated or crunchy sounds that span a huge range of sounds, and the twang of a TV "standard". I had long dreamed of a Les Paul, I was won over by this machine, I do not part with it one day.


I use it for two weeks, I try a lot of models before you buy (American Special Start, ltd EC50, etc. ..) Needless to say she's my favorite.

I like this side to do everything, the looks, it sounds great, the comfort of the neck and maple fingerboard, vintage side ...

I've never tested a United States so I put 9 because I can not compare, but ell is a jewel which I can not separate myself, which makes the dough much more shovels, Fender hit a home run with this scratches on all points.
Le Taz11/30/2010

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Amazing value for money!"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Handle very specific: round, with a V very light (barely noticeable), a touch a little narrower than average. The pickups are supposed to be custom shop at that price, it would be surprising. You have to understand "Designed by Custom Shop in my opinion. + A 4 position selector switch S-1. All combinations are not necessarily interesting, it depends on the amp. And whatever the amp, vintage hi-gain to the one position you can still get away with Tele sound and more (check the AC30, EVH amps, amps and my characters. Easel vintage 3 bridges, not easy for correctness, but for the sound indispenseble. Ah yes, since I've read several times: see slightly smashes the microphone, it's not a mistake to ask, but a willingness vintage. J have had a 66 in Esquire hands recently (ouch ...), and the price could see also stoned.

The tuners do their job. Unlike many publicity photos, the paint body is not nearly as translucent, one can distinguish the grain slightly, but it will be difficult to identify the number of body parts (it is 600 balls, I do not d illusions). The sensations are not finished as a top guitar 1200/1500 Euros, but frankly I have no quarrel with my girlfriend so far.


The handle. At first surprised. Tele different than I had in hand. I'm pretty tough race issue, so much so that all my guitars have a profile EVH (rather large, round, thick and asymmetrical). I had a little trouble, but within a week of practice, I'm home (and frankly, it's not often that my other guitars shovels main). It is played alone, even for the soloists. The absence of bevels for the forearm and the flop is bad, but it is the spirit Tele apparently. The access to the treble is pretty good for a single-cut to the point that I got trapped in concert, forgetting that there are only 21 frets!

This is my one and only Fender. I've had strats of course, but sold all because I've never felt comfortable on it. Tele but this one is truly apart, better to me that the U.S. bases. The Hotrod 52 could make me crack, but I was not as comfortable, and I like to have a guitar at an affordable price for him "get into it" without scruple or fear.


Sounds. Well, with the comfort, but also on the ground where she buries most expensive U.S. standards. Simply connect, and it was really Tele touch immediately. Me, I had a little craze on the sounds of Hellecasters and Brad Paisley, although not playing country music. And there they were under the fingers! It allows me to have a sound a bit more "conventional" in blues, while remaining distanced from countless Stratophiles (still vaguely "SRViens") but may make it sound the same plans, with more aggressiveness. I use in my band blues rock, and frankly, it's terrible. Plugged into a Deluxe VM + 2x12, or in my Marshall JCM800 100w, it always does one way or another.

Sounds off-switch phase of the S-1 are interesting when its really clean (for walking on beds of strata, but that's not byzance compared to its standard Tele) or to clear a path in a large distortion. Trendy drive, I am often on the bridge pickup.


Basically, this Tele interested me for its unusual round, and I see a lot of upgrade. 2 weeks to rehearse and a concert later ... there remains much about those plans. The guitar is just the mechanical reliability. The pickups are good, but it can still be improved, and I think it will ultimately be my only amended. Kinman's, no doubt.

I always loved Telecasters mouths without ever finding one that suited me so far. So much so, that I got a guitar one day, who looked like (vaguely) a Butterscotch Blonde. In this case a Music Man Axis Sport (first model with pickguard). Since then I've got 5 others (and one she kept 2), and a Music Man EVH, and is a model maker on that basis. I had lots of Stratocaster (Fender, Schecter, Music Man Luke II, Blade), a PRS, and Gibson (Les Paul Standard, Gary Moore Signature - the real one, not the BFG) Bacchus, and often older vintages of loan quality (Gibson Stratocaster L Series). But one day I declared that I would never again buy a guitar over 1500 euros (the price of my Music Man 10 years ago), considering we had a pro guitar at this price without the fear of make a stripe lowering its value. In short, so far the best value I found was a Bacchus Duke Standard (LP) in okaz to 800 euros, that smokes all Les Paul U.S. base. And, sorry for the minority who do not find it, it was amazing value for money (to wonder whether the guys at Fender did not become crazy!)

I know what it's worth in absolute terms, but for RPIX amazing, I'll put a note of global opinion that I have put only once (for my number one, of course), namely 10/10. Whatever she feels tapas rather than the Sake or hamburgers. It sounds like I wanted, the rest is conjecture. I'd upgrade the pickups, but frankly, I could do without!

barberousse2006's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The most beautiful gift"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Telecaster manufactured in Mexico by Fender's custom shop.
Channel Profile "V" Saddle, Saddle affects, 21 frets.
Type: Mechanical vintage (it's only for half an j'enlve canvas, it is too little specific on my taste, but it is a "classic player", so it logic).
The bridge is vintage also, therefore, three bridges, but bridges in brass if you flat!
Two micro "custom shop design," and they were very strong. Slecteur 4 or 6 position switch positions in the end.
Irreproachable finish on mine, but it seems it's pretty Ingala. In any case, all those I saw in stores always seem to me very well.


# The handle is it pleasant?
The handle is carrment exceptional. It slips, blends the bends easily, hammer on and pull off too.
# The interface is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
Super ergonomics: the guitar is lgre is accde easily treble.
# Gets it easy to sound good?
With the possibilities offered by the switch, he parat hard not to find his sound. For cons, the order Defines default is a bit boring. I will take time to change it, no doubt. * Are they suitable


your style of music?
I play a bit of everything from reggae, blues, rock, funk, a little hard but I'm not a fan of heavy metal hyper saturated. This tv is super versatile, especially thanks to the possibilities offered by the switch and the selector. We just play with the bridge pickup, the microphone serious, both in series, in PARALLEL, reverse-phase ...
* With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I played on a Marshall Valvestate 2000, but I'm now on a pass Blackheard HD15. It sends big sound! Ct effect, a TS9, a DS-1, a little delay, some reverb ... My config prefers guitar, reverb, amp.


I use since January 2010. Before buying, I tried a standard amricaine, and two strata (one mxicaine a amricaine). I finally opt for it. C'tait what it ... Excellent price quality ratio, but I think the price has increased since my purchase.

joudelagratte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Good TV, and pretty cheap."

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Made in Mexico. Thomann bought new in Germany. (Guitar really cute for the price)

Easel typical first TVs with 3 brass saddles that hold two strings at once. 2 pickups (single coil) with various configs (6 different) for a pretty good versatility, even if the "character" Telecaster is predominant. 2 volume + tone pots, 1 switchable to switch out of phase in certain positions. I will speak more about the latest sounds.

The handle! I was not particularly familiar with this type of round handle end and intermediate (D or I've had quite a few scratches of medium or good quality but never before it, the telecaster) 21 boxes only. A shame but not rédibitoire. It is rather large but not exaggerated, type mapple neck, fairly easy to play without the cords and curl with a good finish Jolie playing comfort.
Mechanical type vintage. 3 years no problem tuning. This is good and it's pretty reliable (I had some doubts about it initially) on the other hand, or I do it like a game or so I have 2 left hands (That would be great for taping ...) but I find changing strings a bit boring and difficult. Once installed the said strings do not move, it is essential. I put 8 because: variety of sounds, fittings and finishes very correct, but of course there are better, but it's more expensive ...


The handle is nice but not a motorway either, but really super playable and 3 years no adjustment was necessary. 21 frets I mentioned above. This can sometimes be frustrating when you want to reproduce a chorus that carries the handle to the limit of high frequencies. Otherwise it's not a problem. The access to acute precisely, I find consistent with a TV: Not exceptional, but not annoying. (I have rather small paws)
Weight quite small (especially compared to my Les Paul) no bevel to the body of the guitar (We saved the Vintage side) so obviously it titillates the coast unless there is some fat in belly, that helps the comfort. For griniettes like me, you live with it or so, put you in beer! In all cases, this relative lack of comfort is mitigated by the outstanding balance of the guitar. That day and night with a Les Paul played the leaning seat.
Sounds: As read in a previous comment, I use some sounds "off stage" that I too sour for my style of music. It is more suited, I think, to funk or heading putting together two microphones, one approaches a stratovolcano (Vaguement. ..) it's nice for a few arpeggios with a small chorus. Well personally I am not aficionado of these sounds out of phase. For the micro acute bugs! (I remain polite) PULLED it with or without distortion, you get your way easily within a group, equivalent to Db, of course. The two microphones are grouped very beautiful with or without a small chorus behind AC approaches the versatility of a Start (I have one too) even though it's still TV. The neck pickup is softer than the sleeve, but obviously more jazzy and less punchy. It can output sounds very disto streamers and me, I like it. Both pickups work well together. The last position side handle combines both pickups together: it looks like a hambucker or rather a P 90. Not bad in distal and provides services with an unusual versatility in a TV.
Big downside: I think I read somewhere: there are small problems crackling, more than breath elsewhere. Though I have all the compartments shielded microphones and pots, it makes him even including rytmiques, which is the primary function of a TV. This is still tolerable and may be due to my electrical system? However, my single coil Start moontée Noiseless or my Les Paul plugged into the same configuration remain totally silent ... Mystery or bad shielding the guitar (I did it myself conscientiously but I'm not a pro.) I stated because it can change the pickups, but it would be a shame because they are, in my view, very good (Made in USA). Also, I really the sound I was looking for buying this guitar and versatility not found on most other TV's. I turn therefore only 8 because the crackling noise I drunk in the long run.


I said above all I thought the sounds: All right. I do not add anything.
I play mostly rock, blues, some jazz at the variety and psa rotten too if possible. Everything passes with equal success, but it's still a guitar for rock and blues. With a big distortion and coupling of position 1 (nearest the handle) can play in Hard or Metal. But I think it is better to have a Les Paul, an Ibanez or ESP for such ziq.

I do not play in groups. I do not play nearly so at home with a small amp Laney LC 15R tube that sounds good (for cheap) and many powerful enough to not inflate the neighbors. I have a pedal Boss ME 50: complete and sufficient to remove all kinds of sounds. Parenthetically, the guys who say that the BOSS distortion are shit, I would recommend a little "fingers" on the pots and they come out with sublime sounds good microphones guitars ...


I've had 3 1 / 2 years. Very nice guitar for those who like simple tools and a bit vintage. It is color "Blonde mapple" as the handle. I changed personnellemnt plate (Tortoise 3-ply, instead of black) when I ended up black plate a little too removed for my taste, by the blows of mediator. I think it's prettier, but that is personal! Anyway, it's really a nice guitar, that makes you want to play and even if one is not a "guitar hero" but a mere scratch amateur, it is really fun and it's not essential?

I Mets 9 / 10 despite my worries of "crackling". 30 years of practice, I have acquired and retained most often: 1 Yamaha Pacifica (fairly upscale) 1 Les Paul, an Epiphone Les Paul Black Strato 1 USA, 2 Ibanez (1 japan and korea 1) Well the guitar is on its foot in the middle of the show is ready to be played on TV. I think it's a sign! I do it again this election even with the caveats mentioned, especially for € 585 (Purchased at THOMANN) is a value priced above the average even if other brands also make great guitars for that price ... (It's amazing the progress achieved in 3 or 4 decades in this area and that's good for us players ...) I therefore strongly recommend this purchase. And viva la Musica!

hubert13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" That happiness"

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Super violin, despite the sometimes bad reputable Mexican fender of the body frne a pice is very pretty. It perceives as varnished blond finish. The handle has a V profile that will fit may be not everyone, it is more than some other profiles pais. Habitus acoustic guitars are not.
The configuration of pickups is really great.
The good qualities are: Mechanical and take VERY good agreement. This guitar deserves, however, may be a rglage a specialist in, I had a problem with an E string that frieze.


The handle may seem a little pais, but it is very comfortable, especially if one has the habit of having your thumb on its side of the handle.
When comfort General for guitar is a tl if you do not like the others, you will not like it l!
To borrow a notice mentioning Previous parasites, I had the use of live such problem, I have resolutely in shielding the interior of the housing with knobs Scotch mtalliques: more noise or hum ...


Plug it, you'll be surprised! The setup is a bit unusual on a tl slecteur with 4 positions, which in addition to the classic combinations gives you two microphones in the CASC series, plus a switch that puts the pickups out of phase, which gives 6 sounds in all. There's something for all tastes.
The bridge pickup slams his tl classic, and sought not very good, the neck pickup has a huge dynamic sound with meaty crunch in Lger intressant.
Note the correct balance between the two microphones.
The 2 pickups in series give you the impression of playing a double (almost). If you play Knob in shade you will have access to many sounds. I like the sounds less out of phase, but everyone's tastes. Note that activating the switch in neck pickup position, changes the sound too much like that position.
Probably less comfortable in large loadings (not my thing), it can really deliver on its clear, with a potato hell!
I use it in rhythm, and dmnage.


I love this guitar, which seems to be related quality price. I have my old habits with amricaine tl, and the little Mexican has nothing to envy. With its many sounds, it is very versatile. Tl lovers will be thrilled for a small price.
I do not spare me more!

charegis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
We have already said everything ...
A faithful replica made in mexico at least at the level of aesthetic characteristics of the famous telecaster 1952, both at the incredible comfort handle, at the level of mechanical or Vintage brass bridge saddles 3.
To this the custom shop has had the happy idea of ​​adding the famous switch S1 which offers a range of 6 different sounds, from the deep snapping.


Finally a real race!
After trying more than 6 models Telecaster, Hot Rod of 52, passing by the U.S. Standard Lite Ash Deluxe, etc. .... To think that this run was made especially for me.
Everything is there. The shape, thickness, radius, the key, the size of the frets .... Everything!


Tele sounds ...!
Custom Shop pickups that you will crack from the first note.


Guitarist for 19 years, 10 years ago I dreamed of acquiring Tele worthy of the name.
So my tastes had been eyeing on the Hot Rod 52, which seemed to combine everything I expected from a Tele ... And a routine visit to my favorite neighborhood store introduced me to the Baja ...
Thunderbolt. A sound that has nothing to envy to the Hot Rod 52 (1200 Euros more expensive !!!!), handle just incredible ... a bridge and vintage mechanical ... It took me no more 600 Euros to get out and leave with my 5th guitar and undoubtedly one of my favorites.