Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom

Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

public price: $499 VAT
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom

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TheJeff666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A stew with great potential"

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
Little to moderate an opinion on the quality of this guitar violin ...
made in Indonesia ... with wooden crate, the agathis. this wood has two interesting for manufacturers of guitars features, this is simply one of the cheapest and most available on the market, and its acoustic properties are interesting (not far from mahogany, purists will bite me. ..). on the other hand it has a major flaw, it is extremely soft, so tinkerers should be very careful. After two or three unscrewing screwing the screws into the wood will no longer hold, and an error is very hard to catch up, finally, it marks very quickly and not a little ... It is unfortunately the type of wood on more expensive guitars (Rev. example ...) a joke on you?
Squier handle base, I love it, shrink quality handle aging well. Junction poor body handle ...
The hardware is minimal in terms of quality (it begins to oxidize at home), mechanical hold relatively good agreement, I do not ask them more ...
Overall, the level of finish is really insufficient in view of the price. basecoat with default (seen on many models), paint ugly and minima, a fold pickguard too thin and ill-fitting (that curls ...).
The or is the cat is in the mail, it is very simple to redo everything and change. The pickups have no potato or personality, the knobs can be replaced by switches so they are not progressive and unreliable when wiring and soldering, my 11 year old daughter is better ...
Short enough for the new price and even the score on occasion ...


Good to handle, I am very fender, and it gives me the right of this guitar.
Ergonomics and access to acute, it is a TV, we like it or not ...
When to get a good sound with honestly with electronics and the original pickups, I've just never reached ...
on the other hand after modifications, it's just become one of my main guitars ...


Well I'll talk to her after the changes. This guitar was given to me by my wife, and long unused. I needed in another project and had a lot of parts waiting: 490R and 498T pickups gibson knobs CTS condo paper oil and good braided cable. The idea was to upgrade the guitar and sell it at a good price. So replacement pickups by Gibson, complete change of electronics and wiring to the old Les Paul ... I also painted and customized pickguard.
THE slap!! Even my luthier was on my ass. It has been compared to a Mesa other similar guitars store, gibson, hagstrom, vox, esp ... she exploded all ...
Great for rock music and other saturated, but also superb in its clear (casseroles, arpeggios, picking ...), I even played jazz with ... A very precise and articulate sound, less dark than on a standard guitar LP, but warm and with a soul ... Versatility is extreme (I myself am very surprised, I'm quite single coil ...), especially with real knobs.
So finally I have not sold, I sold another great, I never thought I'd sell (77 custom locket love the violin better mounted fender wide range) and this is the guitar I first unsheathed now ...
There is surprising is that Gibson pickups were far from sound both on the standard SG they were from, they seemed very bland where change ...
So I now have to put a real hardware and real pickguard ...


What I like most about this guitar is the great surprise I had after amendment, I did not really expect and I was betting not a Kopeck this shovel, even after mod .. .
What I like least is that we can sell more than € 300 as a low-end guitar and ended badly ...
I've had 3 years and 6 months since the electronic change. It has been 30 years since I played the guitar, and I have seen happen or had a bunch of shovels of all kinds (check my profile).
The value for money is way for me (although it was offered to me). For 340 € in new one can find much better guitars (better wood, better finishes, better electronics ...) and I would never have made that choice (my wife and I did in the thanks). Below 150 €, given the potential for an upgrade, it can be interesting, but it's still a little Lotto and it can be expensive in terms of initial quality of the guitar and its ability to resell . So an investment thinking.
In any case it is still became one of my main guitars with a wonderful sound ...

Micmic__'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
see precedents posts, shielding the body with a good layer of insulating paint and wiring rather well done although I think here must be different from one room to another)

first prize.

assembly full hard (I had to add some wood filler holes in the heel of the neck which 2 were virtually stripped and no rights, I also had to re-center the plate that supports the pickups, I have the opportunity to flush down the bridge)

so you have to get your hands dirty

she has a good mouth


heavy enough,
access to acute rather good considering the "neck socket"
efforts must be made to find a sound that goes well (not bad settings)


by-against, there just has a good range of usable sounds
for any style I find a sound,

for me, it is necessary that my guitar is of the character and it's done.

I must specify that I am a "riffeur"


bought last Christmas
it's a good guitar for a beginner who does not have a Swiss account and is not confined to one style in particular (although ...

except for the pure metalheads

the handle is made for lumberjacks, too thick for me at first (I have a sl400g marlin and the handle is highway-land, nothing to see), but we made it
Change the outset strings and opt for the 11-52

after as I said above, it is still déstinée to scratch-mechanics (it will not be delivered in a box velvet that one but in a beautiful cardboard)

will see the test Chatreeo on youtube to the sounds, even if it's just limited to the position selector

m.à.j: for a beginner, put a little more and take a hagstrom (good cash scratches and cheap)

Lucian78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
- Guitar factory in Indonsie
- A Telecaster neck (22 Medium Jumbo frets), with 2 humbucker pickups, a volume rglage and Tone for each, plus a 3 position switch.
- Telecaster Bridge type with through-string.
- Body Agathis


The neck is fast and enjoyable trs Access in treble is excellent. The guitar is lgre. When I had the strings buzzed a lot.


I play mostly Rock / Metal. I use a Boss overdrive home without it, the sound does not suit me. Nanmoins it sounds good in clean / crunch I would not go up that is crystalline.

I changed the pickups and now all is well.


This is my guitar and Premire, without the problem of micro Fully satisfied I am.
I try other models APRS. I remain neutral as compared to 200 qualitprix whether to change the pickups APRS ... other guitars least Chres can do the trick.
Exprience with this choice I would do, yes. =)

thebaide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
Manufacturing indonsiennne ...
22 frets, two humbuckers type "vintage"
6 bridge saddles
2 volumes, two tones


Channel rather enjoyable yes! rgl trs is much fun, I managed to settle the action without trs low buzzer
in ergonomics ... the telecaster is a form that is 50 years old ... so must love the beefy guitars!
The settings are effective


For blues, rock, pop ca can do it, but the pickups are really cheap .... I suggest a passage P90 in the neck pickup and a big fat humbucker in an acute or micro gretsch type: c ' is what I did and the guitar was finally able to speak properly, especially as the violin is correct.
RULES and we get a interesting alliance between the TRS and fender sound fatter Lespaul typ.


A guitar like this to chance it can do to test different microphones on it and see which ones stick it on the mieux.mais it will change